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Paulomi22 2016-11-05 14:30:56


We visited gaudium gachibowli and although it is like in the middle of a village, the school was pretty impressive. Fees including transport come to 1340000 for pp1 which is the least I have found till date. This is excluding one time fees and uniforms, books etc Pros: 27 acre campus coming up in Kollur. It's 15 to 20 kms from gachibowli. Monday to Friday school 8 30 to 3 30. Includes nap time for kids Has daycare facilities. Two slots - 3 to 6 and 3 to 8. Promoters are Aurobindo pharmaceuticals With the huge campus, it could be the next oak Ridge some 7 to 8 years? Cambridge syllabus and can choose CBSE or igcse after 4th (or 6th, not sure) standard Had some pets on ground and kids seemed really happy Reasonably priced as it's just started Cons Management (or the person in charge) could not explain their academics in detail. Was talking more about teaching kids sharing and caring etc. Just one year of active functioning. Will it live up to its plans? Very far. Out of the city. Rockwell Fees (excluding one time fees) 204000 compared to 134000 for gaudium Pros Not as far as gaudium Management explained academics better and seemed well informed Although the campus is small, well lit and ventilated. Kids looked happy. Has been functioning since 7 to 8 years and had their first 10th batch pass out last year. Monday to Friday 8 30 to 3 30 Cons Expensive compared to gaudium and the difference in fees is just because they are well established compared to just starting up for gaudium Small campus Personally I am inclined towards rockwell but considering gaudium because it's so close to where I live for pre primary. But then it will be way too far. But what made me incline towards rockwell was that the management showed us the books and actually talked about the teaching methodology etc. They sounded informed while gaudium sounded vague. Still to decide....

Paulomi22 2016-11-05 14:33:14


134000 for gaudium. Added one more zero by mistake!

srid27 2016-11-06 13:16:03


Gaudium follows IB syllabus as per their website and my email interaction. Didn't know they had IGCSE as well. Also they are still PYP candidate and have another 1.5 years to get IB approved.

Paulomi22 2016-11-06 18:55:16


From what i understood, they follow the IB way of teaching till the time the kid chooses CBSE or IGCSE. There are very few schools in Hyderabad that are pure IB. As far as i know, Future Kids (and maybe Samishti) is one of those. 

I did not know that they are not IB approved yet. 
DId you decide on a school?


srid27 2016-11-06 22:49:09


Yes they are IB PYP candidate and they listed it on their website .They do not plan to have MYP program yet. IB PYP approval takes 3 years from the start of the school so they are halfway there.
Is their campus fully ready ? What's your opinion on their safety and do you have any idea on number of kids enrolled currently ?

srid27 2016-11-06 23:09:46


and here is the list of IB schools in India including Hyderabad.
As of now, I am leaning towards Rockwell because its location,Integrated curriculum, not very new and slightly affordable compared to IB schools.

Paulomi22 2016-11-07 10:10:40


I am leaning towards Rockwell too for the same reason. We will be visiting Gaudium main campus next weekend probably and will put an update here over the questions you had. 

srid27 2016-11-07 11:09:00



am36889 2016-11-07 11:12:40


Thanks Paulomi. When i visited Rockwell, fees structure was not out for year 2017-18. All they said was there will be an increase of abt 30 to 50 % next year. So did the admissions start for year 2017-18? How much is the one time admission fee?

Paulomi22 2016-11-07 12:43:15


I dont have the break up with me right now but it comes to 208000 per year excluding uniforms, books, shoes etc. They do not have an admission fee or donation. You pay the fees only once you decide to take admission Gaudium was open to admissions without any interaction with the kid. That makes me feel that they may not be in demand as much. Rockwell had an interaction (very general esp as my kid is shy and refused to speak a word) but it's more a chat with parents Manthan had a proper test where they ask the kid to colour and choose alphabets etc. I haven't visited manthan this year.

sukuv 2016-11-12 23:42:23


Dear Paulomi22, were you able to speak any parent from rockwell. I am impressed with their infrastructure. But did not get any details about teach quality etc.


Paulomi22 2016-11-13 07:14:07


I did meet a couple of parents whose kids were studying in rockwell. In our apartments. They were happy with the school. Said the school's focus is more on overall development and not only academics. Like they make sure everything kid is involoved in publishing speaking etc. I could not visit gaudium main campus yet as my kid is running fever. So that would go to next week now.

sukuv 2016-11-13 16:39:08


Thanks Paulomi22 for the update. Good to know that Rockwell puts focus on the kids overall development. Were you able to identify the following from them. It would be beneficial to me if you can answer the following as I am seriously considering to join my kid there for pp-2

1) How is the teacher quality there? Do they give regular training to teacher with changing trends?
2) Do they update their curriculum yearly as both IGCSE and CBSE update their curriculum regularly?
3) Do they put emphasis equally both on academics and extra curricular activities? Do they participate in inter school competitions?
4) Do they try to improve communication skills, english speaking skills, Presentation and leader ship skills as it happens in Chirec and other reputed schools?
5) How much fees they increase year on year



Paulomi22 2016-11-13 18:17:34


The teachers are qualified a minimum of B.Ed and are experienced is what they told me when I asked I think they do update the curriculum as they told me that they recently updated the pp1 curriculum to include 3 letter words. This was when I asked them if i should make my kid repeat pp1 or go to pp2 as he falls in the November December birth date where he can be eligible for both. They then told me that their curriculum has vastly changed for pp1 and it's always better to be in the elders in class that the youngest and then in later years face pressure to cope up. I don't know how regularly they change their syllabus though. I didn't ask about interested school competitions specifically but they place emphasis on both is what the parents said. The ones in my apartments. There were elder kids practicing for volleyball when I went there so I guess there may be competitions. Not sure. Leadership skills. Yes, I have heard. I think English speaking skills are targeted in all schools and they were of the opinion that its emphasised more in igcse syllabus thand CBSE. As it contains English literature that's a much higher level. 10 percent for existing students is what they claim. But all schools I know fall in the 10-15 percent range, usually. They have a sibling discount in case you have more than one kid that may enroll later. Not sure how much it is though as they said it changes every year

sukuv 2016-11-14 09:58:26


Thanks for Paulomi22 for quick and Detailed response. I am planning to visit Rockwell today, I will post my observations and updates after my visit


sukuv 2016-11-14 16:22:08


I visited Rockwell today thinking I will be able to meet some existing parents. Unfortunately I am not able to meet parents as the kids has holiday due to children day.

I felt school has good infrastructure though the campus is little small. They have basket ball court , skating rink and cricket (Practice net) and some open ground. Looks like they are maintaining school very clean and they give importance to hygiene

The fee for pp-2 is 138000 - Tuition fee, 30000 - food fee(Includes breakfast, Lunch & Evening snack) and 36000 - Transport fee. They are going to increase fee 8-10 % year on year

I was told  (By school counselor) they give regular training to teachers to upgrade the skill set and they update the curriculum also periodically. Also I was told They give emphasis on academics, Extra curricular activities and showcasing skills.

I may visit once again to meet existing parents and principal (or any higher up)


am36889 2016-11-15 08:33:09


hi Suresh,
Did they say any admission fee for this year in Rockwell? I mean the donation or building fund the schools would call :)


Paulomi22 2016-11-15 09:53:33


No separate admissions fee for rockwell. 204000 is the total cost for pp1 including transport and food. See the main post.

am36889 2016-11-15 10:05:47


thanks Paulomi. I did see the main post, but just trying to get it confirmed once more. There was admission fee until last year, so was pretty skeptical.

Manish123 2016-11-15 10:39:02


Hi All

 I have visited both Rockwell and Gaudium and really confused which one to choose. Both schools seem to be maintaining good balance between academics and extracurricular activities. The big question is fees, while Rockwell comes to about 200,000 per annum including all; Gaudium is around 140,000 plus admission fees of 100,000. In the 1st year Gaudium might look expensive but going forward the increment base for Gaudium will be 140,000 and Rockwell will be 200,000.

Please share your views if its worth spending extra 60,000 per year for PP1 kids?


am36889 2016-11-15 10:48:44


hi Manish,
Do think about the distance. Rockwell main campus is easily reachable than the Gaudium main campus. Again depends upon where you re located.

sukuv 2016-11-15 12:36:35


Hi Manish,

Even I am impressed with Gadium. But they don't have much history when compared with Rockwell. Also kid has to travel daily on ORR to go to Gadium Kollur campus which is very risky proposition. That's why ruling out Gadium.

I am seriously considering Rockwell, but I would like to meet existing parents before finalizing it. Let me know if you have more details about Rockwell



Manish123 2016-11-15 14:13:03


I have heard positive feedback on Rockwell but I want to meet few parents before finalizing on it. I agree Gaudium is really far in comparison to Rockwell but another aspect that I thought of is the campus size of Gaudium. Its huge and may be in future it will provide greater facility to students. Also coz its new they are charging 1.4L but once it become famous it might turn out to be best school in Hyderabad coz of the size. Also it sponsored by Aurobindo Pharma's 
But that's just my thought and a risky proposition. While personally even I am inclined towards Rockwell but just trying to think from all perspectives.


Paulomi22 2016-11-15 14:17:48


Manish that was my exact thought process. Even I am inclined towards rockwell because it's established and also the distance. I guess I may finally decide on that given my risk averse temparament. My deciding factor is also the thought that of gaudium becomes the next oak Ridge in ten years, would I regret not sending my kid there. Probably not. Your answer to that can guide your decision.

MomofV24 2016-11-16 13:03:41


Hi Suresh, I'm also interested in Rockwell for my daughter (Grade I). In case you get to know any additional feedback/information, please post it. Also,if you meet parents, then let me know their feedback too. Thanks, Vishnupriya

fortune 2016-11-24 16:14:25


Hi Paulomi22
Could you meet any parents of Rockwell or Gaudium? I am also in same state where want to decide the school for high grade. Please share if you get any more info.

sukuv 2016-12-09 19:18:19


Last week I visited both Rock well and Gadium Kollur campus.

Gadium: I am impressed by their campus (Campus is getting ready yet to be fully functional), methodology and other things. They also told me that they are going to grow fields with vegetable etc. Students will be encouraged to go to fields and understand things first hand. They said they are going to care nature.  But still I am ruling out school as Kid has to travel daily more than 20 kilo meters daily. But if you don't mind kid traveling daily 20 KMs (On ORR service road), it might be good option.

Rockwell: I met couple of parents there on that day. But they did not talk much as most of them were in hurry to go home. One parent was kind enough to spend 5 minuets. (if I remember correctly their kids are studying in 4th and 8th grades and They are going to that school for last 4 years). She said the school is very good, they give emphasis on all round development. even kids participate in inter school competitions. I almost decided to join my kid there

But yesterday I cam to know that Sriram school ( is coming to Hyderabad and functional from next academic year. They are establishing this school in collaboration with Shriram schools delhi and Gurgaon (Which is one of the best school in India).  it's just 3.5 KMs from my home. I will visit that school as well, may be tomorrow and decide.


Paulomi22 2016-12-09 20:51:10


We visited both the places on the same day and my husband liked gaudium and me rockwell. My only concern with gaudium was (apart from the distance) that they stressed more on learning with fun instead of talking about actual academics. I want a school that is atleast 60:40 on academics versus other development. After a point of time, the kids will have to face the same education system that we all did. So as much as I don't believe in mugging up subjects, learning with fun should not be taken too far to the extreme too. My idea of the school is that it should have learning with fun but also emphasize that studies are a must, and you have to figure out how you will have fun. Inculcating a certain sense of discipline as far as studies are concerned, is better if learnt sooner than later. I am not convinced over gaudium on that respect. In incorporating modern way of learning, will they manage to inculcate the same level of discipline. They could but they don't have enough history to prove it. But we are still on a deadlock like couples usually are when they discuss :)

srid27 2016-12-15 12:06:31


@sukuv, Did you visit TSUS ? Any reviews ? I&m not able to contact them.

jan2012 2016-12-15 14:07:33


Is Gaudium negotiating for their one time fees? I heard they are giving some discounts etc..

Have visited TSUS, they have taken the campus on lease for 30 years or so and they are making changes to it. However, the counsellor told everything is controlled by TSUS Delhi. Also, they are starting with CBSE first and then will think about IB etc. 
They are very unsure about lot of things and things are still getting set up.

Their fees is around 1.4 excluding food and transport  (for which they are not sure as the transport and nutrition people are still not on board.). I could foresee a lot of operational issues in the initial years, did not want to take that risk.


Paulomi22 2016-12-15 15:29:43


thanks jan2012. I also heard gaudium is giving discounts on their one time fees. infact they called us to say that if we pay in last week November, they would give a discount. one of my friends got a 50k discount for last year. I am still unsure over gaudium given its distance and will it be able to handle academic quality for higher level classes


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