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NITESH1 2010-07-23 17:10:24


 Hi Friends,


My name is Nitesh, live in hyderabad. I have a 2 yrs son and planning to put him in play group from Aug 1st 2010.


After going to schools (concepts based) like:

  • rainbow school
  • kaushaliya  global


i am very much confused if  these concept schools really good for my child development or all of them is just business.please guide me if i should adopt these school or go for schools like HPS and Euro hids which i found to be good.





NITESH1 2010-07-23 17:19:33


 please give review on eurokids and HPS in Avantinagar.




mickey 2010-07-23 17:53:24


Hi Nitesh,

I think its better to put your son in a near by playschool now as he is just 2 yrs old. Infact you can put  him at 2.5yrs in playschool. Try in HPS for LKG/PP1 when turns 4.

HPS follows ICSE board. Any ICSE school prefers 4+ child for PPI/LKG.

You can join him in Eurokids now. It is a good pre-school.

I heard from one parent(Dr Amit) in this forum that Kaushalya Global doesn't have a playground and extra curicular activities.

He wasn't satisfied with this school and wanted to shift his daughter to another school.

As they are planning to leave hyd within a year or so, they are continuing with the same school now.

You can see the details in the below thread.

HPS is a ICSE school and Euroschool follows CBSE curriculum. Children from Eurokids will go to Euroschool , i think. Both are  good. Right now its better for your son to join Eurokids Pre-school for playgroup and Nursery.





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