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Lake 2018-01-22 22:37:48


Hi , Please can u tell me which school r us sons going to? My son has got selected in Phoenix greens. We r confused between Shriram , Gaudium and Phoenix

ParthuMom 2018-01-23 12:05:11


Hi Folks in the group and specially @Mickey

Can you please help me choose between Shri Ram Universal School and Nasr Boys?

I am looking at overall development of my son and not just academics.

I visited TSUS and was impressed with their infrastructure and approach.

However, their fee structure seems to be on a higher side.

I have not visited Nasr boys, but have seen their campus from outside and confident about their sports infrastructure. However, earlier i had a notion that because it is a minority trust run school, i wasn't sure of the culture and encouraging kids from different communities and also was lil concerned about only boys environment. But the feedback i hear off late seems to be convincing. So, want to give it  a try.

Is the admission process into Grade I still open? Also can you share your views on comparing both the schools if possible.

Appreciate a quick response.



1304 2018-01-27 16:38:09


Hi all,
I am looking for admission of my son into PP1 for the academic year 2018-19.
Thanks to the detailed review by @rams345 about Sriram Universal school which made us visit the school. Overall, we got a very positive feeling about the school. One thing pulling me back on this school is the fee structure which seems to be quite expensive.

During our visit to the school, we were told that for primary sections, there will be monthly field trips and even parents can participate in the field trips as volunteers.  Also, they will involve kids in activities like music etc.  
These kind of things seem great on papers and words but are they really taking kids to monthly field trips? Request  response from parents whose kids are studying in the school currently.
Also Did any one compared this school with Delhi public school, Gachibowli? The fee difference is coming to about 25-30 k between DPS and Sriram school.   What would be the key positive points for Sriram School if one has an option to choose between DPS Gachibowli and Sriram school?



Surabhi08 2018-02-06 23:03:24


My daughter also got selected in Phoenix greens, but i m still dicy between sriram, DPS Gachibowli and PG. Kindly give your valuable reviews. TIA

Nikki8889 2018-02-07 07:15:43


Hi parents I know most of you want your kid to study in international school my personal experience after doing lot of survey on schools and also interaction with parents what I realised was we simply wasteing our money on these schools they dont do there job because as a parent we must take there response in terms of activities and also academic join them in a normal traditional school give them after school activities which will really help kid all my friends kids who are in international schools even I saw them going tution when we are paying so much money what can't kid study everything in school Why they need extra class and physical activity after school save your money for there future for higher studies.

ParthuMom 2018-03-13 19:58:54



Hi Ram,

Now that the academic year is coming to a close, I want to check with you on how was your experience with shriram school for this academic year... any positives to highlight or any negatives you want us to be aware of....

We are expected to pay the first term fee before last week of march, so expecting a quick reply from you in specific or any parents who had their kids in TSUS this year...



rams3435 2018-03-14 15:43:53


@ Parthumom.

For sure the parents in in son's class are happy about the school and none of them really want to change the school. The only thing I felt they can work on is on studies because I certainly felt my son taking light on studies and I also don't see that push from teachers and school. However, Studies was never my concern (my opinion) and the expectation I had from Shriram School (TSUS) is more of behavioral change in my son and more of practical stuff. I would say, TSUS met 100% there as they involve kids big time in activities.

Now my son talks so much on somany things (this change I could see only in last 1 year) that I don't even understand and sometimes I need to Google it. His IQ levels have gone high drastically.


ParthuMom 2018-03-14 17:30:43



Truly appreciate your quick response. and am glad your seeing positive change in your son. :)
I want to validate my decision taking admission here.

I also have similar priorities like you. I am ok if my son is average and shows incremental progress in studies over time but would like him to develop his social behavioral skills. He is undoubtedly a gem but i am concerned about him not being very outspoken (agree that i can't impose that on him) but want to place him in an environment that encourages him to speak his mind.

And one more aspect is the high fee they are charging. Is it worth it?



rams3435 2018-03-14 19:46:46


I know its bit expensive but around this area and with this kind of infrastructure almost everyone is similar. i am referring to schools like Manthan, Phoenix Greens, Rockwell etc. 
By the way, which class your son joining. You may mail me if you need to have a quick conversation. 

del2hyd 2018-03-27 20:17:58


Did anyone enroll their kids in Nursery either last year or this year? If yes, could you share your experience of the academic year.
I'm planning to get my daughter admitted in Nursery this year.

Nivedita123 2018-03-29 16:10:14


I want to enroll my kid to nursery for this session.
now is it possible or not?


1974viks 2018-03-30 11:39:44


I am contemplating the Shriram school. My son would go to class 4th. Can any parents who have put this kids here can please give their Feedback. Is this a cbse school? I am moving from.bangalore to Hyderabad so would really appreciate your feedback. Thank Vik

santoshgautam 2018-04-01 08:15:54


Hi 1974Viks

Yes this is a CBSE school, the curriculum deisgn and over systems management is guided by the The Shri Ram Group who manages the The Shri Ram schools and other educational institutes in Delhi.

Infra structure is great, I have visited multiple schools in Madhapur,Kondapur, Gachibowli, Nallagandla, Tellapur area and almost all schools give you excellent presentations about their curriculum and overall plans but i found only 2 schools where this plans are actually on ground.. Pheonix Greens and Shri Ram Universal. I have seen kids playing and enjoying in Clay room, i have seen kids actually having fun under guidance in Art room, music room etc. 

I chose Shri Ram as the strength is relatively less and management will be more focussing on parents feedback as its a new school as well.

santoshgautam 2018-04-01 08:17:40


Hi Nivedita123,

Nursery should still be possible as classes for Nursery and PP1 are from June 02nd. You can try calling any of their PRO.

SwaraPop 2018-04-08 18:07:02


Sir, would you happen to know if there is Occupational Therapist and Speech therapy in TSUS?
My daughter is 3 and just got diagnosed for SPD (Sensory processing disorder). She needs help in school along with therapist help at a clinic and at home.
I am searching for such a school in Hyderabad that provides OT , not looking for special needs.
Have read great reviews on TSUS and also all your posts, so strongly considering it for my daughter. This is the only question that I couldn't find an answer for in their website so asking you if in case you are aware

SandeepM 2018-04-26 12:08:15


Hi Ram/any parent,

Would like to know other expenses apart from regular fees. How much they charge for book/uniform etc.. and what are the approximate charges for events and field trips organized by the school. It would be helpful for the prospective parents. Thanks in advance..

sandvem2012 2018-08-12 01:06:58


Hi, We are very much impressed the feedback you have given about the sri ram. Universal school. We are searching school for our kid for 1st standard. Your valuable info will guide to get him in good school. My email id is: Sandvem at Would it be suitable for you to please contact me on it. I shall highly appreciate your kind gesture. Thanks in advance. Regards, Sandeep Verma

sandvem2012 2018-08-12 01:10:28


Hi Former Member, We are very much impressed the feedback you have given about the sri ram. Universal school. We are searching school for our kid for 1st standard. Your valuable info will guide to get him in good school. My email id is: Sandvem at Would it be suitable for you to please contact me on it. I shall highly appreciate your kind gesture. Thanks in advance. Regards, Sandeep Verma

souravsain 2018-08-21 14:01:48


s that we are educating girls.Third reason which I found very very silly was if you have opted for transport then we may filter you it was the most silly reason given ever , if you are not ready to provide transport then why is that you mention it as one of the criteria in your form was my question - Have you gone ot other schools too. Most of them have same criteria and way to filter.

SmartDNA 2018-09-06 13:16:04


Considering Shriram for my kid entering 6th grade next year. ANY experience with higher grades. Please share.

SmartDNA 2018-09-06 13:42:20


We will be R2I from US. So inputs around this... if Shriram a CBSE school will suit R2I kids in higher grades, will be very helpful.

puram 2018-09-19 21:16:41


I am looking for an admission into TSUS Nanakramguda, for Grade V. My daughter DOB is May, 2010.
 Are they strict about age criteria? and reviews about the school pls..

Rentoo123 2018-10-12 07:24:28


Any feedback on Shriram school, iam planning to join my daughter in this school in grade 3

Rentoo123 2018-10-12 07:25:29


Is Shriram school having CBSE affiliated

Rentoo123 2018-10-12 07:56:36


@parthumom Any feedback on Shriram universal school

2010A 2018-11-10 08:33:50


@SwaraPop, There is a school in yusufguda named Kshetram school which is run by a Teacher who is well experienced to handle OT, SPD.She trains kids from other schools too.


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