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Praveen37 2016-12-13 10:54:23


We are looking for admission into class 1 for my daughter near kompally area. I have visited Sunflower vedic school. Campus and infrastructure seems to be good but not sure about the overall quality of education and teachers experience. Can anybody provide the feedback please? That will help me to take the decision. Thanks in advance

Kids2016 2016-12-13 16:14:24


Hi Praveen, Even I am looking for the feedback of sunflower vedic school. I visited the school on Saturday, found the infrastructure good. I asked them to mail me the fee structure, they were unwilling to do that. I called them up on Monday and asked about that, they said they would text me soon. I also asked them I my kids could spend a few classes as demo at the the school. They were sceptical about it and finally said no. I did not like the attitude of the school. Request other parents who have kids in this school to share their feedback. Thanks Priya.

Praveen37 2016-12-18 00:12:40


I visited the school. My experience is completely different. I met Usha and she explained everything in detail and showed us entire acadamic block room by room. Fee structure is also given. 78K (tution fee) + 6K (books and uniforms) + 25K (transport) + 10K (admission fee) + 2K (caution deposit and registration fee). Lunch is complementary. Uniforms are provided (2 regular + 1 or 2 sports).  Overall impression is good. I am thinking extra curricular and co curricalar activities will be fine but not sure about core curriculam i.e acadamics. Hoping to see some feedback on acadamics from existing parents.

HarishKumar 2017-03-12 14:19:05


I visited the school.
I found the campus and the infrastructure very impressive. Support staff is very friendly.
They have all good facilities in class rooms and sports facilities like basket ball, foot ball, tennis beach volley ball etc. They believe more in vedics, philanthropy and NGO activities. Its is a six days school with no studies on saturday but extra curriuclar activities like NGO activities.
In overall, i feel the school has good future if they are focused in academics.
I am also not so sure about the curricular activities as of now. I am still thinking about the school. I am interested in talking to parents from this school to know more about academics.
Please share information, as possible.
Thanks in anticipation.


Ravinderreddy 2017-11-04 19:09:09


Hello, has anyone joined their kids into the school yet?

if yes, can you please let me know the feedback.. I have 3year old daughter looking for a school which is good at vedic and Academy culture.

Thank you

jaysa 2018-01-18 20:54:42


Hi Friends,
We are planning for Sunflower vedic school for our kids into 5th and 3rd standards.
Could you please give any feedback about this school.

Thanks in advance,

SVIGNAN 2018-10-01 16:07:16


@Jaysa: Did you admit your children in Sunflower Vedic schools? I am planning on admitting my daughter in PP1. I know that infrastructure is good but I don't know about the academics. Your feedback on the school's academics, working style and attitude would be of great help.


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