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radhe 2010-08-10 15:02:54


 hai mickey

                         this is radhika and last month i have asked u abt playschools in around srinagar colony.my daughter will b 2.5  by oct 14.she is born on apr 14 ,2008.can u tell me how to plan for her school ,i stay in srinagar colony and i want to join her in good school where all activities r available .tell me some of the best schools and how abt  the fees in oakridge and is it worth ?want to know one more thing -is it better to join her in play school till ukg and then shift to some good school or join her in best school from nursery.i am really in adilemma.is it difficult to get admissions in 1st standard in good schools if she studies LKG AND UKG in another school.plzzzzzzzzzz need ur suggestion .waiting for ur reply.may b next month i will go and check the schools which i can shortlist ,so i need ur help to suggest best schools and feeis not a problem if it is worth.according to u ,which is the best month for a child to be born,so that  they wont waste their  time by studying the same class again .may b the question is very silly right .,just want to know dont mind.                                                                                                              bye radhi

mickey 2010-08-11 12:43:01


Hi Radhi,

I will reply by tomorrow afternoon/evening.
Need to consult my friends too for ur query



mickey 2010-08-13 14:21:17


Hi Radhe,

I am quite perplexed with the question about a child's DOB .....  Spoke to many of my friends and analyzed with the kids' DOBS. Though nothing is in our hands, but there is no harm in planning as such  which I understand from your query.

I think, we need to first think whether we want to go for CBSE or ICSE.
CBSE schools take children into LKG/PP1 at 3.3 or 3.5.  The kids who are born in Sept/Oct/Nov will be at an added advantage because by 1st June they would have completed 3.6,3.7 or 3.8 which is good enough for them to join LKG.

For ICSE schools, kids who are born in  Feb, March,April  are at an advantage as ICSE schools prefer 3 yr old kids by  June in Nursery  and  4 + in PP1/LKG. So these kids will be 3.1,3.2, 3.3 for Nursery and 4.1,4.2 or 4.3 for PP1.  So there will be minimum time loss. However, all said and done, i feel you should not  worry on these aspects and mathematics.

Even if CBSE schools are taking kids at 3.3 or 3.5 , i still prefer that kids should be 4+ to join LKG to be stress free in the long run. So don't worry about these months.

Lemme tell  you something. My younger daughter too is Apr 2007 born. She was short of 15 days for CBSE school to turn 3.3 . I didn't join her in LKG and instead joined her in Nursery this year in Nasr -pre primary. So when she is 4.1 next year, she will be in PP1. Thats ideal for ICSE and she is at an advantage. So it is the same case with your daughter too as she is april born.

If you are staying at Srinagar colony, you can try in Kidzee at rd no 10 , Banjara Hills near Evlas. I have heard very good reviews in this forum.

You can also put her now in Nasr-playgroup at Somajiguda so that preference will be given to your daughter next year for admission to Nursery. Most of the kids have got in Nursery this year who were in playgroup. This year's playgroup's fee has increased. I had joined my daughter here last year. It was 17K(5K admission fees + 4K*3 (terms)). This year it is (5K admission fees + 8K*3) i.e 27K

Nasr is an ICSE school . The main school is in Khairtabad which is purely a Girls School. Even though , its a girl's school, it is much in demand bcoz of its smart ,confident and all around girls . I have written in detail about  nasr in one of the threads. U can check out using the search engine of parentree. I have paid 54K+12K(transport) for Nasr-nursery this year.

In some schools, its difficult to get admissions in class 1 but not in Oakridge. It is no doubt a very good school if you can afford. You can opt for the CBSE curriculum in Oakridge.

You can also try in BVB, JHPS ,KALPA(ICSE), Obul Reddy Public school. Oakridge ofcourse will be a better choice if you can afford followed by BVB and JHPS . But I feel Oakridge would be very far for your little one. I don't thik, you should strain her so much at this  tender age. You have got to be careful and keep a tab on ur child too in higher classes bcoz of the hi-fi crowd .

In Nasr too, it is difficult to get admission in class 1 hence I tried for my daughter in Nursery. I  joined her in Nasr -playschool last year.

You can also check out Future Kids pre-primary at Jubile Hills. From Class 1 kids have to go to Puppalguda. Its a bit far. It is an ICSE school.

So first decide whether to go for ICSE or CBSE and select the schools accordingly.

Nasr, kalpa  and Futurekids are ICSE. HPS  and Gitanjali are also good ICSE schools but they are in Begumpet.

If you need any further info, pl let me know.











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