Schools near Ameerpet

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NCNC 2017-08-17 18:21:49


HI Mickey,

Can you suggest which school good in these ? let me know the order in which u prefer.
Niraj Public school-Ameerpet or Kalpa or Hillside 

Anup9 2017-08-21 16:36:09


Hi Mickey,

Could you please also include Geetanjali (Begumpet); Chinmaya (Begumpet) in the above list and share the preferred sequence

Thanks in advance.


NCNC 2017-08-23 12:03:46


Hi Anup,
Have u got any feedback on these schools ?
Niraj Public school-Ameerpet or Kalpa or Hillside 

Anup9 2018-01-12 17:25:31



I was keen for Geetanjali and Chinmaya however I could not get through either of them :(

I have to make a decision between DPS SecBad; Kalpa and DSE. If you have any inputs pls share

Have heard good about Geetanjali and Chinmaya. Do not have much info about Niraj Public School however can suggest look for Sister Nivedita School in Ameerpet, guess that has a good name as well


NCNC 2018-01-12 17:50:47


Hi Anup,
Thanks for ur inputs.
My order of preference is this based on the distance-HPS-Begumpet, Niraj and Kalpa.

HPS Begumpet-Notification not yet released for 1st standard.
Niraj-I know its a decent school but not sure how its doing in the current days .Person in office says admissions are closed for 1st standard.If any vacancies,they will call us in Feb/March.
Kalpa-Notifications are closed for 1st standard.Draw is made today and my kid is selected.
Geetanjali -I didnt opt for Geetanjali schools .
Sister Nivedita-Admissions into 1st standard are in progress .Few of my friends have taken admission there to their kids.
Chinmaya-You need to wait till Feb for notifications.

If you can afford DSE,better go with it as it may have good play ground also within campus.

Anup9 2018-01-13 01:47:25



Thanks for quick response.

I am looking for PP1 (and not 1st Std). My kid has been selected at DPS Sec'bad and at Kalpa. I believe DSE is having admissions open till Jan end

Unable to decide between DPS and Kalpa :(

HPS, I have got the form, will submit in couple days however assume it will take quite sometime for them to get through the process. Have heard, they have multiple rounds of selection including Child Medical test



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