Help needed for finding good schools for 8th and 4th grader - Mid Term admission

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indibandi 2016-11-15 20:01:36


Hello everyone,

We are moving to Hyderabad  from Jaipur in December 2016 and are seeking admission for our daughters in Grade 4 and 8 respectively in the current academic session only. They have been following the cambridge curriculum in their current school till now. However, we are open to both IB/ CBSE now.

Since we would be taking rented accommodation so school location would not be a concern, though, we would prefer if we are able to get admission in some good school closer Hi-Tech city. 

Having gone through the reviews on parent tree and some other forums, we have already applied in the commonly suggested ones i.e. Oakridge, Chirec, Sancta Maria etc. but are yet to hear from them. Since this would be a mid term transfer we are very stressed about finding a place in a good school for our elder daughter (grade 8) a very diligent and meritorious student in her present school.

Can someone please suggest some of the other good schools where we can apply so as to secure a place in a good value oriented school for our daughters.

Thanking everyone in advance for their time and support.

indibandi 2016-11-16 17:12:51


Dear Mickey ....and other senior forum members,
Would really appreciate if anyone can help with suggestions. We are really worried as we have only received a reply from Meridian as yet and going through the posts here I'm not too sure we'll be able to cope with it.
Thanks again


srid27 2016-11-16 20:49:24


I am not sure if you called the schools yet as it's mid term better to call the schools directly and confirm. I'm sure most of the schools from your list might accept

indibandi 2016-11-16 22:27:49


Thanks Srid 27,
Tried calling some of them...but no response. Sentia has declined saying that it does not have vacancy.
However, will  call up the others again. Hope to have some luck this time....will bother you guys again in case we get a go ahead from any of the schools. We'll reach Hyd in the first week of December..hope things will work out better in person :)



srid27 2016-11-17 00:55:46


If you are ok with high fee structure, I'm guessing International schools might have a vacancy like Sreenidhi, ISH . ISH is actually open year round for admissions. 
you could also try Rockwell International .

srid27 2016-11-17 01:03:31


If you are ok with high fee structure, I'm guessing International schools might have a vacancy like Sreenidhi, ISH . ISH is actually open year round for admissions. 
you could also try Rockwell International .

mickey 2016-11-17 20:33:58


Hi Latika( Indibandi),

I can understand your concern. Pls don't  worry. I am sure you could get admission for your daughters in Hyd. 

International Schools with IB would be too expensive. Meridian is also quite exoensive. As you daughters have studied in Jaipur, I think you could opt for good CBSE schools as well. Midterm admissions are a bit difficult but not impossible. You could try in schools like :-

Green Gables Intl( Madhapur- HiTech city). It is a decent school with a balance of academics and extra- curricular activities and a nominal fee structure.

CGR Intl - Madhapur ...

Manipal Hillside Academy( Pearson's Group) - Jubilee Hills....

Vista School ( Pearson's Group)...

Chances are bright in Vista. Though new, the school is picking up and  has good teachers for higher grades as well. I got the feedback from one of my friends who works in Pearson's Group School.

Apart from these, you could try in Vikas Concept School in Miyapur.



Sony123 2016-11-22 19:56:20


Hi Mickey ,

Iam also sailing in the Same boat as indibandi....we are planning to relocate from blore to hyd by dec and was looking for admission for my son who's studying in Ryan International school blore in 5th grade .He is currently studying the icse curriculum and hence I'm ok with either icse/cbse syllabus.please lemme know about Phoenix greens and Manthan Bcoz they seem to be relatively very new for higher grades ... And howz the possibility of getting admission in future kids?? I was very impressed with FKS but not sure if I can get a seat??

iam planning to come to Hyderabad in second week and visit some please can you give me a list of top 5 if you had to o choose so that I can plan my short trip according to that(Chirac and oak ridge kind of schools is a big no Bcoz I know how these multinationals operate😬).

thanks in advance 


indibandi 2016-11-24 08:21:42


Hi Sony,
we are also going to Hyderabad for a day to find out about the schools.
also what are your reservations about Oakridge. we have been called for an assessment/observation for my elder daughter. till now i had received good reviews about we were kind of looking forward to it.
Also Mickey, Srid27 and others....what would be your take on Oakridge vs Sancta Maria?...which one is better for higher grades?
Thanks a tonne,


Sony123 2016-11-24 11:23:09


Hi I had a discussion with the oakridge ppl and trust me they are charging ridiculously high.. I don't think it's worth to just pay the exorbitant fees just for the sake of status symbol..the annual fees including food and transport along with tuition fees for grade 6 is 4.25 lacs per annum .. And I have the mail from school Regdg the I don't feel it's worth for cbse curriculum....Bcoz I can spend half the money in a good school and remaining I can invest in a better coaching/sports training rather than depending on school alone.and it's completely my views..

pls keep me posted on which school u decided for ur kids as it will give me some insight...


Sony123 2016-11-24 11:27:16


@indibandi...Also pls lemme know about meridian if u happen to visit there as I am also looking for schools preferably in and around Madhapur.

srid27 2016-11-29 14:45:23


@Indibandi , Hope you made a decision . Please share your experience if you visited any schools

AmitJain07 2016-12-01 23:20:37


Hi, I am too relocating from Bangalore and looking out for good schools near hitech city (Grade 7 and 8). I will be visiting Hyderabad on 4th and 5th. Please let me know if someone else is also visiting during that time.


indibandi 2016-12-02 18:26:12


Hi everyone, Still struggling with schools....we visited oakridge on 28th and gave the test..both kids were offered a place..elder one got a place in cbse 8th grade and were asked to submit the security before 3rd...but are still in two minds whether to submit the same or not considering the steep it really worth it?.. We'll be reaching Hyd tomorrow and hope to be able yo look at some other cbse schools...has anyone else finalised something?

Titli9 2017-02-03 11:43:20


What did you guys finally decide on? I'm currently in hyd checking out for my kids in IX and IV - any advice will be really useful

indibandi 2017-02-03 15:14:30


Hi Titli9, We finally settled on Glendale for the foll reasons a) after getting a no from chirec, dps and future kids and visit to oakridge (which said yes) soneone reffered glendale to us and we quite liked it atleast in terms of overall development but in a slightly more grounded manner b) Glendale offers a lot of sports which was important for my younger one C) we took it as time being arrangement for our elder one till we find a better opportunity...however must say that they have really helped our kids settle down well. Regards


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