Ganges Valley School - Hyderabad

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Advocate4Parents 2017-03-23 16:35:51


Total working days in a year:  ~200

Annual Fee: 120000 (Rs. 600 per day)

Snacks:  6300 (Rs. 31.50 per day) { Child gets Rs.10 worth juice packet / bread with jam or two piece snack)

Lunch: 20100 (Rs. 125 per day)
{ Not worth to pay 125...most of the kids hardly eat Rs.30 worth food}

Transport: ~ 25000 (Rs. 125 per day)
{ Even OLA or Uber share charges are lesser than this....Do not provide home pick and drop to most of the kids....very painful }

Painfully very expensive per working day ( Rs. 860 per day).  

TaksheelChauhan 2017-03-26 10:58:40


good observation 

ben11 2017-03-29 15:17:08


why don't you upload same analysis for other schools Oakridge, Meridian,Chirac, Kenndy High, Silver Oak? Home tutor may charge less why does people send their kid to school? Is money the only deciding factor? Fuel charges are same for bus and ola/uber, why does ola/uber charge more? food charges are same why does famous restaurant charges more than road side bandi


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