Reviews about Global Edge (Madhapur) and Jain Toddlers (Kondapur)

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MG2016 2016-11-14 12:29:35


Hello Everyone,
I have been reading reviews about Global Edge and Jain Toddler, and both the schools have got mixed reviews. Most reviews are dated, they are all five years old review feedback. Can someone please post their honest reviews (recent ones), their experience with these schools, teacher-student interaction, curriculum, extracurricular activities, etc. I am looking for PP1/KG1 admission for my 3.5yr old daughter. Also, Abhor Internation school. Need to finalize the school by end of November. Any advice, comments, will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

siva99 2017-01-11 12:09:50


I joined my son in Jain toddler initially to day care for period of 3 months (Jan to Mar) though the school insisted to join him in LKG. I wud also suggest you to do the same initially as it will not eat your money and no capitation for the day care except application fees. Later I gained my sons confidence and liking to the campus\teachers, I put him for Pre nursery in the same school. The fees for Pre nursery here inclusive of admission fees comes around 1 lac. The school starts around 9 AM, 9-9.30 Breakfast, 11 AM Snacks, 12.30 Lunch. the teacher ratio for pre nursery is 1:5 since there is no significant admission which was exagerated by the accountant in the campus (Kondapur) that the seats are filling fast, block your seat, etc usual marketing. 
However I judged this school through my son, he liked it hence I paid it. They do not have any franchisees other than AP\Telengana\KA. Particularly I happened to move to TN, I ended up paying another admission feees in the other school in TN. 
HEnce I request you if you are moving, plan for the long term as well. 



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