My search for good school in Madinaguda, Chandanagar

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krisp9 2017-06-12 22:55:40


We enquired in all most all the schools in the surrounding areas of chandanagar. Our main criteria to select a school for our 5.5 yr old child is: 1.Near by, 2. Competent faculty€‹, 3. Professional admistrators/coordinators/teachers too, 4. genuine fee structure, 5. Good academic performance Good schools found are in the order mentioned- Manthan school, Green Gables, Corner stone, Blossom's international excellence,.Sentia, Ambitus. Other schools which Failed criteria 2, 3& 5 are : Sreenidhi, cute island, Unicent,...and others ***DPS Madinaguda newly opened., I will never allow my child near it's premises, for only one person there - the so called Managing Director. She doesn't care anyone not even the principal and thinks that her authority allows her to talk anything in front of parents or children. She almost tried to push me away the premise Ÿ˜ saying principal is no one to allow me in, and it is just because they could not manage to let children out smoothly once school I'm is over.Ÿ˜. I believe One such person is enough to poison children who are so subtle minded. Even though her involvement with a child may not be direct but definitely it's catastrophic We chose Blossom's after very struggled thought. Because it was NEAREst And giving almost the same quality education and environment to a child as other big schools mentioned in Good list above. Those good schools were eliminated mainly becoz of the distance.

 Former member 2017-06-13 00:30:31


Hi krisp9,
I am also in same situation, yesterday i visited DPS chandanagar. The approach is horrible. I was asked to wait out of entrance gate after I Said i came for admission, till the security guard went in and came  back after talking to the staff. I only could speak to one lady and when I asked if she is a parent coordinator.. she said shes everything and I can call her anything... I couldnt understand who she is. When I asked about teachers, theres no clear answer. She said they have experienced teachers, when I stressed on the facilities, she said, there r only 2 seats left and I have to pay fees now or max by tomorrow morning if I want a seat :D... I couldnt get any good information more than that.

And finally what did u decide on? which school? unicent, arbor, silveroaks, creek, everywhere the admissions are closed it seems. Did u try fountainhead school or xenas at matrusri nagar? plz reply soon as iam also looking to join my kid around miyapur.

 Former member 2017-06-13 00:33:34


I read u finalized blossoms, can u give me more details, location, fee structure etc, i will visit the school tomorrow.

Mediaomh 2017-06-13 14:43:30



Why dont you guys try Open minds birla school?

 Former member 2017-06-13 23:08:30


Dear Mediaomh, one of my friend's daughter is in open minds, hes looking for a change this year as hes not satisfied by
what they said during admission and what has been accomplished at the end of year. The teachers are not  reaching the expectations and are not well trained it seems. Just by brand name we cant risk our childs future.


shilpamamidipelli 2018-04-03 23:52:12


Hii.. am about to join my kid on fountain head school Hydernagar tomorrow .. please do let me know about the school .. i just visited the campus.. forgot to check the classrooms . Fee structure is 20k per term and all rounded up will be 90k for ukg

shilpamamidipelli 2018-04-03 23:53:33


Whe did you join your kid finally

Sayama 2018-06-07 06:25:51


Please share your feedback on Blossoms school.


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