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jan2012 2017-07-27 23:22:59


Would be great if existing parents could share some information about Rockwell school. Have got very mixed reviews. 

MiyapurHyderabad 2017-12-22 03:08:22


I heard below feedback on Rockwell. In my opinion it can be applied to all International Schools in Hyderabad.

1. NO training sessions for teachers on IGCSE, IB curriculum etc..
I really want to know which international school in hyderabad conduct training sessions for teachers and evaluate IGCSE/IB teachers.

Please share if you know any affordable international school with good teaching staff in IGCSE/IB curriculum. 

2. Teachers don't teach much, students has to prepare and practice by themselves. Teachers help  them to clarifying their doubts.
I guess this is the situation in every international school especially for higher graders 6-10.

3. Arranged tutions for their kids. Otherwise it will be very difficult for kids to cope up.
IGCSE tutotrs must be in high demand and must be difficult to find good IGCSE/IB tutors in hyderabad.

I heard parents from Sancta Maria International School also sending their kids to tutions everyday.

Parents purchase CBSE books and teaching their kids CBSE curriculum in Summer Holidays since their kids are not studying CBSE at school.

This is parents situation even after paying 3-4 lakhs per year.

Its scary for parents who are in confused state on choosing curriculum, international school.

4. Rockwell planning to start IBDP from next academic year 2018. Right now they have only IGCSE.
5. IGCSE and IBDP syllabus are very hard unless students are really intelligent and smart.


sree0829 2018-02-15 23:19:36


Hello, We moved from USA last year and my kids are now at Rockwell- PP2 and Grade 4. I can't talk about 8th grade and up as I don't know parents in those grades yet but atleast until 7th grade, kids don't go to tuitions.

I see my 4th grader ,Concepts are taught so well that we don't need to teach them at home again. I can say this is definitely a good school at least until 7th grade. Please let me know if you need more details on anything specific.

PPL12 2018-11-28 23:55:32


Hi sree,

am planning to put my 3.5 yr old kid in Rockwell.But after seeing the reviews I ended up my mind like this school is better for only extra activities but not for studies/academics.Ur feedback helps me a lot.
And also anyone can suggest best international igcse board school around Manikonda.?

How much worth paying 3 lakhs/annum right from pp1 and till their + 2 ?

Raghav36 2019-02-11 03:18:20


 sree0829 I am planning to join my kid in Grade-1 Rockwell for 2019-2020. I looked at the google reviews and looks like most of them have negative reviews with complain that it focuses more on extra curricular activities and less on academics. Would like to hear it from you?

How are they handling primary grade kids? Heard negative about it too, that they do not give extra care or attention to primary grade kids.

Would love to hear you inputs?

Arjun51 2019-04-14 17:29:32


Hi Raghav36,

Which school you opted?



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