Any School in Hyderabd which can help children with ADHD

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rajdeep1 2016-11-28 21:08:47


Hi i am father of a 6 year child who has been diagnosed with ADHD presently in class 1. We have shown him neurologist and have done extensive medical investigation including MRI. The neurologist say he is clinically ok but we understand physicologically he is unable to cope up with the school environment. He is extremely intelligent finishes his own work fast and goes and sits in higher class. He becomes bored easily and likes to play on ground and observe nature. Our present school have send him home as they are unable to manage him and i understand their concern. He goes to a  global school in Gajularamaram i am not mentioning the name. We are confused now should we put him in home schooling for few years or regular schooling. Our neurologist suggest to give him medication and send him to regular school but also says this will makes his creativity dull. Any suggestion from parents  managing such children will be highly appreciated.

prabhavmom 2016-11-29 15:45:12


Hello rajdeep1,

I am mother of 9 year old ADHD boy. I request you to meet a child psychologist. do not opt for home schooling. That may aggravate the problem. Let him be among  the children. Certain therapies may help to overcome the problem. Try to identify his areas of interest. Is he continuing in the same school? Is he a single child or does he have any siblings? Atmosphere at home should also be considered.
I insist , continue in a regular school only, make the school authorities understand his problem. Soon consult child psychologist. 


rajdeep1 2016-11-29 19:41:00


Dear Prabhavmom

We have done pshysicological assessment , also consulted psychologist thats when we were told he is having moderate ADHD. This was done at  Rain Bow hospital. A neurologist is also seeing him at Loutus kukatpally. We have taken care of home environment. I know that is important. He is now going for dance and singing which he likes. He is not going to school now but the school is sending all the assignments and have told that he will be allowed to take his class one exam separately. I feel very bad that he is missing school activities and school life. He has been branded as the trouble maker and ADHD child in school by the school psychologist and my kid did not like it since all his friends tease him. They want us to put him in medication thats a big decision which i have not taken yet. I want to know if that is really helping. Please do mail me on how you are managing is there any sign of  improvement with age? Since my kid age is 7 ( 26th October was his birthday).



prabhavmom 2016-11-30 14:19:33


Hello Rajdeep,
Y dont u think of changing the school . Which school he is in right now? May I know which place u reside so that it 
may help me to just schools.  I feel it is not right on his school part. You can even opt for schools which has special educator facility. 
Its always better to try for therapies than medication. 

rajdeep1 2016-11-30 16:19:51


Hello Prabhavmom

He is going to TATVA GLOBAL SCHOOL, Gajularamaram. The nearest schools will be some on the Bachupally road. I feel sad for my child because he understand he has problem and thats why he is being not allowed to go to school. He says that to any one who comes to my house. He does not understand the gravity of what he is saying but we feel terrible. As a parent you would understand how we feel within ourselves. He is not so bad socially and mingles around but likes to play a lot. Would be great if you can share how you are managing yourself. That would also help us to tune ourselves for betterment of our child.



srgo 2016-11-30 16:40:49


As a mother of 4 yr old I can understand ur state as a parent, but Mr.Rajdeep pls don't create an inferiority complex in your ADHD is temporary and it is prevalent among most of the kids.Kindly don't underestimate ur son's potential and don't even let him do that. Your son will be totally alright very soon... Btw ADHD is highlighted in western countries but recently they have started diagnosing it in India.But imagine before this came to highlight every kid went to school happily unless he/ she is a down syndrome kid.
Anyways,Here are my few suggestions which I am sure that will definitely help your kid.
I know a very good school which will happily take your kid and nurture him well as I attended the school educationist seminar couple of times and I have heard good reviews from a couple of parents too.

The school name is Walden's path school.They have a website and they are located in jubilee hills(Priced at around 1.6-1.8 per annum). You can talk to the school coordinator Mr.Sunil, a highly knowledgeable educationist.Other than that you can try Vidyaranya , Sri ram Montessori too even they are good. 
Apart from these,send him to fine art classes and keyboard classes which improves his focus and stability very much.


prabhavmom 2016-12-01 11:23:48


hello rajdeep1,
As suggested by srgo plz visit the schools mentioned. Early intervention is always better. Your child needs lot of encouragement. Change of school could reduce problems to the maximum. Dont worry he will b alright...


rajdeep1 2016-12-11 19:38:32


Thank you all for those kind suggestion. Those will certainly help us and my kid. We are going to check all those schools this weekend. Would also like to know any other schools near Kukatpally and Suchitra Circle?

Best Regards


bhargavim 2019-06-27 15:26:59


Hi Rajdeep, I am in the same situation now with my son. Did you find any school?? can u help me with this? thanks bhargavi

goud2020 2021-12-28 18:12:43


Hello rajdeep1,

Is your kid studying in TATVA school, I am planning to join my kid in the same school in 2nd grade, can you please share your valuable feedback. I know it was a very old chain thread. 

Meenu1710 2022-05-23 10:52:41


I am sailing in the same boat. Did you find any good school for your child

Meenu1710 2022-05-23 10:54:08


Hi Rajdeep My son too is adhd and he is not much appreciated in his school. Did you find any suitable school . I am looking for a school where my child is not only accomodated but also accepted happily.

sri2005 2022-05-23 15:42:40


hi meenu,

how old is ur son? Try global edge kukatpally. 
Where do u stay in hyd, so that i can suggest schools


bhargavim 2022-05-23 17:51:05


My son is 8years old and we too want a school who can join kids with adhd

goud2020 2022-05-23 22:23:18



where do you stay in Hyderabad?

bhargavim 2022-05-24 16:49:48



goud2020 2022-05-24 19:11:53



i stay in Vivekananda Nagar Kukatpally. at present which school your son is studying?

Sunee1234 2022-06-27 21:59:58


My child of class is being issued tc by the most reputed school stating that it is not a school that can provide one on one attention to the child and asked us to leave by taking tc.felt bad depressed, and worried about my child .he is such a lovely child but school looks at only his disorder and issued tc .could u get any school that really helped you out pls let me know.he has moderate adhd

smartm 2022-06-28 10:08:46


Are there any inclusive schools in and around jubilee hills for my son who is moderate ASD in class 3.
We are going to relocate to hyderabad.
He is having a shadow teacher in Mumbai and coping reasonably fine in class 3.

Any suggestions welcome

sudha6889 2022-11-13 09:13:24


Hi All, I am looking out for inclusive school in Hyderabad.My 7 yrs son has ADHD. presently he's going to a normal school ,but i frequently get complaints. doctor suggested an inclusive school will be more helpful for him.i see lot of parents already delaing with their kids who had ADHD .please let us know your experiences and I need your guidance on this. I see few posts from rajdeep,Bhargavi,meenu can you please let me know which school your child could attend and how are they doing now. Can you please share your experiences. I see orchids is an inclusive schools,enquired in srinidhi international school but the fee is high.. I know there could be lot of parents like me Please post your experiences and and concerns so that we can help each other. Please suggest on inclusive schools in Hyderabad. Thankyou

RNPS0009 2022-12-07 23:55:47


Hi Sudha6889 
me too in similar situation. we have been to euroshcool (new campus located at Kukatpally metro - Y junction). Euroschool team ran few slides explaining about their school. one of the slide speaks about special needs kids. but to get an admission for special kids they are asking parents to get an assessment from their group of doctor. based on assessment report followed by admission test, admission will granted to kid. fee is 74k+74k+35k(one time admission) 

RNPS0009 2022-12-07 23:57:59


Did you find any school ? if so can you pls share the school details which would be helpful for others ? 

RNPS0009 2022-12-08 00:02:25


@Meenu1740 Any luck in finding a school for your kid ? 

Hari29 2023-10-19 01:57:54


Hi, we stay in Gundlapochampalli (Kompally) area and need some references for good inclusive school for my 7 year old ADHD kid. Earlier he was going to one of the international school but we were getting multiple complaints from teachers on his focus & hyperactivity related issues, while in class. And doctor has suggested us to move him in an inclusive school for better care & guidance. At present we are quite stressed out regarding his education, so any help would be great, as we have recently moved in here and not well aware of the inclusive schools in current area.

sudha6889 2023-10-19 09:50:06


Hello Hari,

I can completely relate your problem. Been through the same situation.
I have put him in an international school in Bangalore initially when he was 3 years old.
I have faced similar situation and the school has  returned my fees .The reason they have told is :they do not have sufficient staff".
This followed by covid and while everyone attending online classes my son couldn't even sit for the classes.
we have tried everything. Last year i have enquired with orchids Madhapur.Keeping my previous experiences i have told them upfront about the hyperactivity ,they have appreciated the kid is very smart and all ,but later came with an excuse that they would take only one kid per class and the quota is already over.
My son is into 3rd class now in Hyderabad. By my experience do not join him in any international school ,please join him in nearby school and work with teachers on handling him .No medicines(which i dont suggest/like) and No counseling would help him.
You need to understand and accept your kid as he is.stop feeling that  he has a special condition.
Join him in any activity like gymnastics/swimming and encourage him studies.

all the best!!


Hari29 2023-10-19 20:04:38


Hi Sudha6889 Thanks for sharing your experiences, it really do help..

sudha6889 2023-10-20 23:29:29  - Read this article and was Happy to know that Hyderabad is offering inclusive school . Took my kid for the admission enquiry. They have appointed few Marketing personal who have explained about school and interacted with kid.
From My past  experiences with schooling, I thought ,i would be open about my kid's Hyperactivity and told them that i was basically looking for inclusive schools and been through above article and approached them for the same reason.
There is absolutely no problem with the kid except that he has less seating tolerance and has higher energy levels. Initially she told apart from school fees we have to pay 25,000 extra (total 2Laks plus) .After almost spending for 3-4 hours for school tour plus interaction she said the kid is very smart and energetic she will  talk with principal and would inform us in half an hour.
We waited for some time, She came and started Saying I am sorry, principal has refused your admission! I was Shocked.
Asked her on what basis she has refused my kids admission, without even seeing/interacting with kid .
We have our Assessment done ,before approaching them( just to rule out the special condition) She didn't even asked for those reports.
I said this is not fair .
The article boasts lot of things and the actual scenario is different. I was very clear from beginning why i approached that school for admission. She started saying "Few Parents have hide the fact that their kids are hyperactive and joined them and teacher is having difficulty handling them. And only one such kid per class is allowed. For the first time i felt "Being Open" to schools is not suggested. 

I am one of the parents who was constantly searching internet/parentree about adhd and inclusive schools. Some posts are 6 years old.
I was thinking how those hyperactive kids are doing now? did they complete their studies?
I have approached Sweekar academy for rehabilitation for Assessment only to be directed to the well known doctor who runs private clinic. He has prescribed medicines and literally forced us to use was heart-wrenching to see my happy kid mostly sleeping because of the medication we gave. The medication would numb your kids mind and he will get habituated to that, which can be dangerous. We have stopped that. I must also admit the fact that Sweekar also has very good staff (Dr.Sudhakar) who has spend almost a day assessing my kid.He has literally counselled us that we are over thinking about our kid. Made sure to put him into some activities where he can consume the extra energy he is  blessed with .I am truly Thankful to Dr.Sudhakar Garu.. who has given us so  much assurance and strength to deal with all the negative thoughts we had.

Finally being Hyperactive is not a crime its a condition. Always Stand by your kid ,Understand his nature and encourage them.
By the way i too get complaints from school and dealing  with them better.
I feel most people are scared to talk about this topic. One reason could be "what others would think of my kid?"
What you think of your kid is the most important . 

These are just few situations i have faced .There are lot of thongs which i have learned and I continue growing along with my kid.
Thanks for Reading. And appreciate if any parent can share their experiences.



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