Schools in Hyderabad for 1st std

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karthikvsmanian 2017-03-20 17:36:14


Dear Parents, 
I am new in Hyderabad and planning t place my kid here. I was exploring this forum however, most of the threads are 2-3 years old. 

I would be glad to receive your input on certain schools near Kondapur, Miyapur, Kukatpally which are reasonable in quality of studies and fees.

Please suggest..


23845 2017-03-20 18:13:38


Hi ,
Gachibowli, Chirec , Delhi public school are good.  If you are looking at nizampet , Please check sangamitra school .This is one of the good school near nizampet.


karthikvsmanian 2017-03-21 10:27:21


Hi Both.. thank you very much for your suggestions. i will definitely check Sangamitra and Unicent. 



vishw12 2017-03-21 11:23:37


Has anyone checked The Shri Ram Universal School? Any feedback? How about Future Kids?

karthikvsmanian 2017-03-21 13:10:09


Thank you Madam sure i will check. 


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