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Nasan 2017-06-30 10:56:55


Hi All

We have moved recently from Australia. My son is 8 years old. I was told that he would be going to class 4. We will be living in Mayuri nagar, miyapur. I was wondering about good cbse schools in and around that area. also will they accept new students now. my problem is my son has always had western education - 5 years in UK and Aus. so he doesnt know regional languages like Hindi and telugu. 
I have heard from friends in Chennai that cbse schools there have the concept of introducing new languages in class 4 so they can opt for those . 
Do we have the similar kind of concept here in hyderabad?

Any suggestions in this regard will be helpful.


rudr1605 2017-06-30 13:34:48



My kids are US born and they had a difficulty in adjusting with the common CBSE schools in Hyderabad, Feel sorry to say but the attitude of the children here have hurt my kids and hence I moved them to an International school. 

Check out keystone and see if budget is not an issue.

ketankokil 2017-06-30 18:10:32


Hi 'Nasan',

My first and last suggestion on your Query is, try for International Schools.

Don't Look for CBSE Schools.


Nasan 2017-07-03 08:42:39


Hi Rudr 
thanks for your suggestion. I have the same issue. My son was born in the US and has only studied in US,UK and Australia. SO i think i will go for international schools in and around miyapur.

Nasan 2017-07-03 08:43:34


Thank you Ketan
I will look for international schools in and around Miyapur.
DO let me know if you have any idea about international schools in that area,

am36889 2017-07-03 13:48:51


Try Sancta Maria international school in Ligampally - close to 4 kms from miyapur.

ketankokil 2017-07-04 18:44:33


Try for Chirec (if Budget is not an issue), else Sancta Maria, Keystone are also Good.

Nasan 2017-07-06 19:48:01


how about Kennedy high global school??? how is that school?

Kiran20 2017-08-31 22:54:39


Hi, I just joined this on. I have seen your reply. I want to know ow what is the fee structure for PP1, and Pp2, at keystone and also what ki d of assessment they take for children about to join Pp2

udaym 2017-11-23 00:51:34


Hi Archana What is your review on Vignan World One school. We stay near chirec/Kondapur area. From post on Parent Tree, I came to that you were checking the schools in Hyd an year ago. Now, we are in the same state. Have been looking out for the better schools near J.Hills/Kondapur/Gachibowli zones (we stay near Chirec School) for joining our daughter in PP1/LKG. Which one you shortlisted finally? We are thinking about Vignan WorldOne. Any feedback on this school!?


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