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 Former member 2016-11-15 11:28:22


Hello there,
im looking for nursery admission for my daughter, she is now 2.6 yrs. i have tried dps in madhapur, but they will shift from 3rd grade to chandapur location, chinmaya in begumpet dont have nursery, i still have to visit global edge. im looking around begumpet and madharpur. kindly suggest me good school around.

somal 2016-11-15 11:46:14


HPS Begumpet admissions are open now...why dont you give it a try? I know that HPS Ramnthapur takes from class 1 but thats not the case I suppose with the Begumpet branch.

 Former member 2016-11-15 12:00:35


are you sure that it has nursery? but in web im seeing from 1st grade only. 

 Former member 2016-11-16 12:07:02


Please Help Me ,anyone? im looking for the cbse school from nursery to X in the city.

 Former member 2016-11-16 12:20:10


Hi hemanu HPS begumpet is ICSE board and starts from nursery, HPS ramanathpur is CBSE and it starts from class 1. Admission are open in both schools.

 Former member 2016-11-16 12:25:11


Thanks Panda, but my wife is not interested in icse, she wants our kid join in CBSE only.;-(. Niraj school dont have play ground. its just a block of building,upgraded Sister niveditha school. chinmayi dont give nursery admissions. tough time for me

 Former member 2016-11-16 14:27:37


OK hemanu No problem. U can join ur child in any school nearby ur home for nursery then from next year u try for lkg. Lkg in CBSE schools is the gate way to enter. U would find many best schools regarding lkg admission starting from Nov onwards. There will b no problem to start from lkg. nursery has no problem whatever school u prefer. Choice is urs. My opinion is don't spend too much money in nursery try from lkg onwards. All the best to u.

 Former member 2016-11-16 14:31:38


Thanks Panda for your suggestion, yes, everybody telling me to dont spend on nursery. i had to study in 5 different institutes to complete X. i have only daughter, i dont want her to roam entire city to complete the school. thats why im looking for one school for her entire schooling. 

 Former member 2016-11-16 15:00:12


I agree hemanu. Same for me. I skdo have only one daughter.But if u r not getting nursery in ur desired school then u have to do this. 1 year doesn't make any difference. U can continue 12 years of education up to class 10 in ur fav school or which u r looking for. I am too want good school for my daughter from class 1-10 . so I'm looking all the good schools. Wasting money in nursery is a bad idea. My daughter studied nursery in one school then contuing 2 years lkg and ukg in another school as I don't have any CBSE schools nearby. As she was too small to travel so long so I preferred school nearby my home. As she will b 5 in march I'm looking good school to continue her whole academic. Think again and take decision wisely.

 Former member 2016-11-16 15:10:29


Then i had to choose between sister nivedita school n niraj public school for backup plan ,Both are from nursery,

 Former member 2016-11-16 15:29:50


Edit: I just heard about Sister nive.. They don't care primary students at all. aaya's will manage . also they will give punishments n beat some times. 

somal 2016-11-18 10:11:33


what about DPS? Have you enquired there?

somal 2016-11-18 10:12:58


Niraj is again ICSE i think...pl check . The fees is also quite high and the standard I heard from my fellow colleagues whose kids are in higher classes is noty that great. I was told that they have very less writing practice even in higher classes as readymade notes system is there. Iam not sure how it is now though.

 Former member 2016-11-18 10:40:21


My plan was, i currently stay in vidyanagar, wanted to relocate near dk road,ameerpet, so that i wanted to get admission in RBShool, but RBS will follow their own syllabus till 5th, from 6th state syllabus. i hated that. trying near begumpet schools, geethanjali admissions are over(went yday). chinmayi dont have nursery. yes i heard about niraj thing what you said. sister nivedhita is not good for primary( i got feedback from multiple parents). coming to dps hitec city(which will be near to my office), they will shift from 3rd grade to chanda nagar branch. after all this is franchise. i dont like the current school at hitec. but admission fee is 15000, will be 25000 after 3 months. i had to visit at global edge today and take decision. but dunno any fee structure of global edge. but i heard it lacks play ground. im ok with that, only if they give good fee structure. about himayath nagar n narayanguda schools, oxford and howard schools visited yday. but i dont think paying that much fee around 70k for howard for same building n locality like sister nivdhita, i dont like oxford locality at all. these area's more prone to dengue n maleria.(lower tank bund area). i may end up with global edge if school is hygiene and good at academics too. the other dps miyapur,sec. will be far from work place. 

 Former member 2016-11-18 14:28:30


Global edge moved new location with small play ground in 100 ft road. school dont have nursery. 

neelu1234 2016-12-08 21:58:09


Please find info on admission dates for few schools I am looking for..
1. Bhavans Jubille Hills Filmnagar   20th Dec 2016 - 24th Dec 2016
2. Bhavans Atmakuri Ramarao School26th Dec - Jan 2 2017
3. Obulreddy11-Dec 2016 - 16th Dec 2016  
4. DAV Public School Miyapur16th Dec - 17th Dec
 6. Jubilee Hills Public School5th Dec - 10th Dec
7. MVMAdmission Forms available online 
8. Geetanjali DevakulStarted from Dec1st  
9. Geetanjali Primary  SchoolStarted from Nov 1st  
10. Silver Oaks12th Dec - 11.30AM..(Have to register online for school tour)
11. Genesis                                             Begins in January
12. Chinmaya10th,11th,12th Dec 
please visit respective websites for more information


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