Gitanjali Primary School Begumpet Admissions 2017-18

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rganti9 2017-01-06 05:33:52


Hi I am writing this review because i felt that i should contribute as  have taken quite a bit of guidance from this site. It did really help me make a choice.
The news both my kids got admitted into Gitanjali for class 2 and 5. My kids studied till December 2016 in Singapore. They moved back to india in december , we got the application forms rather my dad got them for me and my kids sat for the exam on the 18th. My son who was writing for 5th class finished his class 3 in singapore and gave the exam on class 4 syllabus. The same with my daughter who finished her UKG and gave her Class 2 entrance. 
I looked at quite a few schools including international schools though a few did impress me i felt to be competitive an academic oriented school is very much needed and my first and only hope was Gitanjali.
They called us on the 20th Dec and told my son was selected and my daughter was not, that was a shocker, but when we met the principal and explained that my daughter would not have written hindi but would have done well in english and math she checked for the same and found that my daughter did do very well on math and english. Since she was not used to hindi exams she returned the paper empty, but she does know hindi writing and reading quite well.
The principal later gave us a slip asking us to pay the admission fees and term fees came to a total of 60k and 67 k for class 2 and class 5. 
The school also agreed to get them in for the mid year so they will be starting today for class 1 and 4 for the rest of the year.
Thanks a lot for all of you who wrote the reviews they did help me a lot. Just wanted to return my share to help others.
I have been to Phoenix greens, prerna waldrof, shloka waldrof and  glendale academy. So i can tell you what i know of them if you need it.
Raghu Ganti


San2926 2017-01-06 05:53:22


Hi Raghu,
Thanks for nice information. Could you please provide your feedback on Phoenix?
- San


rganti9 2017-01-06 08:51:29


Well I did go an see Phoenix greens it was on a saturday, i met the teacher she asked me about the kids , because we were eyeing mid year entry to the school. The school was big and clean. The classes were quite well equipped and looked clean and new.
It has a huge playground and all the classes were equipped with Aircon, if you opt to go with their food then you basically have breakfast, lunch and snacks, but that will set you back by 40k, the bus i guess costs around 23-36 k depending on the location.
My take on it was if my kids did not make it into Gitanjali i would get them in here.
They laid a good spread of extra curricular (depends on what your definition is) and academics. I have my friends kids studying here and they were of the take that its quite decent school but you still need to take enough care of the kids and a lot depends on the class teacher.
Hope this helps.


NagV 2017-03-21 15:48:19


Hi rganti, I am looking for admissions in nursery for my son and would like to know your reviews on sloka and prerna .Thanks.

Piyali123 2017-12-15 15:37:25


Hi Mr Raghu,
Could you please share your number as wanted to discuss about Gitanjali. My daughter got selected for Class 6 for 2018 batch in Begumpet branch. Not able to decide as negative reviews on parentree.
Please suggest regarding infrastructure and other things.


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