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agac 2010-08-09 14:23:34


Hi All,

My son is studying in 3rd in Sister Nivedita School, Ameerpet.(CBSE). Since my ofice is getting relocated to shadnagar and my wife is employed in Gachibowli , can any body suggest a suitable place for settlement. Also pls suggest some good CBSE schools with reasonable fees and good coaching (good academic results, any way) in that area.

Thanx in advance,

mickey 2010-08-09 16:39:15


Hi Agac,

I think you can either opt to stay at Shamshabad or Mehdipatnam. If it is Mehdipatnam, it will be near for your wife but far for you. I think Shamshabad would be fine. It is developing at a very fast pace because of its vicinity to new International Airport.

You will  find Chinmaya Vidyalaya in Shamshabad. Though it is new, I heard it is very good. My daughter studies in Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Begumpet. You can have a look at this school in Shamshabad. Chinmaya Vidyalaya at Begumpet is a leading CBSE school. The ex-Vice Principal from this school is now the Principal of Shamshabad school.




agac 2010-08-09 16:51:27


Hi Mickey,

Thanx 4 ur reply. Is there any option near Gachibowli and how abt the schools there?

Could any one pls help?


mickey 2010-08-09 18:41:07


Hi Agac,

I have replied recently to Aami on 6th Aug regarding schools around Gachibowli. You can go through this link. You can also know from other parents regarding mid term admissions in the links mentioned  below for schools around Gachibowli . Just check out the links.

In case u need more info, pl let me know.



agac 2010-08-10 09:21:06


Hi Mickey,

Thank u very much for the info.Needed some more clarification, if u don't mind. cud u pls compare vikas and chaitanya techno school reg their academic level and extra curricular focus.does chaitanya load much and how will be telugu load in higher classes, since we are non-Andhrites.Is it advisable to move to ssc for non-locals?

Thanx in advance.



mickey 2010-08-10 10:01:28


Hello Ajay,

Vikas is a CBSE school wheras Sri Chaitanya Techno school has an integrated curriculum of SSC , CBSE and ICSE. However SSC certificate is issued in Class X.

Sri Chaitanya lays a strong foundation in Maths and Science. It emphasizes more on academics than extra-curricular activities. Telugu load will be definitely higher in SSC.

Telugu is compulsory in SSC. If second language is Hindi, then third language has to be telugu and vice-versa.

As you are non-Andhrite, its better you join ur child in a CBSE school. Third language starts from class 5 in cbse. It will be either sanskrit/ french/telugu.

On the other hand if we see, as ur kid is in class 3, he can still cope up with Telugu. Kids learn very fast.  So you can go for SSC too if you are planning to stay in AP for another 7 years i.e till he  completes  his X

The school might also provide some orientation classes for such students who are not aware of telugu at all. You need to check out with the management/Principal.

As your son is already in a CBSE school, i feel it is better to continue with CBSE in Vikas.  You can approach Vikas even now. They will conduct an entrance test for your son before admitting him. I had called  up recently to enquire regarding a new admission.





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