Suchitra Academy - Hyderabad

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Showry 2017-02-17 10:35:12


Hi all,
I want to know the latest review about Suchitra Academy.
Any parents whose kids are currently studying the Suchitra Academy could help giving the actual info about the overall care for the kids, standards of teaching.
If an average doing kid is joined in the school, will he be taken care for his improvement.
Just read the negative review in this aspect that only super kids are given priority and others are left as such by the teachers. Is it so?

vikas23 2019-01-19 16:50:19


Tried answering all in sequence: 1. Improved in attracting people. Strength got increased by leaps and bounds. 2. Less pressure on kids, more on parents. 3. Higher grade you go, less activities for kids. Or they provide options and make kids as Jack of all and master of none. 4. Academics are as normal as any school. Nothing special. Extra curricular activities will be more and at the same time as stated above. Jack of all and master of none.


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