Silver oaks hyderabad admission for 2017-18 for PPI

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mkbhatta 2016-11-04 18:47:35


I heard PP1 admission already started for silver oaks.
There is registration for  school tour & its closed now.
Anybody visited school tour ?

pinesh 2017-01-02 15:27:13


Hi Manoj (mkbhatta),

I have visited the school tour and got admission confirmation for my son into PP-2.  But I haven't paid fees yet.

Do you have any further query on this school then you can post it here or directly to me.


formylilprinces 2017-01-31 14:04:18


what is the fee structure plz?

pinesh 2017-02-09 19:42:57


formylilprinces, it will cost you approx. 1.25 to 1.35 lakhs including everything (except food, which they don't offer)

 Former member 2017-06-15 00:04:54


can anyone help me know how to get admission into silver oaks now?

pinesh 2017-06-15 12:12:34


Hi keerthipriya,
I would suggest you to contact admissions director in person and request her to grant admission for your child.
If they may have any transfer or any availability, then they may offer you.
All the best.


 Former member 2017-06-16 13:43:15


@pinesh Thank you

Sowmya1 2017-06-17 11:13:59


Hi  pinesh, can u tell what is the time to approach silver oaks for admission into UKG for 2018?

pinesh 2017-06-17 12:32:54


Hi Sowmya1,
For UKG admissions, generally they start in Oct-Nov months.
Better to get in touch with school in Oct month if you want to start early and don't want to loose chance at any cost and pre-determined to go for Silveroaks only.
Admissions in Silveroaks start by filling online form for school visit only. Generally they open up registrations in December, whose details are given in November month.
So keep in touch with school and this forum where other parents will start posting their updates from Oct-Nov months.
You have enough time as of now to do your research and finalize school if you are open for other options.


Sowmya1 2017-06-17 14:12:42


Thank u pinesh, currently I am having the following schools in my mind:
1. Creek, Kukatpally (Neptune Campus)
2. Tatva in Gajularamaram
3. Silver Oaks
4. Global Edge Kukatpally
Unable to decide among these, please do suggest.


pinesh 2017-06-17 17:11:39


Sorry Sowmya1.  I don't have any idea about the schools mentioned by you other than Silver Oaks.
Since I had short listed not many of the other big schools, was only interested in Silver Oaks, Oakridge, Kennedy, Sanghamita, DAV, DPS, BVB, etc schools only, so I didnt inquired abt many other schools.  So out of the ones mentioned by you, I wanted to have in Silver Oaks, DAV and Sanghamitra only.  For Sanghamitra, it was lottery, didnt got thru. for DAV, they replied late but later on DAV offered admission, but I preferred Silver Oaks over it.  That's my story.
Don't look into too many schools, else you will get more confused since not all schools are best, not all are bad.  They all have equal good feedback, depends on how you look into them for your child. Parents from these schools also change their child after 1-2 years since later on they feel their school lacks something, so all the children keeps rotating in these all schools, just like we keep changing job between 5-10 companies only  :-) 
All the best for your research.


cseetara 2017-08-25 21:49:21


Hi Pinesh,

Thanks for providing the valuable information.

I am currently relocating to Hyd and looking for mid-session admission for my kid currently studying in 2nd Standard.
I spoke with
  • Oakridge, Bachupally - They said they would interact with kid and confirm admission. (yet to reach-out school)
  • DPS, Bachupally - No vacancy for mid-session admission.
Reg, other schools, I did not really get in touch with them personally yet.

But based on reviews, I am thinking of  CBSE board schools 1) Silver Oaks, Bachupally, 2) Oakridge, Bachupally 3) Sanskriti, Kondapur (DPS is no more in list).

Since I saw you did research on these schools for admission, May I ask you any suggestions like - comparatively which school is the better in terms of their curriculum (on overall development of child) and gives more value for fee we pay.

Also, please advise if you have any such other decent schools in mind around Chandanagar, Miyapur, Bachupally, Kondapur.

Thanks in advance.


 Former member 2017-08-26 08:36:12


Seetaram , if silver oaks accept mid admission go for it .. it is best value for money . You may consider Kennedy global , Sentia, Vikas concept school , oakrigdge in that order 

pinesh 2017-08-26 12:03:41


cseetara, I agree skash1,
I would 1st prefer Silver Oaks. I have personally felt a great difference in my child's communication and behavior after going to school.  Earlier he wasn't ready to talk to us in English, but now after spending 3 months in school, he doesn't want to talk in Hindi, and asks us to talk to him in English only.
Now he is behaving much mature & disciplined in terms of fooding, daily activities, not arguing much, disciplined, organized, etc.
I don't deny that other schools are not good, but I just updated my experience. 
Other schools also might be equivalently good.  Try getting admissions in the schools mentioned by me and skash1 in given order of preference, which most of parents follow.
Cost wise kennedy & oakridge are high, whereas silver oaks & sentia are average.  Avoid Vikas as last, since at present they are not concentrating on quality education but just filling up their seats, not getting good feedback, but its good for very affordable education.
All the best.


cseetara 2017-08-28 00:36:44


Thank you very much skash1 and pinesh for the info.

11894 2017-11-17 22:23:54


Hi Pinesh/skash1,

Can you please provide some information about the curriculum/syllabus followed in silver oaks? And teaching methodology?
I did not find any info in their site. Also talked to a parent, they are also confused about CBSE/IB etc. 

Thanks in advance.

 Former member 2017-11-19 07:55:35


1-6 IB
after wards it s CBSE

11894 2017-11-20 00:21:55


Thanks aksah1

If some one wants to continue with IB curriculum till 12th,  does this school support? Will it help to sit for IGCSE or IB diploma ?



udaym 2017-11-20 00:34:29


Hi, We stay in the Chirec/Kondapur area. And hence we are planning to consider World One school for our kid, who will be eligible for LKG from next academic year. Any feedback on this school? How good it is w.r.t the likes of BVB, Arbor, TSUS, FutureKids, JH.PublicSchool, Sangamitra, ObulReddy School & Silver Oaks (I know, few of the evils in this list are older than WorldOne, but just wanted to consider the student development over age of the school) Avoided Chirec(though it is just adjacent to our apartment) because it's admission procedure is not transparent!

 Former member 2017-11-20 11:12:22


i feel silver oaks is giving the best of both IB/CBSE ..  IB MYP is very costly , though there are demands for that they have not yet made 

issaq 2017-12-02 06:25:14


I am looking for my daughter admission in grade 1, what is the fee structure for Silver Oaks? I live near S.R Nagar looks like Bachupally campus will be very far not sure distance will be a criteria to consider for kids as they're are very young.

 Former member 2017-12-02 12:09:09


I don€™t think they even have transport.. even if they have it is long for 1 st class .. If you are seyaboir silver oaks u need to change house

Nag999 2017-12-03 14:00:30


Is that easy for a kid to switch from IB to CBSE from 7th std?

 Former member 2017-12-03 14:57:44


Yep I see many kids in my gated community 

Nag999 2017-12-03 22:06:51


Hi sir, if u don't mind can you suggest some peaceful gated community nearby silveroaks so that we will plan to move from gachibowli ,if at all admission is given?

 Former member 2017-12-04 08:04:03


Hillcounty is best for school distance .. if not vertex pleasant or prestige or prime or sadguru Krupa in the same order

 Former member 2017-12-04 08:04:22


Srm vinay as well

 Former member 2017-12-04 08:05:59


If u in gachibowli pls try Dps kahakaguda or chirec 

 Former member 2017-12-08 12:04:45


Hi, I am also planning to join my kid for class I standard in silver oaks,or DPS. i came to know in silver oaks it is bit difficult to get admission bcoz of limited seats. They will be interacting with the child or a basic test followed with a lottery system. Can any one pls help me regarding silver oaks fee structure...


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