Good homeopathy doctors in and around Gachibowli area..

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Argees 2010-08-04 16:51:10


Hi all

I am planning to start  homeopathy treatment for my hubby's acute asthma problem..

Would appreciate a help in this regard.

Thanks in advance...

bhargavi 2010-08-05 18:48:33



I don't know about gachibowli area, but i can surely help you out  with the homoeopathy treatment for your husband in sainikpuri.  Iam not sure about the distance, but the homeopathy doc in sainikpuri is a forien returned and very good as well.  My brother had  psoriasis and getting treated with him, the results are stunning.  Infact, my whole family is indebted to him.  If distance is not the problem, i could give you the address, once you let me know it is okay for you.  He treats almost everything.


srinivas3173 2010-10-14 17:08:37



Even I am looking for good skin specialist especially homeopathy in sainikpuri area if you can please give the address ,it should be helpful as early as possible.

As my son is suffering from mild psoriasis we have consulted many doctors and have given treatment but thats just subsiding for the being and again repeating and irritation persist not sure if homeopathy can cure but would like to check so as to not leave any chances thanks in advance  if you give the address to my mail Id or in the forum


bhargavi 2010-10-14 18:26:27



My brother is undergoing the treatment for psoriasis, is seeing good results.  The treatment takes good time but the patience pays off.  

I dont know the eaddress but you call him on his mobile and find out.  Dr.Dheeraj Nanda  0091 9395315268.  

Good luck.


srinivas3173 2010-10-14 20:38:05


Hi Bhargavi,

Thanks a lot for your response I thought I lost as your post was long back in August

Yeah Its lots of trouble having the skin infection which my son is suffering It would be great to know how much time it took and how much would he charge

Any how thanks once more for the contact I will check the address




bhargavi 2010-10-15 18:04:52


 Hi Srinivas

My pleasure helping you anytime .  I understand th amount of pressure and stress you r going thru for your little boy.  By the way, how old is the boy??  The length of time depends upon the severity.  Whatsoever, dont worry.  He is a good doctor, i think the treatment is worth waiting.  About the doctor's fees is not much when u compare to the english or any dermotologists who robs you completely.  His consultation fees would be 400 0r 500rs.  For monthly check up 400/- odd.  Iam not precise about the fees, but it would be average.  My brother had intense psoriasis all over his body.  He has seen many doctors before but as you said it wasn't up to the mark Until he saw Dr. Nanda.  It has been two years since my brother started teatment, the results are so far so good.  Give it a try.  I hope you will not be disappointed.





srinivas3173 2010-10-18 18:56:15


Hi Bhargavi,

My father asked you previously about me and persisted me to go to the doctor, I am a small kid of 30 years old .Any how thanks for the information I have met the doctor . I actually got the skin infection some 6 years back though it is very mild its very irritating So I was taking many medicines that were Allopathy,Ayurvedic,and homeopathy. Though all of them were just minimizing the affect but again comes back and is too irritating .

I had visited the doctor yeah I think his treatment would be very affective as he asked the entire history and very few homeopathy specialists do this and as my grand father who used to be a homeospecialist is no more but whatever medicine he used to give worked for me and I am sure that if the doctor is specialized and not commercial the treatment would do wonders in homeopathy.

How much time did it take your brother to completely cure his infection.Hope its totally cured now

Thanks again for your consideration and reply as I am seing the history here




bhargavi 2010-10-19 03:36:40



Sorry,  for the misunderstanding.  Good to know, that you've been to to the doctors.  It took a good deal  of time which 2yrs and still going on he is now probably, in the final stages of the recovery.  According to the doctor, with this severity, it could take upto 3 winter seasons.  So, hold your spirits high, believe in the doctor and step ahead.  Iam sure if anyone with great confidence and perseverance,  go further in any aspect of their life,  would definitely achieve the success.

Good Luck and may god with be with you.

Take care



munna2 2014-04-03 16:39:57


can anyone suggest a good homepathy doctor in chennai who can treat psoriasis-please help i have visited lot of docs nothing really worked-please please help


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