Taraporewalla's Montessori House of Children Red Hills - Hyderabad - Fee details

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raum 2017-08-19 17:46:08


1. Admission fees: Rs.15,000
2.Prospectus :Rs.1000
3. Apparatus: Rs.4500
4. Registration: Rs.300
5. Monthly fees: Rs.4000

To be paid once a year:
1. Maintenance : Rs.4000
2. Communication : Rs.200
3. Field trip /Picnic : Rs. 1000

Total to be paid in the first month: Rs.30,000
Every year, the fee for March - June along with other charges will be collected together in the beginning of March. This amount will not be split.

Note: No amount is refundable
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As on 16th August 2017
Fee increase being considered for next year.


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