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Ravi13 2016-12-16 09:14:30


Hello, Can someone please help me by providing your valuable inputs on Jain Heritage Kondapur Branch. It would also help if you have any suggestions for good schools in and around Chandanagar. Thanks, Ravi

Linga2kin 2017-02-02 08:59:52


please see thee post pertaining to Jain heritage - a cambridge school (thats the kondapur one)

vivek935357 2017-02-03 11:03:47


Hi Linga2kin;

I am planning to get admit my children in Jain heritage school and shall need some more information for this school. I agree with your concern but we have to think what all options are available for us. I am new for Hyderabad but how many schools we have inside the city ,which having till 12th standard ,I guess very few . We can say almost 80% schools is running the classes till 10th standard and out of them 80% school would be in outer or around 10-12 km apart from established residential area like kondapur/Madhapur/Gachibowli/Hitech city.
     Again it depends upon what is our individual priority .If we talk my individual thinking ,I wish to stay with in 5-6 km from my workspace and same I wish for my children ,to not travel more than 5-6 k.m. In this situation ,i may have very very limited options and the option which I have within the city and complete 12th school either they are toooo much expensive or very substandard but having handsome fees structure.
    I shall need some more about jain heritage school and their building .
    Please reply me on vivek.agarwal@gmail.com ,specially those parents whose child studying or studied there.
Looking for your kind and quick response.
With Regards





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