Hello mickey, need ur suggestion for schools in kukatpally

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Sowmya1 2016-11-24 09:07:33


Hello mickey, 
This is Sowmya, I have already posted twice or thrice to this group, but no response from u, hope at least this time I ll get a response from u, waiting for a reply... We are planning to join our kid who will be 3.5 by April 2017 in LKG, we are searching for schools in and around Kukatpally as we stay in near Patel Kunta Park( Kulatpally). We have the following schools in our mind, can u please help us by suggesting the best school among these
1. Creek, Neptune Campus, near IDPL cheruvu
2. Tatva, Gajularamaram
3. Global Edge, Kukatpally
4. Sriram International school (Chinna Jeeya Swamy School)
5. Zenas International School, Miyapur
6. Silver Oaks (Its a bit far from our house)
7. DAV (Kukatpally)
8. Ladders (Kukatpally)
PLease Please suggest and help me, suggestions will be highly appreciated.


Sowmya1 2016-11-24 09:08:07


PLease suggest any other schools if I havent mentioned them.

Sowmya1 2016-11-28 09:38:17


hello group can i get a reply please

 Former member 2016-11-28 12:57:54


First of all, im not sure your kid is eligible for LKG in next year, you may have to enquire in each school. as im looking for my kid alsmost same age group, i had to take into nursery.
and coming to your list , depends upon your budget., i have inquired in only few.
1. Creek, Neptune Campus, near IDPL cheruvu : Fees are High
2. Global Edge, Kukatpally : not so good compare to Madhapur
4. Sriram International school (Chinna Jeeya Swamy School) : Good school in both academics and activities 
7. DAV (Kukatpally) : Difficult to Get Admission( what i heard from other parents who tried last year)
8. Ladders (Kukatpally) : Good



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