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09nithya 2017-01-11 15:17:44


rams3435 : I am dilemma to take admission or not in shri ram school. Lots of questions in mind. Can I know how different you have found it compared to other schools and how far we can trust as we don't even know who the teachers are going to be.

Your reply would help us a lot as even we are going to many schools and not yet decided.


rams3435 2017-01-11 16:49:46


Hi Nithya,

every school is having a big problem of teachers attrition, especially in international schools. the reason why I picked up Shri Ram is because I am sure they are going to put lots of efforts to make it as one of the best schools like other locations.

2. Its within 2 KMs radius from my home.

3. No matter, what school you pick up - as a parent you need to spend at least 2 hrs with kids for sure.

4. Looking at the situation, this will be become one of the best schools in near future and it will be too difficult to get seats there.

5. I felt everyone in this school are well trained for sure and its funded by GVK.


09nithya 2017-01-11 17:06:56


Thanks a lot for your inputs will revisit the school and interact with members over there.Thanks once again

09nithya 2017-01-11 17:08:14


Did you discuss anything in how many years we can expect school will expand till 10th class


rams3435 2017-01-11 18:10:55


every year one class will be added as 5th class complete their class this year...

 Former member 2017-01-11 19:24:02



>>5. I felt everyone in this school are well trained for sure and its funded by of the promoter Sindura Indukuri is from Indu group . where GVK came into picture .


 Former member 2017-01-13 13:25:27


rams3435 did you confirm your admission in tsus ?

rams3435 2017-01-13 13:38:24


not yet.. My wife is not in city and waiting for her return. mostly next week. 

jbhyd1 2017-01-14 14:03:05


Hello Every one,

I am looking for PP1/2 admission for my son. Currently he is in nursery @ NASR pre-primary Banjara Hills. I don't have any problems with the school as of now; the only problem is NASR has seperate campus for boys and girls. I don't want to send my kid to boys only school. Although this is not a big concern, I was curious to find out the details about the private schools and their teaching methodology in West Hyderabad.

I had visited TSUS on Thursday. I met the admission counselor and planning to meet the principal next week. 

Here is the summary of my visit:

  • Though this is the first year of operation. There is adequate infrastructure for pre-primary sections. 
  • They emphasize on activity/group based learning. The class room size seems decent. 
  • There is one mini auditorium where the child can talk/present on a topic. This improves his communication skills and helps overcome stage fear. There is time allocated for this activity in the school.
  • Other details about the teaching methodology are clearly described in the website. The same things were told to me. I found it repetitive.
  • They are completely banking on "shri" legacy. They have a separate child education/training wing since 2008 and they constantly upgrade their teaching methodology. The teachers also undergo training periodically. 
In summary I felt nothing special about the school. There is good infrastructure and good location to their advantage. They are heavily banking on the "Shri" legacy. Ultimately it boils down to "can they deliver what they promise?". Can they hire good teachers. How much time it takes for them to be fully functional?

According to me school should invest in hiring good teachers. Good teacher takes the school and infrastructure out of equation.

My son likes the teacher at NASR. The class size is <15. I found quality of teachers in NASR to be at par with other school teachers. NASR is a traditional school with no fancy techniques/technology.  They started emphasizing on drawing/arts, music etc., They started activity based learning. NASR emphasizes importance of the parental teaching at home. Every thing cannot be taught in the school. The only problem I see is the school is from 8 AM to 11:15 AM for pre-primary. Just 3 hours!! The fees at NASR is 50K per annum + transport.

I am still wondering if it is worth spending 3 times more money at international schools. Can the international schools deliver their promises? Can we parents spend 1 hour at home everyday and teach the missing parts? 

I also suggest to please visit "The key stone" school which is <500 meters away from TSUS. I had a chance to talk to the director for about 1 hour. They follow Cambridge curriculum. Keystone also has a training institute which provides training to teachers. They give equal importance to teachers and infrastructure. They go one step ahead and follow project based learning.  The fee is almost same as TSUS, but the teaching methodology is at the higher level. The class size is <20. They are slowly building on the infrastructure. I found the school interesting, the only thing holding me back is it is a new school and can they deliver?


 Former member 2017-01-24 12:10:39


rams3435 Did you confirm the admission in TSUS?

rams3435 2017-01-24 13:10:56


I will be taking on 1st Feb for 3rd class since its auspicious day :)

 Former member 2017-01-24 14:39:28



 I have visited school and spoken to counselor and principal  ..i really liked it . I stay in KPHB . only distance is the one worrying me . It will become very good school in the few years . I have one other option which they told me they will let me know feb 15th . if that did not materialize .I will take in TSUS.

May i know where your kid is studying class 2  ?

rams3435 2017-01-24 15:45:57


he is in St Joseph Habsiguda right now... we are shifting to Manikonda.....

one of my friend, who stay in Srinagar Colony for LKG took the admission.


 Former member 2017-02-03 18:03:18


Rams3435 did you take the admission?

prav7401 2017-02-04 19:14:52


I like the detailed feedback on TSUS & Keystone . Keystone project based learning approach is really good & unique . My kid got shortlisted for Nasr- Pre Primary Jubliee hills branch for nursery . Its 12 km from my home madinaguda . I have an issue with transport route its goes 26km route ( 1 hr onward journey & 2 hr return journey) or do carpooling .I am supposed to pay the school fee on monday . Still confused to whether to take admission or not ..Like to know whether its really worth joining my kid in Nasr-Pre Primary inspite of long travel time 

 Former member 2017-02-05 06:49:27


26km is not advisable. Either you need to move close to school or take admission school which is nearer to u .. 

reg keystone vs tsus .. it is all depends all what you want.. keystone is cie based and tsus is cbse based .. I know many who moved from cie schools to cbse due to lack of peer competition and cbse is good of India exams 

Rainbow1 2017-02-05 12:09:00


Hi! Can anyone advise me about Sancta Maria International school....How is It?  

Momdoc123 2017-02-05 12:51:46


did anyone take admission in the Shriram universal school.


Momdoc123 2017-02-05 12:54:26


which school would be better vista Pearson or the Shriram universal school . Please give your inputs regarding both schools.

rams3435 2017-02-05 20:50:23


@ skash1, didn't join my kids there yet.  My budget is going beyond as they are charging 5K for after school. since I am confident that I can get seats there in March as well, looking for alternatives.

I liked Global Edge School in Kompally too... and fee also comparatively better than Shri Ram and Phoneix Greens.


rams3435 2017-02-05 20:51:56


its not kompally, its kokapet :). I also heard that current principal of shriram, often moves schools. While this is not a real concern, one of the factor since its a new school.

 Former member 2017-02-06 07:07:27



>>My budget is going beyond as they are charging 5K for after school.
what is this 5k ?
My kid is global edge school KPHB . it is OK kind of school . I am happy with my kid progress sofar . They are planning to revamp entire curriculum starting from this . kOKAPET campus is big compared to KPHB. 

>> I also heard that current principal of shriram, often moves schools

Most of the principals dont change the schools frequently . But 

how come new schools get principals ?. They get from frequent job hoppers only  :) 


ang25 2017-02-20 10:29:24


I visited The Shriram Universal School recently. I liked what I saw and was quite convinced with the interaction with the Principal and staff there. The 6-acre campus is well laid out and green with lot of outdoor space. The infrastructure looks good and the classrooms are airy and spacious with emphasis on natural light.They have a good class size. I was especially impressed with the curriculum and which I was told is constantly upgraded by their learning and development branch. It is a CBSE school. But, they have a curriculum which is very activity based for younger children. Till the 5th grade they have a combination curriculum of Montessori, Waldorf and CBSE and their workbooks for every subject is exhaustive. It looks creative and interesting for children to work on while helping them get a deep understanding of academic concepts in every subject.


There is emphasis on the whole child with importance being given to art, music and sports. It is a part of the Lady Shriram College and Shriram Group of Schools in Delhi. It was mentioned that it is a collaborative affiliation and not a franchisee. However, the ultimate onus of how this is all held together going forward depends on the principal, educators and management. I was happy with my interaction with the principal. Her profile seems impressive. She comes with a solid academic background and has held various Leadership roles. She has been with the Oakridge Group of Schools for about a decade and was previously with the Delhi School of Excellence as Director of Education. I was wondering on her choice of moving to a new school as principal and she mentioned her personal ideology about education and the whole child is in alignment with the ideology of TSUS and that fuelled her choice to move and set this up as a founding principal in Hyderabad.

It definitely looks like a promising school to consider. The fee seems reasonable too.


18ram 2017-02-20 10:41:41


Fee structure of shri ram school?

Parimal08 2017-02-27 03:45:05


Hello all, 
Thankyou for all the feedback received from you all...Just like you facing the same problem of freezing on the school. 
For CBSE we have thought of TSUS, amazing everything, Decent and transparent fee.. The only drawback is its a new school... but with the Shri legacy I am confident about the turnaround... but we cant guarantee anything now a days :). and also read about the Principal's change in job. What i have additional heard is that she was in Oakridge as Vice Principal (with Oakridge since 10yrs)....Become Principal and moved to another school but as she didnt like the group moved to  TSUS. So technical its a jump. 
Next in line was Gaudium, but there is a mix response from the parents around the net... plus the Building development fees disguised a Membership fees is a let down...
We also have Keystone in the list, its a amazing concept coming to reality.... But the only thing in question the founder company JRC has no prior experience running a school. However the staff is amazing and every person right from the security guard to the Director were friendly and engaging, Plus being CIE the fees will only increase over time and acceptability in Indian scenario is also a open question.. Rest there is nothing that ine can question on the school..
Question to @rams3435: Did you finalise on the school? 


jbhyd 2017-02-27 09:26:37


Hi Parimal,

I think we cannot find all the good things in one school. I feel that even after talking to many schools, choosing a school is like a lottery. Can you please share negatives about the Gaudium school. Thanks


jbhyd 2017-02-27 14:13:33



sorry for the delayed response. NASR school timings are from 8 to 11:30. Journey time = school time. Don't recommended this.

rams3435 2017-02-27 16:14:09


I have not taken a call yet. One more school I am going today to check and then take a call :).

I have made a mistake once and don't want to make it again and hence so much research before I take a call.



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