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Singuluri 2016-10-31 20:05:46


Hi All,

              Any idea on sanghamitra school admission for the year of 2017-18 as my kid is just 2 years old now and planning to try for an admission on next year ( 2017-18). Please share if you know any..

chsp 2016-10-31 20:23:20


I heard they have already completed admissions for 2017 in July this year. Better call to school and check.

Singuluri 2016-10-31 20:45:45


sure, thanks for the update chsp

neelu1234 2016-11-15 14:25:31


They have already completed issuing admission forms in July itself for 2017-2018. I missed it too

 Former member 2016-11-15 14:31:34


If you are looking any other schools also, please let us know, im also trying for admissions.

Kushal2015 2017-02-15 23:45:44


Hi Singuluri Did you finalise any school for your kid? Even I have a 2yr (he will complete in April)old kid, I'm also looking into sangamitra school but I think our kids will have eligibility for 2018-19 academic year for LKG. Isn't right? What is the selection criteria for sangamitra school admission for LKG? Lottery or what?

pinesh 2017-02-16 01:09:28



Admissions for 2017-18 for Sanghamitra were closed on in Dec '16 1st week, for which forms were given in mid-July '16.

So if you want to try, for 2018-19 admissions, you need to keep watch for forms in July '17 and admissions will happen in Dec '17 for 2018-19 academic.

Admissions are purely on lottery and very to very heavy competition. 

I applied for UKG for my son for 2017-18 but didn't got through the lottery.  For 10 seats there were close to 1200 applications.  So just imagine about the popularity and competition to get into this school.

You can query me any other queries that you have for your child.  All the best. 


manikumar 2017-02-16 11:00:27


Kushal2015 your kid will eligible for nursery not lkg 18-19

Kushal2015 2017-02-16 12:58:36


@manikumar, Thanks for the info. How come nursery? By 2018 July his age will be like 3years 3months then he should be into LKG na? Really I don't know this age criteria concept, kindly explain me. Also are you referring to Sangamitra or for any other schools about this age criteria. What actions should I need to take abt my child studies.. should I join him in nursury in cmg academic year? His DOB is 16th April 2015 Thanks in advance.

Kushal2015 2017-02-16 13:14:14


Hi Pinesh, Thanks for your valuable information. I read all your replies yesterday. Apart from Sangamitra is there any good schools you refer near Our area( I stay near JNTU). Budget is like 50k PA. which school you finalised for your kid? Also what steps should I need to take further abt my kid school? His 17th April 2015 born. My idea is to join him in Nursury for this cmg academic year in near to my house like Bachpan or Sanskriti. For Next academic I will try for LKG. I shortlist Sangamitra, DAV Kukatpally/Miyapur, Sri chinna jeeyer Swamy school respectively. I need valuable openion on above schools also the upcmg steps.

pinesh 2017-02-17 00:18:57


Hi Kushal2015,

For your budget of approx 50k in JNTU, I don't have much idea abt that area, except for DAV Kukatpally (Vivekanand nagar). I visited and followed-up with that school many times, but they give only residents on Vivekanand Nagar colony only or if seats available then to residents of Kukatpally, and not to Miyapur or any other area.

DAV group is very good in education with budget fees and value for money this century too.

Else you can opt for Sanghamitra which is in Nizampet and near to KPHB/JNTU.  But getting into it is almost impossible as it's on lottery is completely not to rely on for child's future.  But you can attempt for it since it happens too early.  Else later on you can go to other schools.

It's good if you join him to nearby pre-school to make him habituated to school environment where rules are not strict and you or your wife can peep in for any help to child anytime, while learning food & bathroom habits with unknown environment.  Big schools will not allow anything between their timings.  There are many relaxations in pre-school over big school. 

I have got my son admitted into Silver Oaks in Bachupally.  I was looking for and interested preferably in Sanghamitra & DAV Miyapur, but didn't got admission.  I wanted only 3 schools, Sanghamitra, DAV-M and Silver Oaks, nothing else.  So opted for Silver Oaks.

You can also try for BVB, if distance isn't a concern for you.  I have done more analysis and research for schools in Bachupally, Miyapur, Bowrampet, since I live in this belt.

All the best.  Post me any of your queries, will be happy to guide you.


manikumar 2017-02-17 10:40:04


my daughter also in same age but this year. i have checked few schools and also age criteria for lkg in cbse is 3.6 by march.

Kushal2015 2017-02-17 12:49:33


@Pinesh Wonderful info. Thanks a ton for your help

Kushal2015 2017-02-17 12:50:09


@manikumar, Thank for the info

goud2020 2017-02-21 19:20:42



Can any one help me on fee structure of Sanghamitra school of LKG admission. I am looking for 2018-19  academic year admission. Thanks in advance!


pinesh 2017-02-21 21:35:58


Hi goud2020,

The fees for 2017-18 in Sanghamitra (for UKG, same for LKG) is as below-

Admission Fees = 25k

Term Fees - 12k * 3 terms = 36k

Transport - as per slabs = minimum 16.5k

Books+Dress = approx 5k

Form fees = approx 500 or 1000

Total around 83k to 85k


goud2020 2017-03-31 10:34:07


Thank you very much for your update. i hope admission will start at June 2017 right ?

pinesh 2017-03-31 13:28:58


Yes, most probably.

You can visit the school notice board mentioning the admission start date kept just on entrance security cabin.


arip 2017-05-31 19:42:09


Hi Pinesh,

Can you please help me with the review of Silver Oaks school, how is the education and overall extra curricular activities. I have my kid studing in Oakridge Bachupally and planning to shift him to another school. Budget in 1.5L per year including transport.

Also if you have any idea, can you please let me know what is the fee structure of Silver Oaks for UKG student / Standard 1 student including transport.

pinesh 2017-05-31 21:19:40


Hi arip/Dharmendra,

I would like to ask, why you want to change from Oakridge to Silver Oaks?
All details abt Silver Oaks fees are available on their website URL -
But presently they don't have any admissions open.  If you are still looking for it, you can contact the Admissions Manager.
Personally, I liked Silver Oaks very much, on all front it's very good, affordable, reasonable for IB education.
Activity wise I would say, Oakridge is best compared to any other school.


arip 2017-06-01 12:56:35


Hi Pinesh,

Thank you for the clarification, I am planning to change from next year onwards if needed. They have been increasing the fees in insane manner. When I joined my  kid in pp1, the fee was 1lakh 98k(1,98,000), now they increased it to 2lakh 20k (2,20,000), going by that percentage of hike in fee, if it happens every year, I am thinking would it be good to stick where one day the fee would come like 4lakh per year or something...

How does it work with Silver Oaks, how is the academic and extra curricular activities there. What is the process for them to increase the fee every year.

PS. The oakridge fee I have mentioned, included all tution fees + transport (excludes food)


pinesh 2017-06-01 14:26:13


Hi Dharam,

This year would be the 1st academic year for my son into UKG, hence I can only tell what I have heard as reviews from this forum and other parents whom I met in-person for feedback on this school.
No doubt, Silver Oaks is one of the best school for residents living in Miyapur area.
Academics and activity wise they are very good, as per the fees charged.  For UKG, they charged Rs. 1.25 lakhs including everything (except food, which they don't offer).  They mentioned that fees will be increased 10% every year.  So it can be expected for sure that atleast 10% hike will be there on most of all fees components.  Good part is that they don't have any donation, all fees goes towards child's education.  You can check on that link that I sent.  Although I am not happy with the Admission Fees of Rs. 12.5k which they charge every year.
After lot of analysis and discussions and reviews I had decided to admit my son in Silver Oaks.  Although I visited Oakridge but wasn't impressed by their counseling on education.  It was mere of fees and charges discussion only.  They weren't able to explain when will my kid study in the school.
Rest decision is upto you, review out your budget and future fees, which is difficult to speculate since schools fees are too high in Hyderabad compared to other cities where Rs. 1 lakh+ fees is justified, but not at all in Hyderabad.  Moreover, Govt decisions aren't favoring parents but only school management.  So you will find this high burden of fees in almost all good schools.
All the best.  Get in touch with me for any further queries and discussions.


arip 2017-06-01 21:24:39


Sure Pinesh, I will contact you soon, definitely the fees is little crazy in Oakridge. 1.5 lakh + 10% hike is fine which will be like 2 lakh after 5-6years which shall be okay to Manage.

Let me know your feedback after end of the year.

When do they generally initiate their admission for the given year? I am planning to apply in Sanghamitra and Silver Oaks for the next year. Hope they have bus services to Pragati Nagar as I stay in that area.

Shanghamitra being lottery system chances are very less.

Thanks a lot for taking the time in helping me out. If you don't mind, I may ask you for your contact number later so that I can have a word with you.

 Former member 2017-06-02 20:41:09


 do you know when is the orientation day for new admissions ?

pinesh 2017-06-02 23:18:53


Hi skash1,
The 1st day i.e. orientation day is different for each class. For my son in UKG, the orientation day is 28th June 2017.  For one of my friend's son in 1st std it's 19th June 2017.
When is for your child?

Hi arip,
For Sanghamitra, you need to be alert and keep visiting in June end week to July 1st week for notice on their notice board which will mention the date and time on which they will start issuing forms for next year, which would probably happen in Sep-Oct months and lottery may happen in Dec.
For Silver Oaks and many other schools, they generally start their admissions in Oct-Nov months.  You need to keep a tab on the dates to visit and schedule meetings with concerned authorities.
If you want to change now, then probably they may have few vacant seats from parents who took transfer or withdrawn after paying partial 1st installment fees and even before start of the academic year.  But I heard those seats are being offered on donation basis.  Just check it out yourself if you are interested, this might be rumor too.
You can email me on my id  Keep in touch. 


Lucky09 2017-06-13 17:05:57


Hi all, I find this site very useful as it serves as a platform for parents to know the latest updates regarding Various Schools in Hyd..Great going.. I am blessed with a DD who is in pp2 now, I am interested to join her at Sangamitra School for Class 1@2018, n i was asked to check the school website in 1st week of july reg admission forms..I would like to know the admission procedure for class 1, is it thru admission test n interview or lottery system, we r ready to relocate to miyapur if get the admission (i knw its rough).. pls advice.. Thank you all in advance!

arip 2017-12-09 18:53:58


Hi Pinesh,
This is Dharam here, parent of Arip. We spoke few months back.

If you are free, I would like to know your feedback about silver oaks school. I am considering to decide an option between The Creek, Kenedy Global and Silver Oaks.
Also if you have any reference, it would be great :)

pinesh 2017-12-10 00:30:42


Hi Dharam / arip

My son is about to complete his 1st year in Silver Oaks in UKG class.
We are very much satisfied with his progress in overall development of his personality, which was the only requirement and our future ideology for our son and not only in acads.  Acads too are great of this school but since its an IB, they don't follow imparting education through bookish knowledge, but they follow group based creative ways to teach students.  They post each day activity on their online portal over classdojo to keep track of the topics covered daily & if any parent wants to repeat same at home or if child was absent on that day. 
Teachers are daily in touch with parents for feedback, complaint, exchange of thoughts and expressions regarding child, school, lost property, health, etc, etc.  Equal importance is given to parents also in involvement with school for any activity during events, plays, gatherings like 15th aug, 26 jan, quizes, giving speeches, etc.
Utmost care and attention is taken care while transferring child between bus to class and if you personally visit to pickup.  Rules are strictly followed, not just for name sake.
In short this is 1 of the best school which i have found in reasonable fees for an IB level of education.
I also visited Creek and Kenedy schools before choosing Silver Oaks.  They too have good feedback, but their attitude towards parents was towards money and fees only which wasn't convincing me.  I asked them what will they teach my son whole year, they concentrate only on fees and forms and xyz charges only.  Moreover their cost is on little high side with no great difference than Silver Oaks.
Moreover, I haven't come across any parent who has withdrawn their child from Silver Oaks due to education quality or fees issue.
If you like I can give reference to Silver Oaks Admissions Manager since they know me & my wife as we met few times and actively participated in few school level events for our child which they appreciated us as a parent.  Also we recommended 1 of my close friend's son and they accomodated him for his admission to 1st std as per their seat availability.

I recommend you to perform a good investigation on various other factors like distance, cost, affordability, schooling methodology like IB/CBSE/etc, acads/sports/both, etc., before deciding on your child since you the decision maker.
Parents like me can just recommend and give feedback, which should not be the only deciding factor for you.

All the best.

arip 2017-12-10 07:57:46


Hi Pinesh, Please recommend me, we are planning to go ahead with silver oaks if we get the seat. Let know your cell no and I shall reach to you once. - Dharam

TapanDubey 2017-12-11 16:24:51


Hi @Pinesh and @Arip, I am also planning for Silver oaks for my daughter. She Completed 4 Year on this November and currently she is in PP1 but we are thinking to repeat PP1 in Silver Oaks again as she is November born so she may have more burden. we don't want to keep any burden on her in this little age. Please share your thoughts on this also.  

also do we have any lottery system for silver oaks , as registration is going to open on 3rd week of December and till today its not open. I visited Canary also but my first preference is silver oaks. Please share your experience on admission and any concern. also if you can suggest any nearby good school.

Thanks and Regards
Tapan Dubey


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