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neelu2007 2010-07-21 16:29:57


Hi friends ,

Anyone suggest good schools in srinagar colony,hyderabad.. Now My Son in going In Bahpan School . Now He Is In Nursary .

can any one suggest some good school for me in and around konadapur

i have searched lot  on the internet but still very confusing i want to hear the some personal opinions of the parents itself.



darsh 2010-07-25 20:09:36








mickey 2010-07-26 09:41:25


Hi Neelu,

Are u looking for pre-school around Kondapur or Preschools cum High school ?

Nowthat your son is in Nursery, I presume you are looking for LKG. You can try in Roots to wings. It is suggested by Garima in one of the threads. You can also try Kinderkare or Little Einteins in Shilpa Park (Kondapur). All these are Pre-schools cum daycare.

For LKG to X , You can try in MVM (maharshi Vidya Mandir) at Kondapur. I heard CGR International at Madhapur is also good.

It has started recently. You can get in touch with Charumaheshwari through parentree inbox. She has admitted her daughter in this school this year. The fees is also nominal. It is a good CBSE school.

Address 99, Ayyappa Society Main Road, Madhapur
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 500081
Office: + 91- 40 - 6463 3141/42,
Cell: 8019469718 / 9666698498

Apart from this, you can try in Chirec (Kondapur), Jain Heritage (Kondapur),Sentia-The Global (Miyapur) , Manthan International(Madhapur) and Meridian at Madhapur.

You can prefer Chirec as the first choice in Kondapur and then CGR or MVM followed by Sentia , Manthan or Meridian depending on your budget.



Harsimran 2011-01-31 10:49:09


Hi Darsh,


How much is  the fee for Strawberry Fields? Also, I believe this is a pre-school than being a playschool, is it correcT?





susmi80 2011-01-31 11:26:23


 Hi Harsimran,

I checked with Strawberry fields for my daughter two years back in 2009 and the fees was 30K at that time. It is a pre-school. I really do not see a difference between both play school and pre-school.

I joined my kid in ROOTS to WINGS, near Ganapathy complex, in the same road of that school. I loved this school. My daughter is in Nursery here now and is doing very good. 

At that time, I have seen three schools:

1. Strawberry fields: Found costly, 30K. Has transport facility. Facilities are good in school. But the principal is very strict and stringent as per my experience. They dont give toilet training. That was a must for me and she insisted on daipers till my daughter completes playgroup. 

2. Roots to Wings: Fees is around 21K. Has transport facility. The school started its operations in 2008. I found the principal very friendly and the teachers really good. My daughter loves her school and they follow EDU comp. The school has good ventilation. The kids get connected to the teachers very fast. They give toilet training. The school do not have a good sand area. This is the only drawback I found. I am fully happy with this school.

3. Pineridge: Fees is around 21K. I am not sure about transport. This follow Montessori system. But somehow I did not like the ambience of the school at that point of time. 

You have to visit the school and see each of them, then you can decide which is the best for your kid.


Harsimran 2011-01-31 13:38:39


Thanks Susmi, appreciate your detailed response :)


AvRao 2011-03-15 21:11:09


Hi Sushmi, Harsimran,

I've been reading up discussions about roots to wings formy 3yr old son- I have posted my query in other discussions as well. I would appreciate any info you can give me about roots to wings at Banjara hills-

I intend to visit and talk to the management in person when I reach Hyd but I would greatly appreciate any information you can give me about this-

1. What is a typical day like for "Emerging wings"  and "ready to fly -1" classes?

2. Is there any help at the end of the program (at 5 or 6yrs) to help transition kids out of this school and into traditional schools (with traditional classroom environment and exams )

3. What is the form of feedback given to parents and how often. ie is there a progress report? So I know how my kid is doing in all the areas (math, reading,  writing, etc)?


Thanks !


susmi80 2011-03-16 07:03:08


My daughter studied at ROOTS to WINGS, Srinagar colony:

The principal Mr Vishwanathan is friendly and talk to parents to understand more about the child. My daughter went to both DEVELOPING ROOTS and EMERGING WINGS in this school.

Typically Nursery(EMERGING WINGS) has lot of FUN book for every month. They give a sheet to parents that explains the skills that are taught to kids every month. There is a parent-teacher meeting every month/quarter to review the progress of the child(progress report is shown to you with comments). The teachers are open to discussion at any give time. They are very helpful and understanding.

There are two books that they need to complete every month. FUN at School and FUN at home. They teach alphabets(A-Z), numbers(1-10), basic hygeine, traffic signals, post office, tailor, park, school, etc etc.... Teaching is not in traditional way. They follow concepts in teaching them through fun books.

My daughter never had any problem with the school as such. Their teaching method is easy to grasp for my child.

You can talk to Mr Vishwanathan, and have a visit to the school. You cancontact him at 040 66626678 or 9391005908.


AvRao 2011-03-16 13:08:06


Hi Sushmi

Thank you so much!




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