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parthaspaul 2017-02-08 06:12:05


Hi Folks, I am from Kolkata and just shifted in Hyderabad from 5th Feb. My daughter 4 yrs old , she is in Lower Nursery in Kolkata, the session will be end in March 2017. So, I am looking for her a good school in KukatPally or Miyapur. Rightnow I am residing at company provided accomodation for 30 days in Kavuri Hills. But I have to find my home also in Hyderabad. What I am thinking is I will be reside in Kukatpally or Miyapur. So Please suggest me some good schooling options under CBSE board for my 4 years old daughter. Her DOB is 7-Nov-2012. So, which class will be appropritae for her according to age? Nees your help and suggestions? If anything more details is required please let me know.

parthaspaul 2017-02-08 06:14:41


Need your help and suggestions.....please help me to choose a good school....

ruddu 2017-02-08 09:58:23


She can go in LKG (PP1). Some schools are. Kennedy high global school Bachupally, Sentia global school Bachupally, Silver oaks school Bachupally, Euro kids preschool kukatpally, Oakridge international school, Bachupally Delhi public school miyapur Bachupally, Delhi public school Chandanagar, Kangaroo kids pre school hafeezpet, Global edge school kukatpally. Thanks

parthaspaul 2017-02-08 11:45:45


My language preference is English and Hindi.
So, keep in this fact in mind please suggest among the school suggested by ruddu and prsuri....which one is best?

parthaspaul 2017-02-24 19:26:03


Hi, Could anyone plz let me know about Vikas Concept School at bachupally?

parthaspaul 2017-02-24 19:30:32


Can anyone plz share experience about Vikash Concept School?

pinesh 2017-02-24 22:59:13


Hi Partha (parthaspaul),

Most of the schools mentioned by ruddu are good.  You can try in any of them.

I got my son admitted into Silver Oaks in Miyapur into PP-2 (UKG) class for 2017-18.  This is 1 of the best school for IB course with reasonable fees, as compared to other international schools.  It will cost around 1.25 lakhs.  Rest other schools are also good equivalently, but more on fees side.

I will not recommend you to go Vikas Concept School, as it's full crowded with no attention to details.  It's good in education but there are many -ve feedback and complaints from parents too.  It's a very reasonable and low cost CBSE curriculum pvt school. Take this as last preference.  Only opt if you are hard on budget or want to change in future or shift out of Hyderabad in 1-2 yrs.

I suggest, go through review of each of these school from this forum and then decide which is best for you as per your budget and future plans.   Most of the schools are now closed for admissions for next year, you will need to try back-door entry, i.e. directly meeting admission counselor or principal in-person, not on phone.

Send me any queries if you have for your child's school.  All the best.


parthaspaul 2017-02-25 08:49:08


Hi @Pinesh Many thanks for your feedback. I am reviewing each school now. My daughter is just 4 yr. This year I am putting her into Sanford Global School in PP1 as many of the school has end their admission process. I will move my daughter in big school in next year from PP2. Is it a very bad decision? Will it be very tough to get admission in those school in PP2?

pinesh 2017-02-25 14:00:59


Hi Partha Sarathi (parthaspaul),

From your interest into Sanford, it seems you are living in Mayuri Nagar, Miyapur.   I live in Mayuri Nagar (near Sanford school) since 6 yrs.  Frankly speaking, I will not suggest you for it, if you are really serious about child's education for long-term.  This is just a simple school with nothing other than avg studies, no much activities.  This has been preference of parents living nearby so that they can pick-up and drop their kids in neighbourhood but that too only for initial 1-2 years since they aren't aware of good schools in surrounding in Nizampet, Bachupally, Miyapur, etc.

If your child is of 4 yrs then she should be into PP-2, even my son is of 4.2 yrs and he got admission in PP-2.  Although age criteria is different in all schools, they generally consider age as on March or May or June 2017.  You should admit her in PP-2 instead of PP-1, even though she studied Nursery in current year 2016-17.  It's not mandatory to go sit in all 3 classes, entry criteria is age, and not previous class.

Personally, I would recommend you that if she is already well trained and comfortable with small school (including pre-school) environments, co-education friends, teachers, staying away from parents for that period, able to eat her food on her own, washroom training, etc. then you can go for big schools, else you should put her in pre-school kinda small schools.  Putting in Sanford is like a big school only with limited facilities at equivalent fees.  And if you plan to shift her to big school next year with avg school this year, then your admission fees is wasted.  You can also visit Vignan Bo Tree in Nizampet, which has mixed feedback.

Don't be under impression that admissions are closed in most of schools.  They are always open till May-June '17 too, only trouble may be that they may demand admission fees and not negotiate on it since late comes are under pressure and fear of not getting admission. You will need to visit all schools personally and get details on age criteria and admission availability.  Even if they say they don't have seats, they still have it in buffer which is indirectly reserved for those who have high need & can offer better donation. Or who pressurize by discussing with Principal and show their interest personally.

Think about it practically and your family comfort for distance, good education at reasonable and affordable cost, and most important comfort of your child to go big school. Make her ready or get her into confidence by discussing and counseling with her.


pinesh 2017-02-25 14:05:39


Getting into PP2 in big school will be tough since availability of seats are very limited and it arises only due to transfer of existing parents. Or any new class started by any newly launched school like DPS Miyapur, etc.

So if you planning for long term then better go for big school in PP1 else you will need to face lot of competition for good and affordable schools like Sanghamitra in Nizampet, DAV Miyapur.  Else most of International schools are always open any month you go.  They will just show that they are full but they always have something available.


parthaspaul 2017-02-26 08:14:50


Good morning Pinesh. R u talking about MATRUSRI DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL Sy.NO:44/1, Matrusri Nagar Colony, Miyapur Hyderabad-500049. ? Is it a very good school?

pinesh 2017-02-27 10:39:52


Yes Partha Sarathi.

parthaspaul 2017-02-27 14:23:12


Hi Pinesh,
I'm looking for standard , academically must good and also moderately good in extra curricular activity , mainly CBSE based school having English as 1st Language and Hindi as 2nd. I am not aware of IB courses. Do you have any idea about Kennedy Global School?


pinesh 2017-02-27 15:08:13


Hi Partha Sarathi,

You can review schools mentioned by me and ruddu, they all are good to consider.

Go through google to have understanding of difference in IB and CBSE curriculum, that will help you to decide whether to go for IB or not.  In short, IB will give overall and holistic development of child, rather than CBSE with only academics & few sports development.

Kennedy is also a renowned and a good school to go for.  But do note that it's cost will be almost 2 lakhs (for 1st year, then 1.35-1.45 lakhs every year) for UKG with expected 10-15% hike every year.  They have all curriculum, even Cambridge.

You can try Unicent, Silver Oaks, Kennedy, Sentia,  etc, and many more such schools.


kchendar 2017-02-28 07:58:51


Good morning to all,

Please can you let me know the how is the Sentia for class 7th.



parthaspaul 2017-02-28 08:47:56


Thank you very much psuri.
your valuable suggestions will help me a lot.

parthaspaul 2017-02-28 08:51:39


Hi Pinesh,

Good Morning.
Definitely I'll do as you suggested.
It really helps a lot me.
Thank you very much for your valuable suggestions.
Let me check and review and I will definitely come up again to you if anything help is required.
Thanks a lot.

Dev05 2019-03-10 18:11:10


ennedy high global school Bachupally, Sentia global school Bachupally, Silver oaks school Bachupally, Euro kids preschool kukatpally, Oakridge international school, Bachupally Delhi public school miyapur Bachupally, Delhi public school Chandanagar, Kangaroo kids pre school hafeezpet, Global edge school kukatpally. 

Can someone give some recommendation of today on the above school . I am looking for 7th Grade Admission for my daughter .


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