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PhaniBhaskar 2017-05-19 17:42:46


I have a daughter attempting for PPII in DPS MiyaPur and Vignan Bo Tree School. I visited both the schools and found that fees for Vignan is lesser. Both mention extra circular activities. DPS Miyapur is a bit longer from my house. I am not able to decide which school should i join my daughter. And the principal in Vignan is really awesome and she has really good idea about children. Any help please..

ketankokil 2017-05-19 18:28:16


Dear PhaniBhaskar,

I have visited both the schools in current year.

My views

Vigan- They are good in terms of marketing and attracting, as they have some good infra. Bt the recent reviews are very bad. In fact , a Teacher at personal level has told me NO. The schools seems very good, bt the teachers are not qualified as they should be. My earlier notion with Vignan was very good. Many parents has criticized the the fee structure and hike in fees without any prior notice or discussion.

DPS Miyapur- This is too far. The school seems very good. I have personally spoken to few parents. Their feedback is Good. However this is little costly as compared to the infra and quality they may have. Bt DPS tag is there, hence may be charging high.

I have spoken to parents from both the schools and I still feel you can visit few more schools in that area.

Silveroak (the feedback is Good)
Vikas concept (This is ok option, not good)
Kennady (the feedback is Good)



PhaniBhaskar 2017-05-19 22:11:35


Thank you Ketan.
School selection is really such a tough job.
My daughter is really bright and she loves learning a lot.
And she is very creative.
My biggest worry is that her freedom should not be curtailed by the school's teachers/administrative staff.
Her current school is Shemrock which is really good..but cannot be fit for a longer run.

How about Unicent school beside DPS Miyapur?
Any idea.

 Former member 2017-05-20 05:49:56


If u get a chance st silveroaks .. don't loose .. it is best interms of everything in that area 


SantoshPottimurthy 2021-04-29 08:49:22


Hi Phani Bhaskar, What have you decided finally. I am having question now on choosing between DPS and Vignan botree. We stay in Miyapur Mayuri Nagar. DPS is offering in PP-2 where as Vignan is offering Grade 1.


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