Looking for best schools in nanakramguda

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Sindha 2016-11-13 19:44:54


Hello Parents, can anyone help with best schools in nanakramguda...has anyone heard about Keystone School?

sukuv 2016-11-14 10:07:54


Are you looking at Nanakramguda only? or nearby places like Kokapet, Gachibowly and Kondapur also?

In Nakaram guda there are Gadium (Their Main school is in Kollur only till pp-2 is in Nanakramguda), DPS and Okridge.
There is Manthan in Tellapur
There Phoenix green, Rockwell and Future kids in kokapet
Chirec, Arbor and other schools in Kondapur

These are some of the better schools I can say nearby Nanakramguda



12asd 2016-11-14 10:42:50


Hi Sindha,
This is Naveena. I work as an academic counselor in Keystone School. It is a proposed CIE school and uses project approach to teach the kids. The school is open for admissions now and it has classes from nursery  grade 6. Besides the project approach, the main highlights of this school are the integrated form of learning, social emotional learning, in house training and evaluation of teachers for better results, incorporating experts and guest lectures besides teachings in real time environs. Why don't you pay a visit to school? You can contact me on 040 6944 4999 if there any concerns.

Sindha 2016-11-14 10:47:17


Thank you Suresh for the inputs

Sindha 2016-11-14 10:48:48


Hi Naveena,
Thank you for your response, I am new to these curriculums, wanted to know what is CIE. Is this an international school?
How far is it from Nanakramguda?



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