R2I from USA, help me with HYD schools 2018-2019

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R2imom2017 2017-08-28 14:56:42


Namasthe to all Parentree members.New to this website, need your help and valueble suggestions.I recently moved form USA to INDIA with my 7 year old and 2 year old. My husband still in USA wrapping up the things. I am currently staying with my parents in my home town. My 7 year old son is in II Grade. He can understand Telugu but can not speak. I joined him in CBSE school. Not at all impressed with the staff, not getting any needed help in transition from US schooling system to Indian system.Additionally I got free suggestions to improve his hand writing first. I wonder whether good hand writing is the only important thing in life.
My kid always want to go back to USA. I regret joining him in that school.

Planning to move to Hyderabad for next academic year 2018-2019.I have no idea about schools in Hyderabad. saw some posts to get an idea, but it is overwhelming.
Parents who are in same boat please help me. (Kumar2016, @srid27 and  @sree0829 and any other members who moved from USA)Which syllabus schools you have joined your kids? CBSE/ICSE/IB etcI saw some posts but can't figured out how to contact them thru parentree. should i invite them as friends to contact themI don't have any area constraints, i want to get a good school with 1:25 ratio, where my kid can get much needed help and support in adjusting to Indian education system. A school which has balance between education, sports and activities, and help my kid learn the languages Telugu and  Hindi. I am not looking for Hi end schools, where i have to spend all my savings for primary and secondary education.
Thanks in advance.

R2imom2017 2017-08-30 13:29:07


hello parents, please respond if you are in same situation. thanks

 Former member 2017-08-31 15:08:33


Hello, sent a friend request.  Please accepct.  Will discuss in detail. I also relocated from US recently.

rpk1289 2017-08-31 17:19:28


Hi parents, This is my first post in parentree. I find you are great help for parent who are finding schools for their kids. We are relocating to hyderbad by april 2018 from bengaluru. Currently my son is in grade 2 in sri chaitanya, bengaluru. I dont find the school that great . Can you suggest how is the dps branch near kukatpally?. I also checked the campus of sri chaitanya in kukatpally. The building is not that great. I guess you must have surveyed few other cbse schools. Please share details of good schools .Awaiting your feedback. Thanks, Rashmi

Sruthipalli 2017-11-09 16:39:31


@R2imom2017 .
 We too relocated to India in 2016. Joined my daughter in 2nd grade in Akshara International LB Nagar. It follows CBSE.The school is ok both with academics and sports but not up to the mark. 
Now coming to CBSE not all schools follow the same cbse books. Each school follows different publications and also heard that few schools change those books every few years. 
Again they have several competitive exams like Olympiads, spelling bee which are national (It is purely our interest to participate) and other events for every festival. So, academics-wise  I dont understand how teachers will complete the syllabus ontime. At the same time it will be pressure on children also. This is purely my experience.
Planning to move to Gachibowli/Kondapur area and looking for schools over there. 

srid27 2017-11-10 07:47:15


@Sruthipalli: We are relocating next year and have finalized Keystone/ Rockwell . We had visited Rockwell last year and my husband visited Keystone recently. Bonus points for Keystone due to proximity to Gachibowli. 

brilok 2017-11-21 13:09:59


I would recommend Montessori schools, All your concerns will be taken care.
Do visit any school.

jan2012 2017-11-21 13:25:23


Avoid Rockwell. The school has no focus whatsoever. The leadership keeps changing. They are not prompt in addressing and solving concerns of parents.

R2imom2017 2017-11-21 13:52:40


hi jan2012, if you don't mind can you please eloborate a bit on what you have faced @ Rockwell. or PM me. I am seriously considering Rockwell. your inputs help me take a wise decision. Which grade your kids are in?

Afilmom 2017-11-23 13:18:17


Agree with jan2012...very disappointed with rock Well....plz let me.know other good school for both higher grades and smaller grade..my dot is in 6tha and my son is in PP2..I am considering samashti ...very confused

hydsiri 2017-11-24 23:08:16


Hello Alifmom and Jan2012 , we moved from USA this year and after lots of search , we joined our boys at Rockwell - pp2 and 4 Th grade . Like other NRI parents I was also very worried especially for my elder son who has writing issues and after lot of research we chose Rockwell . This is my first year in this school and so far it met my expectations . My kids are having very smooth transition . We are getting lot of help when ever needed especially with writing for my 4 Th grade . Principal changed recently and old principal took over and I didn€™t see impact of it yet . My only concern is that I felt Marh and Science curriculum is little low but when I spoke to other parents , they are happy with it . I am very curious to know what you have faced as this is my first year . Please kindly message me personally if you are not comfortable sharing it here . Appreciate your help . Thank you . 


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