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yg 2010-08-06 00:11:24



How is Vikas the Concept School in Miyapur Area of Hyderabad for CBSE board?

when will admissions for the next academic session begin for the 4th class ?

What third language options apart from English and Hindi are available in this school ?




mickey 2010-08-06 13:16:33


Hello Yg,

Vikas is good. The admissions for next year will start in month of Nov/Dec 2010.

I called up the school just now . They are giving the forms in the month of December.

Your child will have to write an entrance test. It will be based on class 3 syllabus (Eng, maths and science). You can ask the details again when u take the admission form.

Third language starts in class 5. You child can opt for Sanskrit, French ,Telugu or Hindi in CBSE board.




yg 2010-08-06 23:58:37


Thanks Mickey for providing me with valuable information.



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