can anyone share your reviews about keystone school

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manjulab 2017-02-02 16:40:56


can any one share your reviews about keystone school

nagjuive 2017-02-02 19:56:03


hi manjula, this seems to be a good school with nice infrastructure and classroom management. I just visited this school for my childs admission. its a cambridge school. they have started it in 2016 and have  plans to come with a bigger campus by next year. I have met there Academic dean and Managing director. It was nice to know about there teaching methodology.
coming to fees part, since they are in the begining , it is comparatively low .


prashanthpa 2017-02-20 12:16:06


Manjula ., I can say that this school is only for class people and mass crowd cannot get inside, its only for people who understand the importance of cambridge curriculam and have really better plans for their kids future, I strongly say its far beyond the understanding of people who are like I want books , I want text books, I want tuitions for my kidsdo you conduct exams.......such crowd better stay away from their any case it is an excellent school, nice project based approach, wonderfully designed curriculam , no words to speak about the spacious ,well ventilated and all time monitered classrooms, good wooden flooring so that small children dont get hurt when they fall down, nice exposure to sunlight in beautiful green grass........perfect names given to their class room......this is certainly not for standard indian mentalities.......but for people who think big very big for their children. and most importantly the strength , is less and very less but as long as my child is getting 100% attention from the teacher I want lesser strength. But they are still working with that strength. Good job keystone management .

 Former member 2017-03-10 20:30:41


Hello Jashit,
Good to hear a positive review from a US returned parent.  We might be back from US this June and started exploring the schools in hyd for my kid who will be seeking admission in 6th grade. So many schools have come up in the recent years and I am really getting mad and worried.  Though I didn't personally visited any school as I am still in US, I am not impressed by any of the schools I have explored so far. Exactly I am also looking for the school with the qualities what you have mentioned. 
I am happy to see your review.  Visiting Keystone school will be my first option once I am in Hyderabad.  Please let me know how's the comm skills of the teachers / management, students around and also the fee structure. What other schools you have visited?  Did you visit Manthan? If so can you please give me a review on Manthan International @ Tellapur.  I am  little impressed on their activity based approach.
So far I have the following schools in my List : Keystone, Manthan, Rockwell. Green Gables, Gaudium and CGR international schools. Please let me know if you have visitied any of these. 
I really appreciate your help.


 Former member 2017-03-10 20:44:17


Hey Jashit,
I just happened to see that Keystone has Cambridge Curiculum. I have a question here - Is Cambridge Curriculum considered for admissions into regular intermediate after grade 10. Few other international schools will have a option of chosing between CBSE or Cambridge once the kids are in 8 grade,  But keystone is exclusively Cambridge, how this will help a kid who has no plans for studying abroad later. I am little confused what to chose (CBSE or Cambridge IGCSE curriculum).  Please let me know your thoughts.


lakshgollappalli 2017-05-06 12:32:03


Hello all., I have just admitted my kids at keystone and trust me the management was so good and supportive.They were a bit particular about the assessments of the children because of which my kids admission got a bit delayed for a week but rest all was very finely addressed. 

And Mr.Pal yes the kids coming from Cambridge or IB can opt for regular intermediate board after their 10th. My friends children were from IB at oakridge and they joined at Sri chaitanya after their 10th., kids did not have any problem to get adjusted at all by getting into a regular college. 

infact all your confusions will be gone once you talk to the director their

raju75 2017-05-17 02:42:54



Seems Key Stone school is new school. Is it a good school to join my kid in 7th grade? what are the fee structure to join in to 7th grade?

raju75 2017-05-17 02:43:48



Seems Key Stone school is new school. Is it a good school to join my kid in 7th grade? what are the fee structure to join in to 7th grade?

deepti12 2017-05-17 17:01:42


Keystone is one of its kind school.. you must visit the campus and talk to to academic dean and managing director. I went for my kids admission in nursery and found it just perfect.

 Former member 2017-05-17 18:51:11


Hi Raju,

I happened to speak with the Director - Keystone school.  Had a good coverstation with her.  Grade 6 fee structure is around 4 lakhs (including food and transport). I believe for Grade 7 also they might have similar fee structure. Since its an upcoming school they have very few kids in higher grades.  Grade 6 have only 3 kids.  With very few kids in each class I am not sure whether its good or bad.  

raju75 2017-05-19 08:40:52


Thanks Pallavi for sharing your conversation with Keystone school director and Fee information. Fee seems to be bit high. I am looking for fee around 2 lacs per annum.

Thanks Vikkiup for sharing information about Keystone school. After your information, I felt Keystone is good for higher grades too. Also, based on your review, seems Keystone is a good school for my kid too as she is so shy and not social. But, As I said earlier mymain concern is Fee only.  I have two kids, one is 7th grade and another one is 1st grade. Fee for both kids seems to be not affordable for me. I am more worrying about my elder one because of high grade. Also, I have another concern about IGCSE curriculum. I don't know much about this, whether this is good or not in the long term.

Thanks to both of you and the information you shared will be very helpful for me.

I am also thinking about HILLSIDE school. seems Academics good in this. But not sure about the infrastructure. Seems fees are reasonable here. Seems  infrastructure is not good since it is a old school.


raju75 2017-05-21 07:01:53


Sure. I will talk to Keystone management. Thanks Vikki for your suggestion.

srid27 2017-10-03 06:44:20


Did any of you finally opt for Keystone ? Reviews will be helpful

mangomousee 2017-10-06 12:05:02


srid27, we have joined our kid in Keystone and we really like the school. Fees is on higher spectrum.

Management always focuses on Teachers and their training's. This kind of impressed me before taking the admission. I suggest you take a tour and decide.


Nikki8889 2017-11-04 21:03:35


Does this school provide breakfast and lunch?

srid27 2017-11-05 02:14:40


My husband visited the school and he had a good experience meeting with the Director and team. Breakfast, lunch and snack are all provided and food is mandatory. Their schedule also allows outside time everyday I believe. We will be visiting again in Dec to finalize admission .

Medhakrishna1 2017-11-05 08:56:49


Yes Nikki. Food is mandatory. They serve variety of food. My kid, fussy eater is slowly getting in to discipline on eating properly and start to finish.


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