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charitha 2017-02-24 11:05:03


we are moving from Chennai to hyd and are looking at 2 schools.  information on these schools will be greatly appreciated.
1. sanskriti- the school in dilsukhnagar. how is this school?
2. how difficult is it to get an admission for class 1 in chinmaya?
3. how expensive is howard school- himayatnagar?

really appreciate your inputs.


somal 2017-02-28 10:52:44


I have no idea about the first two but Howard schoool should be a mid range school. But reconsider before opting as the school is very conjusted and doesnt have any space for play. The academic pressure is also quite high, You could consider Johnsonj Grammar school instead which is a few meteres away from Howard school. It has a balance of academic and extra cirricular activities and the school campus is good too.

premkumarb2 2017-03-13 15:44:32


Also Check for 
G.Pulla Reddy Memorial School, Dilsukhnagar
Dilsukhnagar public school  - kothapet


mickey 2017-03-15 21:21:03


Hi Charitha,
You could see my detailed reply in the below thread about Sanskriti -The School. It is a good and affordable school in Dsnr.
I have also posted one of its circulars with few recent achievements of kids.

Admission in Chinmaya is a bit tough which basically depends on vacancy. I have seen your thread about Class 1 results. You could call up the school during working hours and find out.

Regarding Howard, I agree with Somal. If you stay at Himayat Ngr, have a look at Vasavi Public School (CBSE) too .
If you stay in Dilsukhnagar and open for State Syllabus from Class 6 to Class 10, you could prefer Sanskriti-The School. 




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