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kolluru 2016-12-29 19:35:25


  • Which board or syllabus do we follow at open minds school?

The Primary and Middle school curriculum transitions and merges seamlessly with the CBSE/IB/IGCSE boards. Till grade 8, the school offers a unique Birla Curriculum and grade 9 onwards the curriculum is designed keeping in mind the culminating Board examination.

  • What are the timings of the school?

School Timings are from 8.25 am to 3.25 pm.

  • What is the teacher â€"student ratio?

For Primary School -- Grade 1-4 -- 1:12

For Middle & High school -- Grade 5-10 -- 1:27

  • What is the frequency of parent and teachers meeting?

The parents meet the teachers atleast twice in each term. Apart form the regular PTMs, there are different academic events that the parents meet the teachers in.

  • What arrangement does open minds has for transport? Do we have a door pick up facility for the children?

The bus facility is provided to the nearest point. Unless the point is in interior lanes, it is usually closer to home.

  • Does open minds have a canteen facility?

At Open Minds School, we provide nutritious & delicious breakfast & lunch to children & staff.

  • Does open minds provide any scholarships for meritorious students?

Yes, we do provide scholarships for meritorious students.

  • What kind of extracurricular activities does open minds encourage among the children? What kind of sports does open minds encourage at school?

Open Minds School curriculum provides outdoor & indoor Sports facilities along with Music, dance & theatre.

  • What special provisions, if any, does open minds have for weak children/slow learners?

For weak children/slow children, one to one help is given by Resource teachers.

  • What kind of emergency medical facilities does open minds have on campus?

Open Minds School has trained in-house Nurse & tie up with nearby Hospital for any medical emergency.

  • What kind of arrangements does open minds have for purchasing books and uniforms?

Text Books, Birla Course Books, Note Books are provided from the Schools. For Uniforms, 3rd party tie up is there.

  • Does open minds follow any specific philosophy different from other regular schools?

We follow a complete child centric approach. Learning happens all around the open campus that we have. There is a seamless integration of scholastics and co-scholastics. Each subject is celebrated in the culmination activities. One-one approach towards each child is our USP.

  • What are the teaching methodologies adopted at open minds?

The students are taught by navigating them from known to unknown concepts. Each child gets a complete hands-on understanding of the learning. Either the students are taken to the real time environment where they can understand the practical application of their learning or the experts from the field are brought in to interact with the students.

  • What’s the profile of the teaching staff at open minds?

All our teachers are conceptually strong and well experienced. We believe in a mentoring approach where our teachers are facilitators. They are trained in handling the students to steer them towards analyzing and reasoning fulfilling their inquisitive minds.

  • When does your academic year begin and end? Do you have any mid-year admissions?

Our academic session for Middle and Secondary Years begins in the month of April with a break in May for Summer. The Primary years session begins in the month of June

arunag26 2017-01-03 13:04:24


Dear Sir,
Can you please let me know, if the school is CBSE affiliated, and through which board the child give exams for 10th or 12th? 


rams3435 2017-01-04 17:18:05


what is FEE for class LKG and 3rd

singhvivek1973 2017-01-05 01:20:46


It's a CBSE affiliated  school and about fees I am not sure about LKG but it is about Rs 200,000/- for 3rd grade including food and transport 

18ram 2017-02-20 10:36:05


I visited the school on 11.Feb for my daughter admission, love to stay for time at the school, from security to Admin, Class and in all places staff are very responsible. coming to fee for class 4th 84,000 for tuition fee, Transport 39,000, Food 30,000, onetime admin 5500 (refund), around 46,000 for books for 2 terms. trem 1 is in April and term 2 is in Oct.

Nikki8889 2017-11-08 11:38:07


Plz suggest how is there teaching on higher grades my son will go 6th grade next academic 2018-2019 urgent Plz

1974viks 2018-03-30 11:44:56


Dear parents, Can you please give your feedback about Open minds. My kids are in 4th and 7th and I am looking at this school. Thanks a lot Vik

singhvivek1973 2018-04-08 20:16:57


It's a good school, I suggest you visit the school and make up your mind.

18ram 2018-04-09 11:08:18


Hi 1974viks, my daughter finished her IV from Open Minds, it was a friendly environment school, kids will learn and enjoy. food was excellent, teachers are very helpful. one word is you can join in the school.

UjwalDarsheel 2018-05-08 12:03:52


Hi singhvivek, how the transition for kids who are coming from abroad. My kids will be in 2nd and 1st grade. Thanks, Radhika

DSS2308 2018-12-03 14:42:31


Hi, i have visited the school. Infrastructure wise the school was excellent. But need feedback about the profiles of teaching staff. They are the main block for any school. My son god admission for K2.

In confusion to go for it or not as i do not get any information about the teaching staff. I am looking for long term perspective, if the teachers are not well qualified and trained we will be in soup in later stages and end up paying high fees for the thing not worthy . Any valuable feedback is appreciated.

I need to decide ASAP. Can someone give the feedback??

Bhanuwini 2018-12-06 12:02:42


Hi, I'm looking for a Grade-I admission for my son birla open mind school, can anyone please post your experience with this school academics, staff, curriculum, fee, infrastructure, values etc.,

deepakgudla 2018-12-12 10:24:45


Bhanuwinieven i am looking for Grade 1 admission for my son for 2019-20 academic year. Have you got any info regarding Open Minds? Have you visited any other school near by? I will be shifting to Hyderabad from Bangalore. Looking for more information regarding the schools in Gachibowli, Kokapet and Manikonda. 

Please suggest if you know any information. Thank you.

18ram 2018-12-12 12:33:10


Hi Deepak, my daughter is in class 5, it is excellent school with a nice teaching staff, good school ground and a home environment cafeteria for kids can take breakfast and lunch, and finally it was in a nice environment - away from the pollution. 

deepakgudla 2018-12-12 13:26:25


Hello Ram, 

Thanks for the response. Hope your daughter is doing great in the school. Sorry to bother you with some more questions.
1. How many students per section/class?
2. What is the total fees for first year and then second year onwards?
3. what is the quantum of homework?  
4. What about sports and arts? Do they train kids in a specific sport/art?
5. How about security in the school?

Thank you in advance. 

deepakgudla 2018-12-12 14:06:31


Hello 18ram,

I spoke with school today and the fees is almost 2.3 lac (1.65 tuition fees), excl bus and food. One of your message says tuition fees is around 84K, it is almost 100% increase. I am confused, is that so much increase in fees? 

18ram 2018-12-12 14:46:54


first thing is security - i am very happy about security (GPS enable school bus), total school is under CC Cameras, a coordinator will see all the times.
per section 22 to 24 kids - with 1 aaya and other teachers.
they said 10% hike of fee.
Kids are very happy about their homework - so you can imagine.
open choice of sports and arts - i can say i am extremely happy with sports and arts - also every month there will be a activities like math, science, sports and language programs.
* i never said about 84,000 fee. i feel fee is not my main criteria because the school is open for kids mindset.
for class 5 i am paying 2.37 lakh - which include tuition fee, books, bus, food.

deepakgudla 2018-12-12 14:55:33


Hello Ram,

Thank you for your response. Your review matters a lot. I will be visiting Hyderabad on 21st and 22nd for school visits. Added this school also in the list of schools to visit.

By the way, got the call from school and they corrected the fees details. Below is the breakup.

Application fees: 1000
Caution deposit: 5000
Bus (0-12 KM): 36,000
All other fees incl books, food (mandatory): 1,85,000

total 2.27Lacs. 

thank you. 

18ram 2018-12-12 16:41:56


Good possible you can visit school on 14th of this month, on that day kids sports day is there, if not you can come on 15th of this month on that my daughter's sports day with culture day activities are... 

deepakgudla 2018-12-13 08:12:27


Not possible for 14th. Here, my son school annual day is on 15th. So I planned to visit on 21st and 22nd.
Addition to Open Minds school, below are the other schools i shortlisted to visit.
1. Kondapur area:
  • World One School
  • Arbor International schoo
  • Sanskriti school
2. Kukatpally/Miyapur area:
  • Vignan BO Tree school
  • Vikas Concept school
3. Manikonda/Khajuguda:
  • Kairos Global School
  • The Shri Ram Universal School
  • Scholars International school

I am looking for schools at a radius of 10-15KM from Nanakramguda (My office). Let me know if you have any feedback on the above schools. Thank you.

18ram 2018-12-17 08:48:42


World One and Vignan Bo Tree (Nizampet) is owned by Vignan group - Very Bad (Bo Tree)
Shri Ram Universal is owned by Indu Projects - Ok, but they are just 2 years old.
Vikas Concept (Miyapur) - ok - but poor communication from teachers.
Arbor - i am not sure.
Scholars - I am not sure
Sanskriti - OK

try to get in Feature Kids / Sloka. or if in Miyapur Feature Kids management is running ATRI public school - that is also Ok.
first of all try for better play and concept oriented schools, not the study oriented schools.

Sruthipalli 2020-01-21 09:56:26



Hi Ram,

Looking to join my kid (6th grade)  in Birla open minds ,Kollur. Are your kids still in same school ? need to know about academics and extra curcicular activities. 

18ram 2020-01-21 11:46:12


Hi Sruthi - yes still my daughter is in OM - she was well in all. coming to academics this year every school in Telangana is facing issue with Govt. decisions - but the school is doing the best. and extra activities we are happy with those.
every parent has their own expectations - so better visit school and have a look

brightkids 2020-04-17 01:30:29


Hello, We will be moving to Hyderabad from US very soon once this COVID situation gets better. My kids will be joining in 5th and UKG. My son studied till 2nd grade in Hyderabad itself. @18ram..I highly appreciate if we you can let us know the Birla Open Minds school is. In terms of academics, communication skills, overall development. I know it's late to decide on schools for this academic year but I will be very thankful if any of you can give me good insights about good schools in Hyderabad west. Especially for my son, our aim is very good academics with overall development. Thank you


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