Global Indian International School GIIS Uppal Mandal - Hyderabad

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gak4u 2017-01-04 00:57:10


Both my kids are in GIIS Uppal from last 2 years. We are having very bad experience with GIIS. I choose GIIS because it's less than a KM from our house. They hardly teach anything and put entire burden on parents. Couple of times they kept textbook/class book at school and announced test for next day, when we complained about it, they said its our daughter's fault as she didn't ask for the books. She is in 2nd grade.

For couple of months I wasn't there in india, this December 10th was due date for term fee. I was trying to make payment online and school's website was constantly throwing an error that my account was blocked, I called school to find out what the issue was, they said my account was blocked as I cancelled transport couple of months ago. But no clear explanation. My wife also couldn't do much due to demonetisation. When I came back, I visited the school. even then they didn't collect the fee and said that my accounts where blocked as I cancelled transport without prior notice of 1 month, for which I had to pay 1 month extra transport fee as fine. And they never ever bothered to inform us that we need to pay that. I would have paid it right away if I knew about it. And they humiliated my daughter for this. I am just waiting for this academic year to end and we are out of here.

I would suggest DPS, fee is also same. Only donation might differ.


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