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nehab 2010-07-24 20:36:07


My kid is 2 yrs old. I am planning to admit him in Nursery. Can anyone tell me by when will the forms for the following schools will start for next session (2011-2012).

1) Gitanjali

2) Chinamaya.

Suggestions for other good schools and form distribution dates are also welcome

mickey 2010-07-25 13:21:38


Hello Nehab,

It is  early to put your kid in Nursery now. You need to put him/her in a playschool.

Forms for LKG in most of the schools are given in the month of Oct/Nov/Dec.

Your child should be 3.5+ or 4 to join LKG. A 4+ child is preferred in LKG. That's the appropriate age. A lot has been discussed about the  age for LKG/PP1 in this forum. You can use the search engine of parentree to read the discussions.

Chinmaya Vidyalaya doesnot have Nursery. It starts from LKG. It is a CBSE school.

Gitanjali is  an ICSE school. It will be prefer 4+ child in PP1/LKG.

You can see my detailed review of Chinmaya to RSV on 20th Jan'10 and to Aniki on 16th Apr in the below thread

It is better to join your child in a playschool now and try for the schools u mentioned after Nursery. There are many good playschools in Hyd  like Bachpan, Kidzee, Roots to Wings , DPS playschool, Nasr Pre-primary , Bubles etc. It would be easier for anybody to suggest  a school if you could specify  the place/area where u stay.

Nasr pre-primary at Somajiguda has Nursery too. But it is an ICSE school. The students can continue till X or XII. However it is separate for Girls and Boys from class 1 onwards.





nehab 2010-07-26 10:51:35


Thanks Mickey,

On 20th May,2011  my son will turn 3 yrs so i think he can start from june 2011 for nursery.

What are your sugesstion regarding this?



nehab 2010-07-26 11:00:33


I mean for academic yr 2011-12 is he eligible to join LKG.Can you please tell when do Chinmaya issue forms. I have seen the thread u sent  .


mickey 2010-07-26 11:01:38


Yes, Nehab. That would be perfect  and appropiate.  rgds,Mickey


mickey 2010-07-26 11:13:56


Hi Nehab, If he completes 3.3 yr by June'11 , then he is eligible for LKG. My daughter was short of 15 days in Chinmaya this year. I however thought of putting her in LKG when she turns 4 next year.  I have joined her in Nursery in Nasr pre-primary this year which is an ICSE school

Your son will not be eligible for next year in Chinmaya  as he will be 3.1 by June'11.

I have seen parents struggling by putting 3.3 or 3.5 yr kids in LKG. He will be eligible for  LKG in 2012 June when he turns 4. Please don't think that he is losing 6 months or so. Even though eligibility age is 3.3, it is better to put him when he is 4+.   ICSE schools take only 4+ kids in PP1/LKG. I could have managed to put her in Chinmaya at 3 yrs  2 1/2 months but didn't prefer so. The syllabus is very vast in higher classes and it is better to go as per the norms to avoid stress.



nehab 2010-07-26 11:30:39


Thank you very much as i m relievd.But right now i m not in India and is it ok if he is at home.I will be returning to India probably  july 2011,so i can put him in nursery in some play school at that time or shall i try directly for LKG after 2 yrs.


mickey 2010-07-26 12:32:30


Hi Nehab,

Playschool is always optional. But put him in Nursery in a good Pre-school in July 2011 when you come to India so that he will be comfortable in LKG/PP1.

Children learn to write in LKG. In Nursery, everything is taught orally. In some schools, they may teach to draw lines, curves or some shapes to get them acquainted with writing in Nursery. However it will be in second half of the academic year. If you are in India, do join him in Nursery  in July 2011. Admissions to pre-school will not be a problem. You don't need to worry .
So enjoy till then and have a nice time with your son




VJMohan 2010-07-26 12:53:12


Hi Nehab,

what ever mickey said was absolutely correct.

Even my son also short of 25 days to eligible for LKG this year. i have joined him in nursery and now he is enjoying his schooling with games and rhymes etc..

So my suggestion is dont put pressure on children let them enjoy in this age :)




nehab 2010-07-26 12:58:16


Thanks Mickey and Mohan,

I was really tensed before but relaxed now.:)



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