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pria223 2010-07-19 23:45:21



 Hi Mickey,

We are on verge of buying house in Kondapur area further to JHS.I need information on affordable good schools in and around Kondapur of 7km radius.I have 2yr girl. Only if there are good school with affordable fees structure around 20-30k only then we would shift to Kondapur area. Please need your advice urgently.

mickey 2010-07-20 10:55:52


Hello Pria,

The first one which comes to my mind is MVM(Maharshi Vidya Mandir) at Kondapur.

It’s good and easy on pocket too and will be in your budget. The school is from LKG . You can see its reviews too in this forum by using the search engine. It has all the facilities and infrastructure that a school requires. My elder daughter too studied in this school for 3 yrs long back(i.e from Jun 2001 to   Apr 2004). In 2000 there were hardly any schools in that area. But over the years, it has improved. My friend's children are still continuing in the same school. Her son is in 8th now and daughter in UKG. She is quite happy. I have read in one of the reviews sometime back that the teachers are changing often. But that should not be problem for you right now. It must have been taken care of . You can always enquire about it.

In MVM , you can speak to Ms. Soumya on 040-23113196, 040-23111629

As such your daughter is only 2 now and you will have to join her in a playschool. Minimum age for Lkg is 3.3 to 3.5 yrs for CBSE board. But its better you join her at 4 or at 3.5+. It should be 4 preferably so that the child is active and does not feel stressed  out.

Right now she can join in a nearby playschool.  I have read good reviews about Little Einsteins at Kondapur in this forum from a parent (Prabha) whose kid is in the same playschool(Preschool) cum daycare. Your daughter can continue Nursery in the same Pre-school.

You can try for LKG next year (Nov'11) in MVM or Vignan. They will be in your budget .  Address of  Vignan  is

VignanVidyalayamHigh School at Phase 2, BHEL-HIG, Madinaguda , Chanda Nagar, Hyderabad 500050 . You can speak to Mrs .Ramani  in front office- (040-23041856) .

You can alternatively put her in Eurokids at Madhapur. It is also very good. My friend's daughter went to that school from Kondapur for two years before she joined BVB. Her daughter liked the school very much and wanted to go on holidays too. I heard the play area is small. Just have a look at Eurokids too. It will be your budget .

You can see SStomar's review too in the below link about MVM.

You can see prabha531 's review and also get in touch with her through this post or parentree's inbox to know more about Little Einsteins. They have transport, food and daycare facility too. Its at ShilpaPark, Kondapur.

 I would suggest you now to put her in a nearby playschool  preferably in Eurokids or little Einsteins. Get convinced with their facilities and the school. Then try for MVM next  year  as MVM doesn't have a playschool .



pria223 2010-07-21 16:06:15


 Thank you so much Mickey for the information .It was of gr8 help to us.



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