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kartikpad 2017-05-06 20:52:25


Hi Micky,
 I am planning to put both my daughters (Class 8 and 10) in Indus Universal.I have visited the school and I am inclined to like it in terms of the infrastructure it provides. Seems to be suitable, particularly for my younger girl since it has a good amt of co- curricular activities.
But I am getting mixed reviews when it comes to academics, particularly Class 11 and 12. One of the reasons that I am inclined towards this school for my elder daughter is the fact that they offer Psychology and painting as elective subjects with Science stream in Class 11 and 12, which is a combination that my daughter is keen to follow (I am not sure there are other schools offering this combo). The hesitancy to take the final step comes from the mixed reviews I have got from parents/students regarding standard of academics in Class 11 and 12 , particularly in the science stream.The general refrain seems too be that its a very good school upto Class 9, but 10th and beyond, look at other options.
I do not subscribe to the strategy of excessive pressure that some schools put on students to achieve results, but a reasonable amt of assignments and strictness in academics is essential in the higher classes, I feel. Is this absent in Indus? Is the Science stream not upto the mark? Please guide me with whatever inputs you may have.I'll be grateful. I am to move to Secunderabad in a couple of weeks, and I know next to nothing about the city and schools here.

mickey 2017-05-07 22:26:31


Hi Kartikpad,

I truly agree with you  in terms of excessive pressure which the students are undergoing in higher grades esp. 11th &12th in Science stream in order to excel in professional entrance exams. If you opt for IPE (Intermediate Board) then students undergo undue pressure in institutions like Narayana or Sri Chaitanya.

Did you find out the Class 12 Board Exam results in Indus ? Is your daughter interested to write exams like JEE (Mains) and 
JEE (Advanced) and NEET ? If yes, then you need to look for good coaching apart from CBSE 11th & 12th in Indus or any CBSE school.

It is always good to let the child study subjects of his/her interest rather than  following the norm set by others. I am not  sure of the Electives  (combo) which other schools like DPS (Nacharam), BVB , P Obul Reddy , Chinmaya Vidyalaya, JHPS (Jubilee Hills Public School) , Meridian (Banjara Hills), Secunderabad Public School , K.V Picket are offering. You could call up these schools and find out.  

KV(Picket), DPS, P Obul Reddy, BVB, Chinmaya, Meridian, JHPS usually have good results in Class 12. If you are staying in Sec'bad, JHPS , P Obul Reddy , BVB, Chinmaya would be quite far for you.

I think you need to go with your conviction and your daughter's interest after you are done with enquiring in other schools.



Shubh01 2017-05-08 15:25:57


Hi Mickey I have sent you an invite, need to get your views really spent lot of time researching schools but no luck. We are moving to Hyderabad and will be put up in Manikonda it's for 8th standard cbse we are searching schools with good 10th board results. I could not gauge on academic with these international school around and no one is available or responding in regular school. Obul Reddy is what I was keen but they did not even allow me to come and visit campus. JPHS asked me to drop mail and BVB BHEL asked me to contact may end. Not sure if I should wait for so long as he already missed classes of beginning of session. We are in Hyderabad for this purpose and unable to close anywhere. Thanks

mickey 2017-05-08 20:39:52


Hi Shubh,

 Admission into higher grades usually depends on vacancy. If you are looking for admission into these schools, you need to wait till the specified time.   It is usually in the month of April/May/June for higher grades.

For how long you are there in Hyderabad ? I would suggest you to visit Pearson's Group - Hillside Academy in Jubilee Hills and Sanskriti  & Maharshi Vidya Mandir at Kondapur.  All 3  are good  schools and could be preferred for higher grades. Apart from these 3, you could consider DPS -Khajaguda too. Pls call up all these schools first and find out the admission status. 

If you plan to stay near Miyapur, then you could prefer Vikas-The Concept School , Kennedy-The Global and Sentia.



kartikpad 2017-05-13 13:06:31


Thanks very much for your inputs Micky!



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