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kranthi 2010-08-17 22:01:05


hi parents,

my daughter is 4 years old. am in search of a good cbse school in hyderabad/secunderabad which give importance to both academics and extra-cirricular activities with good playground, library, lab etc facilities. please suggest about creek school.




mickey 2010-08-17 22:11:26


Hello Kranti,

The Creek at Bachupally is a good school with a lush green campus. I have heard good reviews about this school from one of my friends  who stays at Kukatpally and knows a few children from this school. Please visit the school and decide.




kranthi 2010-08-17 23:02:50


hi mickey,

thank you. my daughter 4 years old is studying in LKG in SLATE the school. am planning to shift her next year. will u please let me know which of the following is the best school.

  1. creek
  2. DAV Public school, Kukatpally
  3. DAV Public School, Neredmet
  4. BVB, Sainikpuri,

please suggest me any other cbse school where my child can get good quality education and care along with good exposure to extra- cirricular activities and other competitive exams like olympiad, natioanl science tanlent exam conducted by ncert etc.


mickey 2010-08-18 09:23:05


Hello Kranthi,

You can prefer DAV Kukatpally if you are staying near Miyapur/Kukatpally and BVB Sainikpuri if you plan to stay at Sec'bad. Both these  schools  satisy your requirements. However, you will have to take personal interest in your child if you want to prepare her for science and maths olympiads in higher classes. No school will provide you exclusive training except for Narayana E-techno and Sri Chaitanya Techno schools. However Olympiad exams should not be the deciding factor  for you now.
BVB and DAV too will give the exam dates and conduct  these exams depending on the students strength who have registered for these tests. We as parents, need to take pain to guide our children for these exams  and approach the school from time to time to know about the notifications  of  these competitive exams.

BVB and DAV stress on overall development of a child.







Jainy 2013-01-04 20:05:42


Hello all,

As per my view, 'Seeds'/'Creek' in Miyapur school is not enough mature to handle the kids below the class of  my kids currently in seed school but i found lot of issue in school teachers. They all are fighting each others when ever any issue parent raised.

i am very much disappointed when I saw arguing with parent on situation where kids beated to each other in class. There is lot of mis management also. Overall not good for small kids for below than class 2.

Only building, infrastructure not the decision factor of school. I believe school environment and teacher education, behavior are the important factor and this all points are missing from creek seed school. They are running business instead of education provider.

Just want to update you , before you enroll your kid there. I am planning to take out my kid from there.



drswetha 2013-02-03 09:28:28


 hello parents....

 Just yesterday we had visited several schools for information so that we may make a choice for our children, one in class 1 and another in nursery.

1. Vignan bo tree school: The campus is good and large, the classes were neat, there were qute a few facilities as far as sports and extra curricular activities are concerned.  They had a good skating rink with a good coach as we got to know from talking to him that those kids who were extremely good at extra curricular activities got good encouragement also, they even postponed a few exams for the kids who were participating in national championships etc.

 However, on talking to a few teachers who were forthright, we found that they are NOT  insisting the children to communicare in english in school hours, neither are the teachers themself following it as they say some children are not able to follow englsh/ Another moot point is that they do not stress on cursive writing, though thr school follows CBSE curriculum. Now, however, since many parents are asking them, they have appointed a new teacher for handwriting, but how far this would help the children, as they have only one calss of handwriting where thwy write cursive, but in all other calsses the teacher writes normally on the board......

there are about 30-32 children in each class, and looks like theere is attantion given to all the children,.

with these pointers....a personal opinion ...... parents, pleease visit any school personally before making a decision!!!!


2. Sanghamitra: the school is a very famous school, with CBSE curriculum, but with very less intakes..

they haVE A  printed board near the school gate asking parents NOT TO HARASS THE WATCHMEN AND STAFF ASKING ABOUT ADMISSIONS for this academic year as they have been closed. those interested for next year may come on july 6th 2013


3. Creek: this school though a ittle away from the city looked qute impressive. the campus was good with a lush gree campus, and each 2 classes as small huts.

the admin staff and the teachers seemed quite impressive. they mandate speaking in english in the class and also on cursive writing. the teachers are all B.Ed trained and even the principal seemed quite knowledgable and capable. Music, dance, karate are all compulsary for all kids. they have several other outdoor and indoor games, and every child will have at least 2-3 activities every day besides curriculum. school is from 8:30 to 3:30, 6 days a week, with 2nd and 4th saturdays holidays. Nursery, PP1 and PP2 have a 5 day week and full day, they have mattresses where the younger kids are put to sleep in the nap time every afternoon..

infrastructure wise and looks wise this school looked good...... the fee pattern was also not that exorbitant....


Well, this is as regards the few school we have visited yesterday....

will post a newer update on the fee structure of the few schools we have info on..

Good school hunting parents!!!


Ved711 2013-02-04 09:56:46


 This saturday, i Have visited both Creek and Ganges Valley school.I had discussions with concerned in both schools.

With some feedback from few parents and my discussion , Creek is out of my list.

This is mainly due to the fact that they are proudly saying, they keep exams from pre-primary and hurrying me to take admission...

Otherwise ambience is very good....but not sure about extra curricular activities at Creek.

Ganges Valley seems very impressive at this point. Major positives are their principal "Hema Surapaneni", well-known person in academic circles, Extra-curricular-activities , teaching mehodology and their excellent infrastructure.


NSST 2013-04-30 13:50:52


Hi Parents

I visited the creek school campus and felt the same - 'campus quite impressive' but it is only from outside. Parents pls tour the campus and look into the classrooms it is quite disgusting with low roofs, suffocation and with very poor infrastructure. Teachers are not qualified especially with pre and primary school. From my experience I sincerely advice the parents not to choose this school if you want to give your children best education and environment. Pls make sure and insist that you want to talk to MD of the school Mr. Narendra and within 2mins of conversation with him you will come to know the standard of that school and I promise you that you will never come back  to that school again. 

It is also surprising that teachers boast it to be the best school. Don't believe and be there and observe their communication and attitude towards kids. I truely say that NRI's pls don't even waste your time like I did.





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