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premkumarb2 2017-01-05 17:43:46


Any update presently on the 
Sanskriti The School Dilsukh Nagar 

Challengers 2018-10-03 14:52:43


Our experience with Sanskriti The School is very bad.  School was good till last year and from this academic year, they ONLY concentrate on FEE (ofcourse DOUBLED)  and nothing else.  They don't treat a Parent on good terms and often blame Parents if the student is not performing good.  
This school is NOT recommended at all.  I'm sure from sources next academic year about 50 % of higher classes students are planned to move out of this school. 
Better look for a school that will treat Parents as Parents and NOT as paying Machines. Hope you understand. 

S4a123 2019-03-12 15:16:32


I beg to differ with @Challengers.
My kid is studying in 5th class in the school. He joined in his 2nd class there.

Since we got my kid into the school, we found it has been a positive experience for both himself and us parents. They do ensure academics are well taken care of, which is the basic feature one would expect as a parent. The skills they try to inculcate set them apart from others in the run. I have seen my kid show inquisitiveness to learn new things, get better at drawing, show interest in sports, participate keenly in dance activities, etc., thanks to the grooming at school.

We have found the teachers to be qualified enough in handling their classes and students. We accompanied our kid in cultural programmes  outside of the school, representing them on more than a few occasions. The school has also given them a taste of adventure sports like para-sailing; taken them on picnics; invited external educational organizations to conduct assessments to gauge their awareness, etc.

There used to be French classes until last year, which I was very happy with. But since turning to CBSE curriculum, they have stopped teaching the language now.

To top these attributes, I found the fees charged by the school to be on the lower side in comparison to their peer schools.

Challengers 2019-03-12 20:59:12


@S4a123, Good that you are in good terms with the school. :) This could be for 2 reasons, either you would like to be a GOOD parent to the school or you might be OK with whats going on. Most of the parents got vexed up with the school strategy on making more money this year (when compared with last few years). Surprisingly, this year, school has started marketing every event which is tagged up with X amount. Kids are not like our generation and they were evaluating the COST that school events are being marketed by Teachers and Principal as well.

Standards ???  I've a quick question for you (Good Parent :D)
  • Did you ever checked on English Grammar ERRORS that is being taught?
  • Did you ever gone through the MATH process they teach?
  • Did you ever checked your kid CW? I bet you will find a lot of ERRORS that teachers did.
  • How fluent is your kid's Spoken English?
  • Pay what you get (FEE is not lower side at all.. It is per standards with the level of the schools that are matched). This school cannot be matched with International School and feel good the fee is on lower side. Did you ever looked at any Techno Schools who operate in CBSE?
Not but least - you should be OK in case, your kid is awesome in studies but how about their STANDARDS?

Did you ever tried to ask on where were the management kids study? NOT in this school at all :D



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