Need to decide in these schools... Plz Suggest --- Economical + Good education + new way of teaching

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UDAYKK 2017-04-26 16:34:57


After seeing different schools like below 
1. Traditional style - BVB, DAV, KV, HPS, Chinmaya, ... which are low in fee but routine style of edu CBSE and old style teaching and old infrastructure
2. New International Schools - Oakridge, Chirec, Future kids, Manthan, GreenGables, Ambitus, Tatva, Pearson Hillside....which follow new curriculum, IGCSE and CBSE and follow Cambridge Education series, and Pearson Edu... new methods, activity based
With in my budget I want to know which is best around my 1 lakh budget may including transport (food offered in some new schools).. I need to pay for 2 kids right... 
1. Hill side (economical and Pearson education) - 30:1 teacher, less than a lakh
2. Green Gables - cambridge style, little expensive but Very good at activities. small building.. 25:2 teacher. 1.2-1.5lakh
3. Tatva - Infrastructure wise good, long, fee is lil expensive.. new school to see results. 25:2 teacher. 1-1.5lakh
Which is value for money and good future bet for kids ?????????? SUGGESTIONS PLEASE... AS THIS WILL HELP MANY PARENTS... 

UDAYKK 2017-05-10 17:14:48


Now about to finalize between 1. Pearson Hillside, Jubilee hills, 2, Tatva Global school , Gajularamaram, 3, Green Gables International school, Madhapur
Any suggestions ?


Sowmya1 2017-06-07 13:57:43


hi UDAYKK, which school did u opt finally?

UDAYKK 2017-06-07 16:50:40


Finalized Green Gables as - in proximity , nearby to get kids if there is a need.+ Extra - curricular as my kid is interested in Painting + I am interested to train my girl in Taekwondo .... so many based on personal interests.. and not just gone with name or fame or money :(

srid27 2017-06-07 22:45:25


Heard Green Gables might also move to a bigger campus in future. DO you know when ?

UDAYKK 2017-06-08 14:09:17


might take another 2 years

dumbeldore 2018-02-13 19:51:13


Hello Uday KK

need to speak to you as we would be shifting to Hyderabad in March and I am seriously interested in Green Gables school. Can I have your no at for talking about the schools, admission process etc. many thanks in advance

Vipin Dilip Deo

uppoju 2019-01-13 19:31:55


There is cellphone tower on the school building, is it not harmful for kids ?


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