Mid -term admission in CBSE schools?

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agrawalankur 2010-07-25 12:41:41


Hi all,

Looking for some help: have gone through lots of previous posts, but have some questions.

We're moving to Hyd in Aug, and are looking for a CBSE school for my daugter, who is 5 yrs 6 months old, in Std 1.

My office is in banjara hills, and we'll probably live somewhere in madhapur/hi-tech/kondapur/kukatpatty.

I've shortlisted the following schools to get into more details: BVB, DPS, DAV, Euro, MVM, JHPS, and Obul Reddy.

1. Anyone has experience with mid-term admissions in any of these schools?

2. Are the schools very strict on the age-criteria? My daughter is a month or two younger than the limit specified by some of these schools.

3. I couldn't get details of fess for Obul Reddy and JHPS: would anyone know their annual and one-time fees?

4. Specific to DPS: I've heard mixed opinions about it. So inputs would be very useful.

5. BVB seems to be the most recommended when talking to some people from hyd. What do people think here? Is its reputation historical, or does it continue to be very good?

General suggestions on these (and any other schools I should consider) would also be very welcome. In terms of budget, we don't want to go higher than 50k per annum.




mickey 2010-07-26 10:38:46


Hello Ankur,

Well, let me answer your questions in the same sequence.

1.The chances of mid term admissions in some of the schools (BVB, JHPS, Obul Reddy, DPS, DAV) you mentioned in your list are remote. Gvipul who has  recently  relocated  to Hyd has done his survey for admissions to these schools and found it to be closed. You can as such get in touch with him in the below link or write to him through parentree inbox. You will find the discussion in the below thread to be useful.  Pl do go through it.


You can however try in Obul Reddy once again and see. There are chances in MVM and Sentia- The Global too. Sentia's fees is 55k. www.sentia.in .You can see the details about this school in the above link too.

You can also try in CGR International. It has started recently. You can get in touch with Charumaheshwari through parentree inbox. She has admitted her daughter in this school this year and is satisfied with the school. The fees is also nominal. It is around 40 to 45 K. Kindly check out the fees once again. It is a good CBSE school. U can have a look at it.

Address 99, Ayyappa Society Main Road, Madhapur
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 500081
Office: + 91- 40 - 6463 3141/42,
Cell: 8019469718 / 9666698498


2. Regarding the age criteria, CBSE schools generally are not strict if your child is already admitted in class 1 in a CBSE school before. So you shouldn't face any problem now as such regarding her age.
But it 's always better to put 6+ child in Class 1.

3. JHPS one time fee will be very high. Usually it varies. This year they have taken 1 lakh. However the term fee is very nominal subequently. It will be around 3k to 4k depending on the class. For class 1 , it is 12K annually. If you have strong recommendation , u can try in JHPS and negotiate the donation (building fund).

 The fee of Obul Reddy is Rs 30,100 and  transport fee is Rs2025.

It was given by one of the parents to me recently. I will give u the break up too.

Dev Fund - 12500
Caution Dep(Refund) - 2000
Admission Fee - 6000
Computer Fee(PA) - 1500
Annual Fee(PA) - 5500
sports Fee(PA) - 100
Term Fee - 2500

Total - 30100

It can be + or -  1K depending on the class

4. Yes, DPS has mixed reviews. It is mostly in news for its constant fee hike. You can talk to the admin in -charge , Mr Desai for mid term admissions. You can also get in touch with RSV through  parentree inbox. His daughter is studying in DPS. He seems to be happy with the school.

5. BVB is on old and established school. Hence its reputaion is historical. JHPS and BVB were  the same school some time back. BVB's fees is nominal and the results too are very good. But i heard that BVB is also charging high donation which they call Bhavan's fund from parents. But it is only for a few of them and not all. The drawback is , there are many students in each class. Last year some of the students have changed the school too for this reason. BVB and Chinmaya Vidyalaya at Begumpet have cut throat competition for the first place. You can however prefer BVB, if you able to get admission here. It is good in academics , extra curricular activities and easy on pocket too if your child clears the admission test.

I think, i have answered all your questions and suggested a few schools too apart from the ones in your list. If you have a good recommendation and your child is bright, there is no harm in trying for the schools you preferred.







puffy 2010-07-26 16:56:05


Hi Mickey and Ankur

I am new comer to the disussions group. 

I am shifting to Hyd in Oct 2010 and was looking for mid term admissions to class VI for my daughter.  We have stayed in Hyderabad previously and my daugther was studying in Kennedy High in Bachupally.  (2004)

I have enquired in Kennedy high and in GIIS about midterm admissions and both have been positive.     

Since both these schools are located in the area suitable for our residence, I am ok for these. 

Can you throw some light on GIIS ?  I find very little in the reviews so far.  If you happen to know someone studying there, pl. let me have the details. 




mickey 2010-07-26 18:53:14


Hello Puffy,

Don't know any parent from GIIS. So no idea about this school except for some reviews on net. Please go to the school and get a first hand feedback from parents as well as children during morning or evening hours. The fees of GIIS will be higher than that of Kennedy High Global School. Both are in different corners of Hyd. Kennedy is near Kukatpally and GIIS is near Uppal. So where do u plan to stay ?

If your child has studied before in Kennedy, i think you can go for the same school and ask for some concession in fees too if u are planing to stay around Kukatpally/Miyapur.




puffy 2010-07-26 20:29:31



Dear Mickey

Thanks !

Kennedy might be a better option ! 

Actually GIIS has opened a branch in Patancheru and have transport arrangements from Miyapur. That was the reason why we gave it a thought.  Also I know some one who teaches in GIIS Singapore and is extremely appreciative of it!

I am also looking at some Waldrof schools in and  around Kompally.  I liked the concept and will give me a chance to explore a different methodology which I feel would suit my child.  We are still in the thought process and would finalize soon. 

Anyways,  thanks once again and keep seeing you here...







agrawalankur 2010-07-27 10:56:23


Hi Mickey,

Thanks  for your detailed response! You're incredible: I've seen so many posts from you, all detailed, and full of just the right info. I don't know how you do it: I know I couldn't!

A few follow-up questions:

1. You mention BVB has a large class size. Would you have rough numbers?

2. You've suggested Sentia, in Miyapur. Wouldn't that be too far? On the map, it seems to be 10km even from Malaysian Society. I guess those schools would be completely out of the question unless we stay at Malaysian/fortune fields? ( I'm hoping for a school commute time not more than 30 min.)

3. Have you heard of Learnium School, in Banjara Hills? Haven't seen anything online about them: the reason for asking is that my daughter is currently at Learnium in Mumbai, and if we struggle for admission elsewhere, it might be easier to try for a transfer to Learnium. ( Wouldn't want to do that if there are no reviews about it, though.)


mickey 2010-07-27 11:36:36


Hi Puffy,
If you are interested in Waldorf schools near Kompally, you can have a look at Abhaya  Waldorf School in Kompally. I have read good reviews about this school in this forum. The Abhaya school’s ph number is 08008222356. You can get in touch with Sevenonfive(Shailaja). Her children are studying in this school. You can see her review in the below link.


Today there was a write up about a pre-teen  (wonderkid )Vishwambar Vaidyam from this school who has released his book 'Sword of the Lords' in Hyderabad Chronicle (DC) on page 22. You can go through it. Its only about this boy and not about the school as such.

You can also find Diksha Waldrof at Alwal. It is 10km away from Kompally. You can find its review by Tejaprasad in the below link



If you are planning to stay near Kondapur/Hi-Tech city/Miyapur , you can also have a look at Prerna Waldorf school at Gachibowli.


Ph no- 040 23545930



mickey 2010-07-27 12:12:57


Hello Ankur,

Where do u plan to stay ? If you stay at Kukatpally / Hi-Tech city, Learnium also would be far i guess.  I have no idea about Learnium. But if your daughter has already studied in Learnium at Mumbai, there is no harm in trying for this school at Hyd. Please go to the school and find out personally from parents and children. That would be better. You will get a correct feedback. If possible go in the morning hours before the school commences of after the school hours when u can find a few parents. You might get a concession in fees too.

Regarding the strength in BVB, it will be around 50.  There are many sections too. Anyway i will talk to my daughter's friend in the evening and her parents too  regarding the strength and let u know soon.

There is a new branch of BVB at Atmakuri .Most of the new admissions are in the new school now. Hence the demand for building fund (one time admission fee) is also high. I will give you the number of Atmakuri branch . Just check out if they have midterm admissions. However the demand for high fees is not for everybody. One of my friend's son is studying in BVB, Atmakuri . She didn't pay any donation.  She is quite happy with the new branch too. It has all the facilities that the Jubilee Hills school has. Atmakuri is not that far from BJHills. 040-23607772




mickey 2010-07-27 20:32:53


Hello Ankur,
I spoke to my daughter's friend  just now to know the class strength. The average strength is 40 students which seems to be ok. Her class strength is 35. There are 6 to 7 sections. In primary, the sections are less. She is in X now.  The strength is more in BHEL's BVB. My cousin who works there told me that it is around 50 to 60.

Btw, Thanks for that Boost Up...




RSV 2010-08-02 18:12:25


Mid term admissions are indeed taken by some schools.

Try Meridien, MVM and even DPS. I guess some of them would charge you the whole year's fee - if not any extra donation.

You have to emphasize on it being a 'transfer case' since some schools do give that a consideration.




jill1109 2015-09-28 11:57:10


Hi Ankur\Mickey, did you get your daughter admitted in Learnium school? Even after 5 years, I couldn't find anything related to Learnium on Google. I am looking for a school for my 5 yr old daughter for class 1.

agrawalankur 2015-09-28 17:54:06


No - we were able to get a transfer into BVB Jubilee Hills. Our second choice was Manthan, which had only one campus at that time - in Madhapur. 
So we didn't pursue Learnium at all.

jill1109 2015-09-28 19:18:54


How are you finding Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan as a school? I know it is an old reputed school, but want to know a parent's perspective on this. Is it only academic oriented or do they promote overall development of a child?

agrawalankur 2015-09-28 20:55:36


We found it very very good. There are quite a few activities too. You probably won't find a lot of focus on sports, but there are enough opportunities to participate if the child learns elsewhere. In general cultural areas, there's a lot of stuff happening in school. We moved to Noida last year, and my daughter ( she is 10 now) thinks bhavans was better any day compared to her current school. This one is manav rachna, a reputed chain in Delhi NCR. Ac classrooms etc, lots of focus on sports and stuff, but she still longs bhavans.


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