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vaibhavibhargav 2017-01-05 16:03:26


I am planning to admit my kid @ the gaudium school in class I. Any parent, who has their kid already studying in this school, pls give me some feedback.

GKRIS 2017-01-06 00:04:44


I too enrolled 1st grade for my son yesterday and I visited kollur campus and seems school is good and they maintaining 25kids for reach class ...

vaibhavibhargav 2017-01-06 10:29:29


i heard a lot about this school and i am considering it for my daughter..but one thing bother me is distance of the school. tomorrow i am going to visit their nanakramguda office.... can u give feedback about their transport facility and also tell me how much we have to give in admission. one more thing as you have visited the campus......i heard construction work is also going on kollur it safe for kids\?

vaibhavibhargav 2017-01-06 10:30:51


i heard a lot about this school and i am considering it for my daughter..but one thing bother me is distance of the school. tomorrow i am going to visit their nanakramguda office.... can u give feedback about their transport facility and also tell me how much we have to give in admission. one more thing as you have visited the campus......i heard construction work is also going on kollur it safe for kids\?

GKRIS 2017-01-06 19:29:47


i enrolled grade 1 for my son and 50 percent of the campus is ready and primary school block already  completed &  it is under cctv surveillance .

It is well designed compus and the mentor showed me the class rooms as well  ..every class 25kids can sit and every one have a separate table ..lot of ventilation/sun light in rooms
coming to the transport ...I use to stay in SR Nagar and planning to move near by madeenaguda which takes 16km to school( Via patancheru ) hardly it takes 30min by bus or car .they said school bus picking  up few 8th grade students from SR nagar daily ...

And I spoke transport person . he said even it takes only 30min drive from madhapur  to campus.. ..but need to google it ...


GKRIS 2017-01-06 19:38:19


they said every bus is under their tracking system where parents use to get sms alerts ....

GKRIS 2017-01-06 19:41:36


and still the construction is going on there and it is long walkable  distance from primary campus and it happing  in nights only ...

Lak22 2017-01-09 17:04:21


Gaudium:- worse attitute, even the above both are running school for business but gaudium this attitude was very much high.
Only school which is charging hefty one time fee in the name of resources-around 1L(30K refundable). When askd that one time fee is not legal and almost all schools have removed it they say its resources fee which our kid would be using(as though they are not charging other fee). Kollur campus is not ready and they said it will take around 2-3 years minimum to get it ready.(expect more then).
As parents in IT industry if we move state in this 2-3 years time we will end up in paying for resources which our kid sisnt use.
Most important as per law no schools should take this one time hefty fee in any name. I argued a lot telling them to give me their fee structure with one time fee in their lettr head to which they refused(Glendale and Rockwell gave me that).
All the more its a new school with no batch passed out yet. I dont feel its worth it for their attitude

 Former member 2017-02-16 03:07:01


Is Gaudium good for higher grades? (6 and above).  Any parent whose kids in grade 6 or high please share you experiences.

suchisachin 2017-02-16 09:46:58


Hello sir., I am an existing parent and we are a group of 10 friends who have joined our kids in Gaudium last year ., thuis year four of my friends have removed their kids and joined else where and I am also planning to remove both my kids this year., no good teachers , no good principal and admin management is worse than ever., in one year they had so many staff moving out of their school.Change of teachers has really disturbed my kids a lot.Many times the driver would not on the A/C for kids. My kids have suffered a lot and that was the wrong decission I made for them by joining them at gaudium.
Now I am looking for a school where there will not be more than 8-10 students in class, preferably a new school so that my children will get special attention. I went to Sancta maria, there also parents said they are removing their kids as the strength is more. Today I planning to visit Keystone , it is an upcoming school is what I heard, then will also try and go to Rockwell school.
will update after my visit. 

ruchiagarwal 2017-02-24 14:26:42


pls anyone share ur contact details

vaibhavibhargav 2017-02-28 13:47:35


hey can u give ur i also enrolled my daughter for grade 1

vije 2017-02-28 15:37:09


I too dropped my plans to join two kids in this school,I just felt nothing worth in spending 70K as one time fees (very small designed infrastructure) coolers provided at the top of each class but they say it is Air conditioned (Usually not intrested on AC schools)
-Canteen seems to small room with Nilkamal tables and chain which we usually see in Mess and small tiffin center (No proper equipment used)
-Kids canteen is in walkway (not even a room was provided) and 4 small tables and 12 chairs were provided,not sure what they thought about (they might not be intrested to spend proper dining facility in overall 25 acres (they say) campues where kids spend 20 min lunch break,however they collect 36k as lunch fees.
-Muddy basket ball court with lot of construction activity around
-Multi adventours kids play area where we bascially see in amusement parks and now a days in mall
-Gachibowli team says different school count than  Kollur campus team.
-Look and feel of buses  are good and usually takes min 1hr from chandanagar (where I stay) I spoke with bus driver who picks one kids near by my area (road they follow is not google route:)  they follow tellapur road which is wrist road
- No kids nap time or specific area for kids sleeping.
-Noise from class to other class is completely audible and visible from opposite classes.

As it is a new school and it may takes years time to settle but  personally I dont my kid to be a investor for this school.
This review is of personal opinion only and you may disagree as well


1234sandy 2017-05-03 10:26:15


Hello ,
We have taken admission in PP1,Nanakramguda for my son.we were told that they have not yet received stationary for PP1 , so not sure about that amount.Any idea about how much this amount can be.
Is there anyone on this forum who took admission for PP1,2017?

Yogo 2017-06-25 21:26:55


I am an existing parent right from the first year of the school.  Though I am replying very late, it is  needed to give the right and first hand information to the parents. We are all working so hard to give the right education to our children. I have a very good experience as educationis in other states of India. The  Gaudium school is definitely among the best schools in Hyderabad. The academics, the wise teachers, the caring mentors and supporting staffs have made my child!s learning process so enjoyable that she has come a long way in these two years. She got 5 stars in YLE exams. They have implemented IB curriculum sincerely and meticulously. The Kollur campus is very good and well ventilated. My kid had to wear jacket most of last year as it was very cool both in school and bus. STEM-The integration of science, engineering, technology and maths has helped my child to learn every topic with hands on experience. We get report of every topic covered and the method used with the pictures of our kids doing it. They have a wonderful way of assessment. Every kid is attended specially, they don't move to next topic till all the students have understood. Best Principal and best Management a school can have. As an educationist I can say that. I don't get a penny in praising this school. I wish to put the truth in place for all parents. My experience was far more than my expectations. The right thing that has happened to my kid. Campus is safe, construction don't happen when the kids are in school. Debris are totally cleared. Transport is supported by falcon. I see my child's bus movement right from the second of swiping her ID till she disembarks. Sports and activities are full fledged. For a new school, it has more facilities than many of the international schools. 



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