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bandhu 2010-07-28 12:09:59


Dear All,

We are looking for admission in Nursery ( 2011 batch) for my Son ( D.O.B) 25-May-2007 in good CBSE school. As of now we are considering DPS Hyderabad, Obul Reddy request you to please provide some information like whether transport facility will be availble from Nizampet Road, Admission process and overall school rating.





mickey 2010-07-29 14:41:31


Hi Vindhyachal,

DPS has very good transport facility. You will have transport from Nizampet too. You can apply for your son in the month of Oct/Nov/Dec 2010 for Nursery in DPS and for LKG in Obul Reddy school. DPS doesn't have the concept of LKG or PP1 and UKG /PP2 . It has Nursery and Prep.  Nursery is equilavalent to LKG of other schools.

If you are staying at Nizampet, it would be better to prefer DPS. But its fees is high compared to Obul Reddy's fees. The infrastructure and facilities of DPS will be much better than that of Obul Reddy Public School.

The fee of Obul Reddy Public School is Rs 30,100 and  transport fee is Rs2025. It's easy on pocket. You will have to check out the transport facility of Obul Reddy from Nizampet. Just call up and find out. You will get the  numbers from website.

The break up of Obul Reddy Public School's  fee was given to me by one of the parents recently.

Dev Fund - 12500
Caution Dep(Refund) - 2000
Admission Fee - 6000
Computer Fee(PA) - 1500
Annual Fee(PA) - 5500
sports Fee(PA) - 100
Term Fee - 2500

Total - 30100

It can be + or -  1K depending on the class  (Obul Reddy Public School)






bandhu 2010-07-29 17:11:09


Hi Mickey,

Thanks for your reply, can you please let me know like do we need to pay any donation for admission in DPS , is there admission process is transparent. If possible please connect me to any parent from nizampet whose kids are studying in DPS Hyderabad.Any other  well established school you like to suggest for my son.


Vindhyachal Sharma



mickey 2010-07-29 18:00:06


Hi Vindhyachal,

You can write to RSV through parentree inbox . He stays  close to Kukatpally.   He is a parentree member  and has admitted his daughter in DPS this year after his daughter cleared the entrance test which was conducted in the month of April.

For Nursery, there will be only interview and no entrance test as such. DPS charges more from NRIs esp. the admission fees (donation) as they take them in management quota. For you it would be around 40 to 45K next year. It increases its fee every year. You need to check out. Total fee per annum would be around 95,500 for pre-primary as stated in its website

You can also try in Chirec (Kondapur) and Sentia -The Global at Miyapur. Sentia's fees this year is 55K without transport. Chirec will be expensive than Sentia. I have wriiten in detail about Sentia in the below link to gvipul.

You can also try in Meridian(Kukatpally or Madhapur), Manthan International.  You will find the review about Manthan in the above link from Shailaja.

You  can also try in DAV (Kukatpally) close to Nizampet or Sanghamitra if you want the fee to be nominal.  As you have lot of time, kindly visit the schools in your free time one by one and get an idea. You can apply for 3 to 4 schools.

Keep DAV, Chirec, DPS, Sentia, Manthan , Meridian in your preference list and form an opinion after u visit these schools. If you have children have Nizampet going to BVB and JHPS, you can prefer them too. That would be better. Have BVB/JHPS as your first preference. BVB's fees this year was around 35K for LKG.

If you are okay with high structured fees, you can prefer DPS, Chirec or Meridian.

If you want low budget schools, u can go for BVB, DAV, Sentia ,Obul Reddy , Sanghamitra or JHPS.

You will have to decide according to your budget.




bandhu 2010-07-29 18:17:05


Hi Mickey,

Thanks a ton for such a crystal clear guidelines. I will do the things as per your suggestion.


Vindhyachal Sharma


RSV 2010-08-02 18:03:08


Hi Vindhyachal

My apologies for a delayed response. My daughter studies in DPS and we have good transport facility in Kukatpally hence I guess Nizampet should be covered as well.

The transport as well as the school itself are expensive - I compared it to DPS Gurgaon from where my daughter shifted! Infrastructure of the Hyderabad branch is a far cry from the Gurgaon school but still amongst the better ones in Hyderabad.

Till now my observations about the school are ok, with studies moving at a brisk pace though the PTMs are a very delayed affair with the expectation being o take tokens to meet each subject teacher - something that would not be relevant to your case since Nursery etc. do nto have different subject teachers.

I did not pay any donation and the admission was as per the admission test. Though admissions continued even a month after the tests that my daughter wrote.

Mickey has already provided a very detailed note and kudos to her for being such a detailed guide to parenst looking out for information. she had helped me as well with tonnes of information.




bandhu 2010-08-02 18:59:48



Thanks a lot for your reply, really appreciate your inputs and guidelines, we are planing to apply in 2-3 schools and definetly my first priority will be DPS Hyderabad.


Vindhyachal Sharma




SVHarsh 2010-10-07 13:38:43



I came from NOida recently, planning to get addmission my son (3.5 yrs old ). in my preffered list of school, Chirec is first choice, DPS is second choice and Miredian is third choice. As your child is studying DPS, you can give right view among these three schools.

I am planning to stay in Kukatpally (Nizampet road), if I go for DPS, how far it from Kukatpally i mean what would be travelling time for my child.

If you don't mind I would also like to share with you ragarding accomodation in Kukatpally, how is rent there, locality etc. which side I could get flat easily with good ambience.




mickey 2010-10-07 13:45:54


Hi Harsh, Please write to him through PT inbox  to get a quick response.



SVHarsh 2010-10-07 14:13:12


Thanks Mickey.


bandhu 2010-10-07 14:43:45


Hi Harsh,

It will take around 40-50 minutes to reach DPS Hyderabad from Nizampet.





RSV 2010-10-11 12:27:16


Dear Harsh

My apologies for a delayed response.

I stay at Rain Tree Park also called as 'Malaysian Township' an acronym owing to a Malaysian company having partnered with APHB to build this!  Located at KPHB - Kukatpally - good connections to vegetable market - daily needs etc. - though all in a 2minute drive or a ten minute walk. All blocks have elevators.

Lot of Hindi speaking families and a whole bus load of DPS Hyderabad kids - hence the decision for me to stay there!!

1800 flats - 2BHK to 4BHK. 3BHK should be between 14000 to 18000 per month plus maintenance of about 6200 per quarter. Three clubhouses with two swimming pools each. No green playgrounds as you find in Gurgoan / noida though. Try a net search and you would get pictures etc. as well. Quite a few options would be available. A little less than ten kms from DPS Hyd., but the bus comes inside the township whereas the Chirec bus does not!





vjmrhyd 2010-10-26 10:03:39


 If you live in Nizampet ,i would look around Nizampet . Don't gofor schools which are far away.Personally i don't want to kill my kids time in bus if it is more than 20 min.s




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