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pinesh 2016-12-07 13:33:52


Hi Parents,

Request you to provide your feedback on Silver Oaks School located in Bachupally/Miyapur.

MKRAO 2016-12-12 15:58:43


Hello All,

I am also trying for this school..Heard some Good Reviews about it.

Still would love to hear the latest experiences about the school from parents. I am trying the admissions for my daughter for Grade-I.



pinesh 2016-12-12 17:21:15


Hi Maya,

Did you register for the school tour today? 

I got feedback from 1 of my friend whose daughter is studying in this school.  This is one of best school which concentrates more on overall development of child and not just academics.  Actually this is what I am looking for in school.  As per him, Silver Oaks and Kennedy are very good schools for Miyapur, Bachupally area.  He got his daughter transferred from another school to Silver Oaks.

I came to know that Silver Oaks charges donation also for new or first time admissions.  Do you have any idea about it?

I am looking for reviews from parents in this forum whose kids are studying in this school.

What view you have on this ?




MKRAO 2016-12-14 16:29:30


I did register for the school tour but i am awaiting the response.

Yes,you heard it correct ,this is one of the good schools..I had the similar good reviews from few of the parents.However fee structure from past couple of years has changed,they have raised it drastically.
I am not very sure about Kennedy.

I dont think they are charging any donation in silver oaks this year. Please check the fee structure on the site.

Dear Parents,
Please share you reviews about Kennedy Global,that would really help.


pinesh 2016-12-14 19:04:03


Hi Maya,

The school will not mention donation amount on website.

But I have come to know from my friend, other parents and feedback given on this forum by some parents that Silver Oaks charges donation or 40-60k in previous years.  We can get confirmation on this if someone has gone through the admission process in Nov '16 for 2017-18.  School might have updated them to pay donation, if applicable this year.

Regarding Kennedy also I have heard most of +ve feedback on academics, but -ve on parents-school association.  They treat parents like money-minting machine and don't support parents in most of their decisions. Kennedy charges 1.9-2.0 lpa.  I heard that they don't allow parents to see their premise or classrooms, etc.  I visited the school in-person for discussion, but they don't attend any query and asked to check their website and come in Jan 2017 for admissions.  Kennedy will start admissions from 11-Jan-17 to 14-Jan-17, as given on their website.

Parallely, both are good schools to be selected.  What's your choice to admit your daughter?




Chandrak 2016-12-15 12:22:53


Hi All,

 Silver Oaks is a good school and they stared admissions for 2017-18 for PP1(LKG) and Grade 1 from November month onwards.In Grade 1 there are 9 sections with 25 seats per each section.

For Admissions in to the school first we have to register in school tour, after that school will inform the date when parents have to meet the counselor.On that day you can visit the school, student ambassador will show the entire school and there will be a session for parents and small exam for kids. If you are interested you have to pay  1000 rs for application.

There is no donation but every year we have to pay Rs. 12400 along with tuition fee. There will be 10% hike every year.
For Grade 1 Refundable 1000+ Annual Fee 12400+ Tuition fee (28000*3 terms) 84000 + Transport slabs(6200/8300/8900)*3 terms.

I'm not sure about Kennedy heard that they are also charging same fee.



pinesh 2016-12-15 12:38:34


Hi Chandra,

Thanks for your information.

Did you went through the Nov '16 admission cycle ?  Did the school asked for Donation?

Yes I know that they charge admission fees of Rs. 12,400 every year (which is equal to long term donation, even more than that).  But my friend updated that he had to pay donation to school for admission for his daughter.

The refundable amount you mentioned is 1000 or 10000?

Can you suggest which 1 is better in all 3 of these schools, Silver Oaks, DAV Miyapur or Kennedy, in terms of overall education and extra activities and overall development of child, not only academics.




Chandrak 2016-12-15 12:53:12


Hi Pinesh,

The refundable amount is 10000/- .I went through the Nov admission cycle and got seat in Grade1. There is no donation from this year I'm not sure about last year but every year we have to pay Annual fee. this year it is 12400/-.

DAV Miyapur is also a good school with economical fee but they will take the admission for LKG only, for rest of the classes only in March/April that too any vacant seats.



pinesh 2016-12-15 13:04:14


Thanks for your info Chandra.

How many days does Silver Oaks Admission team gives to pay fees and confirm admission?

Any idea about no. of seats available for PP-2 / UKG, if you got chance to discuss with school or other parents or anytime school conveyed you about their availability of seat?

Do they give separate receipts of all fees?


MKRAO 2016-12-15 14:08:33


I had registered for the school tour on 12-Dec and got the reply after submitting the registration  but they say the registration has not reached them..not sure if they are saying so because already all their expected number of registrations are full .

So would there be one more admission cycle for 2017-18..Any idea?


pinesh 2016-12-15 14:17:04


Hi Maya,

When I filled the online form, immediately they send auto-acknowledgement from their ERP system saying Thank You for registering and Admissions manager will contact you shortly.

After 2 days I received email from admissions team with tour date details on registration.

I suggest you to call up the school and check if your admission inquiry form has been accepted or not, and when will you receive the tour details email.




MKRAO 2016-12-15 15:28:23


I too got an auto-acknowledgement message but their was no email post that,confirming the tour date.
I did called up the school today morning .They took the details but said they didnt receive the registration..
Unfortunatly,i  didnt take the screenshot as well. Not very sure.. what might have gone wrong between registration submission n acknowledgement email .


pinesh 2016-12-15 15:58:26


Did you fill all the fields in that form?

Could be possible that registration wasn't successful due to incomplete form.

If your registration was successful then your confirmation page would have shown parents name and mobile no. and student's details on confirmation page, was this displayed to you?


pinesh 2016-12-15 22:11:47


Hi Chandra,

How many days does Silver Oaks Admission team gives to pay fees and confirm admission?

Any idea about no. of seats available for PP-2 / UKG, if you got chance to discuss with school or other parents or anytime school conveyed you about their availability of seat?

Do they give separate receipts of all fees?

Can you please provide some info on this.


rajshreem 2016-12-16 18:20:57


Today, i called them. They told that the admission process for Class 1 is over.
Any parents trying for Class 1?
I tried registering for the tour. Everytime I try, its says that the dates are booked.
Please help


pinesh 2016-12-16 19:01:29


Hi rajshreem / All,

Silver Oaks school initiates admission inquiry process via online form only and no other mode of inquiry.

Later they invite those registered parents only for school tour and provide application form, if interested.

In that process if the school doesn't get required parents to fill-up vacant seats then they initiate next round or online inquiry form.

Earlier they started in Nov '16 for PP-I and Class-1 only.  Now they started it for all classes on 12-Dec-16.  They book only 25 students per date, so total they allotted 50 students for inquiry for PP-II and 75 students for Grade-1.  The online inquiry form got closed within 1 hour for PP and Grade-1, which is always in more demand from parents.

Now if they aren't able to fill the vacant seats then why may initiate another round.

Keep noticing their website on this, or I may post if I get some information on this.

Does anyone know - How many days does Silver Oaks Admission team gives to pay fees and confirm admission?

Any idea about no. of seats available for PP-2 / UKG, if anyone got chance to discuss with school or other parents or anytime school conveyed about their availability of seat for 2017-18?




Chandrak 2016-12-19 15:00:00


Hi Pinesh,

Silver Oaks will give one week time to pay the fee once you get the admission confirmation mail.


pinesh 2016-12-19 16:25:54


Thanks for your update Chandrak ,

Can you also update me, what are chances of pulling or getting extension for paying fees after 1 week?

And how much fees will they ask to pay minimum to block seat or confirm the admission?

Will they give receipt immediately or it will be issues after April 2017 only?  Thinking from 80c tuition fees benefit.


Santhi20 2016-12-20 17:49:38


My Daughter got the admission in Silver Oaks for the academic year 2017-2018 in Grade-1.

We had gone through the admission process online and went for the school tour.

Admission process:

1. Need to register online and post the successful registration will receive a confirmation and an email invite to school tour.

2.For grade-1 there was an exam conducted for each student and simultaneously parents need to meet principal/admissions head/Director for an interaction for 30 mins.

3.We need to buy a admission form which will cost about INR:1000/-,Need to fill the form an submit at the front desk.

3.Will receive the admission confirmation after a week along with the fee details that we need to will have 1 week to 10 days time to pay the fee. We went for school tour on 12th november'2016 and got the confirmation on 21st Nov and need to confirm the admission before 30th November.

In our case fee that we paid to confirm the admission is :

10000/- (Refundable Deposit) +12,400/- (Annual Fee) +28,000/- (1st Term Tution Fee) + 8,300/- (1st Term Transportation Fee) = INR: 58,700/-

2nd Term need to pay before 14th August 2017  : 28,000/- + 8,300/- = 36,300/-

3rd Term Need to Pay 14th December 2017 : 28,000/- + 8,300/- = 36,300/

So the Total fee would be : 58700/-+36300/-+36300/- = INR 131300/-

Note: There were 25 students along with the Parents on that day who came for the school tour. But in Admission confirmation mail we could see only 5 got the admission. So the ratio is 1:5 as per my experience.


Shilpa8 2016-12-20 19:38:44


HI Chandra, Thank you for the information about Silver oaks. Any idea how many vacancies are there for class 1. By the time we registered enquiries was closed. Any chance of they opening again. Thank you Shilpa

Shilpa8 2016-12-20 19:40:40


HI Santi the above question is for you. Thank you

pinesh 2016-12-20 21:16:49


Thanks for your detailed info Santhi20.

Does the school ask for single payment for all these fees in single cheque?  Any chance they give some extra time of another 2-3 weeks or any minimum payment like 5000 or 10000 to block the seat or anything like that?

Do they issue receipt that time itself or will issue when school starts in April 2017.

What do they ask in exam for the children?  Do they take exam on -spot or give any syllabus to revise, etc., as few schools do that.


venu3 2016-12-21 16:09:23


But, in Silver Oaks, the admission are already closed for Grade1 to X. I have tried couple of times for getting the slot ofr school tour. But, unfortunately, I didn't get it.

pinesh 2016-12-21 17:40:29


Hi venu3 ,

Getting slot is only for inquiry.  That process is over.

Then you need to visit as per given slot for admission process.

Admissions are still in progress as per the allotted slot to parents for different classes.


ssgsuresh 2016-12-23 14:48:16


Hello - Good day all,

My restless journey in hunting for good schools has ended today. My journey had started last year (2015) when I was looking for admissions (1st grade) in good schools,  even I had very bitter experience with Maharshividya laya in the last year but never got down . I hate those bunch (blunder fellows) of people in that school. Neverthless, I kept on trying this year also.

Today I received an confirmation from Silver oaks mgmt for my son's admission (grade II - academic year 2017/18). I was very lucky receive the call for admission process. Not sure, when they have opened the link or when it got closed.

Last Saturday, we attended for the school tour/demo and my son has written the exam (syllabus = Maths addition/substraction/tables, English spelling, verbals, fill in the blanks, Hindi words/match the following). Followed by, parents interaction for 20 min with the leadership team. Remember - they are careful in listening to the expectation from the school, your ambition/aspirations for the child etc.,

Good luck to rest of the people, anyone who also got the confirmation can reach me at (

Many Thanks,


pinesh 2016-12-23 16:10:28


Thanks for your feedback ssgsuresh.

Can you provide your feedback and analysis whether DAV Miyapur is better or Silver Oaks is better in terms of education and sports?  No doubt fees/cost wise DAV is better.

Awaiting your feedback on this.


ssgsuresh 2016-12-23 18:47:04


What have seen in my circles (network/relatives), many parents after 7th grade - they have shifted from DAV to other school.
When I have asked question about shifting, they say its a traditional (Government) school's way of learning and want to make their child more spontaneous and dynamic according to the current generation/market standards

Good luck for your hunting !!

Shilpa8 2016-12-23 18:51:51


HI Suresh/Pinesh, I have missed the Silver oaks registration for class 1 and 4. Will they open the registerations again I mean taking slot does not mean admissions will be completed right. So, is there chance of again. IF not Silver Oaks wat are the best schools analysed by you near miyapur. Thank you Shilpa

ssgsuresh 2016-12-23 19:01:06


I would give Unicent (8 points), DAV (7) DPS (8) based on various factors (staff, mgmt, sports activities, school's ideology/vision etc.,)
This is again depends on the primary/secondary class factors as well

DPS Miyapur is not the same mgmt/franchise of DPS Nacharam which is obviously a top school in Hyderabad. Please keep trying Silver oaks form on their website


pinesh 2016-12-23 19:30:03


ssgsuresh, how much points will you give to Silver Oaks?

I am yet to go for Silver Oaks school tour for admission for PP-2.  But at same time also interested in DAV Miyapur.  I am interested in only these 2 schools.

How having 50-50 mind as per other parents feedback on which to select out of both since both schools are very good and different in terms of education, sports, fees and development of child.   Could you help me with some pros/cons of both of these?

Also Silver Oaks admits in Dec-Jan and DAV starts in Jan-Feb.  So to opt for DAV, need to delay Silver Oaks, but doing that will involve risk of skipping admission in Silver Oaks.

Your inputs will help me deciding any 1 of these schools.



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