Any budgeted school available in Hyderabad

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ajayps 2016-12-08 19:40:03


i m noticing in hyderabad, fee is too much high in cbse schools. Now a days it becomes business. Anyways, can anyone suggest good cbse school with less fee, not to be exceeded 50k to 60k in a year.

r143 2016-12-08 19:54:05


Hi away Well, today I have been to 2 schools for my dons adminsn for UKG. However both schools are exceeding fee more than 50k per annum. Best schools as if now are ST Andrews marredpally and johnson grammar school for Cbse.

 Former member 2016-12-08 21:06:37


Hello all It is impossible to get a school within 50-60k per year. Only admission fees is around 47000-50000 in my area. Per year they are increasing 15-20% hike.

 Former member 2016-12-08 21:49:34


However u can check st Andrews schools. Their fees is much less compared to other HiFi schools. Academically good n sports activity is also good.

shuvjit 2016-12-09 10:40:38


@ajayps: You can try in BVB Jubilee Hills, Atmakuri Raman BVB , P Obul Reddy and Jubilee Hills Public School. They might fit your budget. 

Getting some information from another thread. 
1. Bhavans Jubilee Hills Filmnagar 20th Dec 2016 - 24th Dec 2016
2. Bhavans Atmakuri Ramarao School26th Dec - Jan 2 2017
3. Obulreddy 11-Dec 2016 - 16th Dec 2016
4. DAV Public School Miyapur16th Dec - 17th Dec
5. DAV Kukatpally
6. Jubilee Hills Public School5th Dec - 10th Dec
7. MVMAdmission Forms available online 
8. Silver Oaks12th Dec - 11.30AM..(Have to register online for school tour) 
please visit respective websites for more information
Hope this info is useful for you. All the best !!


ChandanaBattula 2016-12-09 10:52:23


Can Anyone please let us know about Obul Reddy School, interested in details like 1. Curriculum, 2. Teaching methodology, 3. Extra Curricular activities- Sports and Arts classes  4. Infrastructure and lastly 5. the kind of approach the teachers adopt to treat the kids. Is it a strict School? Please help.


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