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vgnow 2017-07-10 15:15:42


Dear All , 
Thank you to parentree for providing and maintaining an active forum of parents looking out for best educations for their kids.  I want to share my experience  and  time and effort I put in to getting my kids admitted. 
It might help someone -
First a bit of my case * Two kids -  joining 5th grade and Nursery * Moving from Gurgaon to Hyderabad * Office is in Gachibowili
Preferences * Both kids should go to same school * School should provide transport , food , AC buses/classrooms,* Should provide holistic development , not just academic * Should not be more than 5 KM away from my office and eventually to my home 
Finalized -  The Shri Ram Universal School  - CBSE School is founded in 2016 and having 300 kids already. - Fantastic building  with decent sports infrastructure - Very well toured and presented by the parent relationship staff- School is just stone throw away from Waverock SeZ in Gachibowli- School is very new but carries long legacy of Sir Shri Ram ,  NCR region folks will know about it - Fee comes out to be around 1.3 for Nursery and 1.8 for Grade 5 Annually including transport/food- Bus transport availability/rreach is an issue , but will get it sorted out as the school grows further

Close Candiate  - Sancta Maria- Fantastic building  with decent sports infrastructure - 20 mins from Gacibowli- IGCSE Founded in 2010 , already close to 900 kids - Both kids can go to same school - Tansport is not an issue- Fee comes out to be around 2.5 for Nursery and 3.5 for Grade 5 Annually inlcuding transport/food

Other Schools  but didnt go thorugh- Gaudium -> School campus is about 10-12 KM from Gachbowli therefore didnt go further- Oakridge -> Out of budget school going up to 2.5 for nursery and 3.5 for Grade 5- Chirec - wasnt really pleased with the way counsellor treated , didnt realy give a walk thorugh. 3500 kids in the school that coveres multiple curriculum. In middle of a residential area (thats why bust transport is a must) with a very subpar sporting infrastructure- Sanskriti -> Felt like a pure academic school with very basic infrastructure for sports etc. - Keystone ->  had a good feel about the school , but only 5 kids in grade 5 make it difficult for us.  We need our son to be part of a bigger team.  Pretty oridinary sporting infrastructure in the current campus. probably going to be much better in new upcoming campus

ketankokil 2017-07-11 12:01:26


Go for Sri Ram, The Principal herself came from a Renowned International school of Hyderabad itself  (i forgot the name of the school),

# Many parents visited the school and found it too good. (I have read all the reviews)
# The facilities and Quality is value for money.

Think twice for 'Keystone' too, Its also one of the Best one as per many reviews.



padmanabha 2017-07-13 16:08:45


strength is a major concern with keystone but that is the only thing rest all is perfectly fine.the sports activity for 3-4 days in a week and activity-based learning with regard to every subject is very surprising. Appreciate the mastermind behind these activities even for simple math and English.  I know few people in our community who went to Keystone and have already decided to join the kids after 2 years once they have the new campus ., However I heard from someone among the directors family friends group that there plan is changed and very soon they will be up with new campus for the rush they are getting for the next year.
And the existing parents especially whose kids are studying there are more than happy for their school 

All the best keystone.

srid27 2017-07-13 23:05:01


Does anyone know where the new campus is being planned ?

chitrad 2017-07-14 12:11:03


Keystone new campus will come right beside the existing campus, they will start the construction max by Oct -Nov.They are expecting a good crowd for the coming Academic year and hence have planned to keep the campus ready at least for the out door activities and sports and then get into the building construction. 


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