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tseshubabu 2017-04-20 12:34:27


Hi Mickey,
please give feedback on Sanskriti the school Kothapet, Dilsukh nagar as I want to admit my son into UKG. I want to know how 
1.academics and extra curriculars are given importance
2. Children are taken care of
3. Management treat parents
4. Past performance of the children
thanks in advance 

mickey 2017-04-20 13:30:35


Hi Seshubabu,
 The school is good in all the aspects which you have mentioned above.

Pl see my recent reply to Premkumar, Srinu where I have given detailed reply and posted a recent circular containing School's achievements which was given to me by one of the students.

My reply to Littlegani

Hope this helps.



tseshubabu 2017-04-20 14:23:23


Thank you very much Mickey, for your immediate reply.
Can you please compare Dilsukhnagar Public School with Sanskriti the School?


mickey 2017-04-23 00:14:35


Hi Seshubabu,
Dilsukhnagar Public School concentrates more on academics. There is no playground as such. Assembly is conducted in the cellar and children are made to play in the cellar. The Classrooms  are small  and  inter-connected  with half open side walls. Though the classrooms have projectors, I am not sure if they use it regularly. I had visited the school once. You could visit the  school after it closes and tell the watchman to take you around or visit in the working hrs and see if the staff is willing to take you around. SSC results in Class 10 are good though. There was a huge GHMC garbage bin beside the school ( in front of  Rajdhani Theatre ). Though  it  has been removed, the place still stinks and I have found people answering nature calls which totally put me off and hence I dropped the idea of suggesting this school to my cousin. I heard that the teaching staff at Dilsukhnagar branch is good when compared to other branches of DPS. The communication skills (English) of children is just ok. 

On the other hand, Sanskriti's classrooms are well ventilated and airy with a good playground. The school has many extra-curriclar activities, encourages children to participate in various Sports and celebrates all the festivals apart from concentrating on academics. Communication Skills of  Sanskriti students is better.  I am able to say this because I have interacted with the students from both the schools.

Sanskrti-The School will be having CBSE syllabus till class VIII from this yr onwards which is good for the overall development of the child. SSC will be there only for the present Class - IX and X. Once they pass out, Class 9 &10  is going to be CBSE only.

Please visit both the schools, talk to the teachers, parents, students and decide accordingly.



tseshubabu 2017-04-23 16:17:15


Thank you very much madam for your detailed reply


tseshubabu 2017-04-24 12:20:40


Hi Mickey,
Thank you very much for your detailed reply. I prepared for Sanskriti.
Can you please advice me the other opportunities which  you feel better based on my following parameters
1. I am a central government employee. Please advice me where I can get preferred admissions and better among them compared to other established schools
2. My requirements are : Focus on extra curriculars along with academics
                                       Discipline, caring for children, accessibility of teachers
                                       Participation of children in outside competitions academics as well as extra curriculars
Would be grateful for your analytical reply.


mickey 2017-04-24 22:50:45


Hi Seshu,
If you are a Central Govt employee, it is better to prefer KV. If you are residing in Dilsukhnagar/Chaitanyapuri/Kothapet KV No.1 -Uppal would be the best choice. You could also consider KV No.2 -Uppal. If you plan to relocate near the school, then prefer KV-Picket. KV No. 1 Uppal and Picket are very good schools. As KVs start from Class 1, you could apply for next academic yr admissions i.e 2018-19. Preference is given to Defence personnel and Central Govt employees , so your child has bright prospects of getting into KV. Even if you get transferred, you wouldn't have problem  admitting your child in new KVs. 
KVs have undergone lot of transformation over the years and stand at par with any leading private school.  
You could see the websites of KV no 1 Uppal and Picket for more details.

As of now, you could admit your child in UKG in any good economical school which is near to your place.



shail7 2017-06-24 18:01:24


I'm shifting kothapet NXT year . Please suggest me with the good school.

shail7 2017-09-09 20:14:13


Hi , Today I have been to Sanskriti and met Jothsana counselor.i really liked it.washrooms, classrooms everything is very really satisfied.and will be going ahead with do let me know if I'm wrong.

S4a123 2019-03-12 15:19:12


I'm sure you didn't regret your choice, shail7.
My kid is studying in Sanskriti - The School too.


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