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66666 2017-05-29 12:18:36


Hi There

I am planning to put my Child in Manthan Madhapur branch. I can read a lot of recent negative reviews on the school regarding 'not so good teaching', 'non listening management' and most importantly 'unhygienic food'. Can anyone please share their experiences? It is really important for me to reconsider after reading all this.

Thanks in anticipation!

66666 2017-06-02 09:54:14


knock knock, any replies please. Would be really thankful.

ApsHyd 2017-06-03 10:02:31


  Both my children study at Manthan and my older kid has been there for the last 5 years. I am very happy with the school and highly recommend it. Its a no frill, no fuss , straightforward school , with focus on academics and overall development. What i like the best is they are genuinely interested in the well being and welfare of the child . I will share a small personal story . My first child attended many different preschools as we were moving places. When we finally decided to settle in Hyderabad I was concerned whether he should be in Grade 1 or Sr.Kg. Though he had already completed Sr.Kg we wanted him to repeat. I went to many schools to enquire and every school that i went to , left the decision to me!!!! I was aghast , aren't they suppossed to be the experts and shouldn't they be telling us? It was only when we went to Manthan did the Head of the Institution patiently counselled us, assessed our child's learning level and asked us to enroll him in Grade 1. He accurately pointed out the short comings and gaps in learning of my child  and told me that they can be sorted as the session begins.
 I have had a very good experience with Manthan even for my younger kid too. She is quite a handful with temper and tantrum issues but from day 1 she has been looking forward to going to school and has learnt a lot , though she is just in nursery.  

I guess what is best about the school , is that they very subtly teach a lot of things that matter like sensitizing kids towards each others , loving nature, discipline amongst many others . Plus they keep children very grounded and down to earth.I haven't heard swear words, bad language etc from my child or his friends at school though they are in fairly higher grade .

Do write to me should you have any more queries.


66666 2017-06-03 12:10:35


Hi ApsHyd Thank you so much for such a detailed reply. Even I liked the school and was looking forward to put my daughter there, but turned apprehensive looking at a few recent negative reviews. Anyways I will now go-ahead with your advice and my decision. One more question, your kids are going to which branch Madhapur or the other one? Though Madhapur branch is more convenient for me as I stay in KPHB, still wanted to know about that as well. Thanks again

ApsHyd 2017-06-03 15:23:04


My older kid attends the Tellapur campus and younger one Madhapur . Though the Tellapur campus is big ,spacious with more amenities.I feel for younger kids going to Madhapur is better. It tires them less and they feel comfortable in a cosy setup. 

66666 2017-06-03 19:08:50


Thanks a lot for your feedback.

manjuanala 2017-06-05 10:08:39


Hi @Apshyd Does manthan madhapur have gades till 10th? And whts the fee structure? Please rever back... Thanks manju

66666 2017-06-05 12:20:15



Manthan madhapur has grades till 3rd standard, while tellapur campus is till 10th. The fee structure is available at Manthan website.

manjuanala 2017-06-05 14:22:53


Thank u soo much @66666. Actually we are looking somewhere around madhapur. Any idea about meridian school - madhapur Fees and about school.

66666 2017-06-05 17:07:19


Same is my case. I am also looking for my 5 yr old in madhapur. I did a little bit research on meridian as well. Was interested, but left later as I read a lot of reviews on very high annual fee hike. Otherwise also, reviews are not good. You can check discussion at the below link. Do let me know which one you finalise:


manjuanala 2017-06-06 08:53:51


Oh ok... thanks for the feedback @66666 How is phoniex green school? We are planning to shift towards madhapur next year actually. Any idea abt fee and school culture.

R2imom2017 2017-09-17 02:05:08


Hi Apshyd, 66666 i hope your kids are doing great @ Manthan school. i have some questions about the school. Can you please accept the friend request, so that i can contact you. thank you

AnuVemuri 2020-06-21 12:48:13


Hi ApsHYD,

We are returning to Hyderabad next year and looking for good IGCSE curriculum schools. Came across your post and would like to know more about Manthan, please do reply to me at, will be eagerly waiting for your response.



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