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bhargavi 2010-08-11 13:48:46


 Hi Mickey

I understand that you have a good information about schools and their standards.  Can you pls , find out the Total Fees in DPS Nacharam  and also the standards of the school. 


Awaiting your Reply.


mickey 2010-08-11 17:08:29


Hi Bhargavi,

In which class are u looking for ? DPS no doubt is a very good school with equal emphasis on academics and extra-curricular activities . It has good infrastructure and   amenities. The fees will be around 1 lakh. You can also have a look at the detailed fee structure in the below link. This year's DPS Nacharam's  X results were also very good.
I happened to see it in DC.



bhargavi 2010-08-11 22:22:54


 Hi Mickey

Thank you very much for your quick response, as expected.  But when you say DPS nacharam, it has own website on which they didn't mention about their fee structure.  The link which have sent, Is must be Dps Gachibowli and sec'bad branch. Iam actually relocating form U K to hyderabad in the first week sept.  Do i stand any chance for my kids admissions in the midterm.  By the way, my girls are 9 and 6yrs old.



mickey 2010-08-12 18:38:14


Hi Bhargavi,

I can see in the website of DPS Sec'bad Mahendrahills , Nacharam that new admissions are in progress. There will be very slight variation of fees between all the branches.

I will call up tomorrow in the working hours and let u know the current status. I think you can block your seat too. Let me find out. Some schools do have this option. If I go by the age, I think your elder daughter should be in class 3 or 4 and the younger one should in PP2 or class 1.

Currenty they are in which grades ?  Have they been studying in UK right from Kindergarten ? They will have to appear for an entrance test in DPS. You can see the syllabus too in

If you are seeking admission in class 3, then your elder daughter has to prepare for class 2 syllabus. As she will not know 2nd language (telugu or hindi), u can request the Principal not to give that paper.
I have heard DPS charges a lot from NRIs if they give admission in management quota.

Anyway, i will find out and let u know. But before that, pl let me know in which classes/grades you are looking for ?





bhargavi 2010-08-13 14:37:16


Hi Mickey

Thank you very much for the detailed info.  So, kind of you as have taken pains to find out for me.  By the way, my children have been studying here in UK since their pre-school.  Currently , they are in yr4 and yr1.  But according to Indian schooling they should be going to class 4 and class 1.  Iam preparing the elder one for the written test and also working with hindi as she knows only varnamala.  The younger knows nothing in hindi.  So, when you said they r taking admissions, is it for next year??????????   Do i stand any chance now, as you said, if they have to offer me seats, how much you think they price us?? i s it going to be normal as per their fees structure or anything extra. For some months, Iam g oing  to live in Nagole, so do you have any info about any other good cbse schools could offer us two places at this juncture.  Could you also let me know the NRI fees in DPS.

Sorry, to bother you with soo much, but i have no option. 




mickey 2010-08-13 16:03:39


Hello Bhargavi,

There is no chance for the younger one in DPS, Nacharam. I spoke to the admin incharge. She said, if interested she would get back to me after consulting the Principal for  class 4. No vacancies for class 1. But she said, that in DPS, Mahendra Hills, admissions are going on. When I called up this branch, the admin incharge had left for the day. I will contact her tomorrow  at 10 am and let u know. The Mahendra hills branch is till Class 4. After 4th they are shifted to DPS Nacharam.

You can also look at Ramadevi Public School (ICSE)  near Ramoji Film city. One of the PT members has admitted his daughter here . He too has come from abroad.  He is staying near HayatNagar.

If you are staying in Nagole, you can also try in  GIIS (Global Indian International School) which is near Uppal.   Your daughters can get admission easily with special orientation classes for second language  which is difficult to get in DPS.

You can also call DPS Mahendra hills tomorrow if it is feasible for you.
+91 40 27737295/ 27737296. You can speak to admin incharge Ms. Harita between 9am to 12 noon IST.

You may also speak to DPS ,Nacharam Principal personally and find out. She may consider your request. Give it a try.
+91 40 27156282 / 40 65999052







bhargavi 2010-08-13 19:02:09


 Hi Mickey

Infact your info is so great!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks for the efforts you have put in, by calling yourself.  That's highly appreciative.  Now i'have got a clear picture about the school.  I have also gone through the Global Intl school in Uppal, which actually is nearer to my palce where i live.  I think it's a new school.  Never heard of it.  Anyway, i will phone myself and find out if they could offer me a place in the school.

Thanks once again for your valuable time.

I had a good time writing to you.

Take care

Keep in touch



mickey 2010-08-17 11:26:03


Hello Bhargavi,

You are welcome. You really don't need to thank me.  I would be glad, if i could help you out in finding an appropriate school for your daughters. I spoke to DPS, Mahendra Hills. Though they are winding up the admissions, they said they would consider, if you can arrange somebody to collect the application forms from the school. Children can write the entrance after they come here in Sept. There will no special fee for you.

Chances seem to be bright.  There are a few NRI students  who are given remedial classes to cope up with second language.  There is no facility of blocking a seat. You need to take the application forms now. The fee wasn't disclosed on phone.
I am told that the fee is less than DPS, Hyderabad. You can refer to the fee structure of DPS,Sec'bad displayed in the website of DPS, Hyd . You can also  talk to Ms. Harita on the above given numbers.



Swethani 2012-09-07 16:03:18


 Hi mickey I was searching for Dps nacharam, I found this in one website

Actually I am decidingschool for my 3 yrs daughter this year  I am really very confuse plz help Me 

Name: Rajesh Rao
Date: 2011-07-04
DPS- Nacharam: Please be away from this school. I have been attracted to this school because of 
the brand name but i realized that this franchisee don't know how to run the business at the first place. Dr(Mrs.).Sudha the principal is a confused lot and don't know to take firm 
decisions. She is very indecisive and drags lot of things to ambiguity. The teachers are very 
casual in their attitude and don't care about what happens with the kids on a daily basis. 

Activities are not monitored, the way school uniforms, books are disbursed. Inspite of several 
suggestions, they don't change the way the function. They focus more on the additional revenue like health drinks, mess, canteen, additional payable activities like horse riding, archery etc., 

Its really not worth the money. Vis-a-vis my daughter goes to a traditional missionary school 
called St.Joseph's which function so meticulously and every small activity is planed properly. 
No heart feelings DPS-Nacharam!!!!



0002 2013-02-28 21:02:05


 Hi Mickey,

I would like to ask you some questions

Im presently doing my 10 from an ICSE school i wanna take up bipc after 10 as this year entrance exam n everything has changed i would like to go for a cbse school . Can u please suggest me on it.


mickey 2013-02-28 21:19:57


 Hi 0002, pl check out Meridian and P ObulReddy at Banjara Hills, Chinmaya and Begumpet and KV Picket.



0002 2013-03-01 14:36:26


 How is francis ?


0002 2013-03-01 18:36:54


Is icse or cbse good for taking up science ?




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